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  1. If that ewe has always been like that I'd want to teach Drift to walk straight on and then if she still is harassing him, to give her a nose bite. It usually only takes a time or two of a dog acting confident to fix a problem like that. Things will get better as he matures. Sheep do an excellent job of reading a dog and knowing what they can get away with. He looks like he's doing a great job and good for you being able to video & work at the same time! Laura
  2. Zoe has gone 35 mph with the 4 wheeler at home too. Not for long periods of time, but on the straight, flat part of the field to get some of the zoomies out after chores. She leaves all my others in the dust. Laura
  3. Kristy, As someone who also lives in Wisconsin and is a foster home for a Border Collie rescue, I can tell you that not having a fenced yard could be a strike against you. Also rehoming the other rescue dog might too-for our rescue the dog would have to be returned to us, but those wouldn't necessarily be the end of you being considered for an adoption. We tend to take the applications and look at them on a case by case basis and go with the overall feel from that, the references, the call to your vet and the home visit. For what it's worth all of my dogs have an awesome off switch and settle nicely in the house too-Border Collies, a mixed breed & Boston Terriers. I'd say if you're looking for a dog just as a pet, not a working dog go the rescue or shelter route. Laura
  4. My last foster dog and current Boston Terrier were cat chasers. Consistently using a firm voice and occasional smacking of my leg worked. Took less than 2 weeks with both of them. It helps to have a cat who is willing to back it up. Consistency is the key to any kind of training. Laura
  5. I am sorry for your loss too. Kati, run free and say hello to mine who have passed on. Laura
  6. First of all I'd like to thank everyone who entered, there were more people than I expected which was a good thing. Then thanks go to Laura Miles, Janet Henning, Sandi Scott, & Nancy Lindsay who showed up early to help at the setout with sorting sheep. An extra thank you to Laura, Janet & Samantha for spotting and Janet also exhausted all the novice runs. Thank you to everyone who helped set up the course and then change it for pro-novice and back again for novice. Thanks to John Wentz for judging. Rissa Wentz also gets a big thank you for helping me haul the handling system out to the field & for the delicious lunch. Trial results: Novice 1, 9 dogs 1. Donna Huntington & Shae 75 2. Hixie Bernardon & Tate 50 3. Bailey Armstrong & Bert 47 Pro-Novice 10 dogs 1. Diana Antlitz & Bryn 66 2. Samantha Jones & Meg 60 3. Wayne Spencer & Rhett 59 Novice 2, 8 dogs 1. Donna Huntington & Shae 76 2. Hixie Bernardon & Tate 68 3. Bailey Armstrong & Bert 63 I'm looking forward to having another trial like this in the spring. Laura
  7. Laura L

    Jim Chaffin

    Jim will be missed by all of us. Here he is at their trial last month. Laura
  8. Jo, I'm sorry that your trying to help Boots has ended up with you being bitten. Not only is it physically painful but it can also hurt you mentally. It sounds like it was a very scary experience especially since you had to have help to get away. If Boots were my dog, I'd be euthanizing her. You gave her your best shot and it didn't work. I did have a fear biter (which is different from you describe) who bit me several times before I figured out the signals. When he changed to biting an old dog who didn't see the signal, he was euthanized. I had him for 7 years by that time. Laura
  9. Me too Ben, most of mine I just know but I do have the records to back it up. Geonni, The tags aren't really that bad. I use the ones provided by USDA too and they're good quality ones. There is the occasional sheep who puts their head through something they shouldn't and that could rip the ear tag out. I've only had a couple like that. See these aren't too big. Laura
  10. I don't want to burst your bubble, but lots of people. There's a pet store in Madison that regularly sells mixed breed and purebred puppies for $800-1000. I'll grant you they are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations & come with puppy classes. But still...who knows who the parents are, what they're like, what sort of personalities. That's too much money in my mind for a dog that's just a pet. (And by just a pet I mean not a working dog. I have 3 that are just pets myself and I love them to death.) Laura
  11. For our trial's double lift finals the handlers always dress nicely. Some of the men wear ties-this year Jim Martin wore one with sheep on it. As a trial host, I've never considered people wearing jeans & t-shirts a slap in the face. You'd be hard pressed to find me in anything but that. Laura
  12. Thank you for saying that Mark, it irks me that people get so hung up on that 8 x 9 size. Good point about making it more challenging by having the sides be solid. Laura
  13. Mark & Renee, Looks like it was a fine trial from all the pictures I've seen on Facebook. It's always fun to see what handlers and their dogs look like. Good looking sheep, they look fat & sassy. And I have "gate envy" I saw a picture of your gate at the exhaust & that's what I need to keep dogs in or out. Laura
  14. John Wentz will be having a trial Sunday, November 13 on the other side of the hill if you'd like to come and make a weekend of it. For more information on John's trial see http://bigyellowboots.net/Winterseriesentry.html Laura
  15. I will be hosting a novice trial at the McLeish Farm in Portage, WI November 12. Two runs of novice and one run of pro-novice. For more information contact me at LauraLWentz@aol.com Laura
  16. Good one Diane, I'm going to remember that because I've got someone who needs to have it done to her. Laura
  17. Sending you good thoughts and prayers too please update us on how you're doing. Cancer sucks. (I appreciated your kind words when my dogs died by the way-so thank you.) Laura
  18. Mara, I'm so sorry about this. I loved to read your tribute to Missy though, it was obvious you two were meant for each other and you gave her a wonderful life. Laura
  19. Coming late this but adding my good thoughts, prayers, hugs...whatever you need to keep the good news coming. Laura
  20. I'm so sorry to hear about Lacee. It's hard no matter what the situation or the timing, at least you know you did the best for her and she's now free of pain. Hugs to you. Laura
  21. Jaax had a heart murmur all of his life. 2 years ago at a regular vet visit they did some x-rays (for his tumor in his lung) and found that his heart was enlarged and he went on enalapril at that time. He had x-rays done every 6 months just to keep an eye on both the heart & tumor. We never restricted his activity during his working years and he never did have any coughing that was out of the ordinary. When we had him put to sleep at just short of 15 years old, it was just because of old age. Laura
  22. Kathy Knox says the same thing. The first time I heard her say it was to someone who was always talking baby talk to their dog which was just making it wild and silly-not in a good way. If you talk sensibly to your dog, they will behave sensibly. Laura
  23. Laura L


    The end of an era for us. Jaax was the Border Collie that got us really started. I can't say too much right now because it's still too new, so just a few pictures. My favorite one from recent years, this is from last summer. Jaax and Hope just out checking sheep with me 3 or 4 years ago. Yesterday morning. It's been a tough year for me with old dogs. Laura
  24. Full fat yogurt and ricotta cheese were always things that Hope liked to eat. Also oatmeal with cinnamon sprinkled on the top. Weird, but true.
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