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  1. What a beautiful tribute to Tex. It's obvious how much you both meant to each other. I've got tears in my eyes too. I'm glad that you had so many years together and it sounds like you met someone special because of him, what a wonderful thing!


  2. From the breeder's website: **Starting in 2011 I have switched our dogs and cats to an All Natural RAW (Prey model) diet.. I understand that this is not an option/decision for everyone. I will need to know ahead of time if you would *NOT* like your puppy exposed to a RAW diet. In the past I have had puppies raised on Blue Buffalo Wilderness/mixed with the puppy formula. This is my second choice and it is usually widely available at most Big Box Petstores**


    It does not say that she is only feeding chicken thighs and pumpkin. Lots of red flags though with colors of puppies and that "our dogs can do it all" bullsh!t without any proof that backs it up.


    Please take your puppy into the vet for a full check up and blood tests. eta: At almost 5 months your puppy should be a bundle of energy. Hopefully it's something that's easy to fix and good luck!


  3. Bottom of the Mountain SDT (Saturday)


    Nursery 6 runs

    1. Jennifer Boznos & Tony 71

    2. Ronnie Bingham & Cinch 61

    3. Rose M. Anderson & Belle 57

    4. Diana Antlitz & Brynn 52


    Novice 1, 7 runs

    1. John Kellner & Sam 65

    2. Donna Huntington & Shae 41

    3. Mike Poulos & Ridge 40

    4. Hixie Bernardon & Tate 36


    Pro-Novice 20 runs

    1. Rose M. Anderson & Chaps 71

    2. Chuck Hoffman & Sweep 70

    3. Ronnie Bingham & Cinch 67

    4. Samantha Jones & Meg 66

    5. Nancy Flynn & Bruce 63

    6. Merry Russell & Lilly 59


    Novice 2, 5 runs

    1. Donna Huntington & Shae 53

    2. Mike Poulos & Ridge 42


    Top of the Mountain SDT (Sunday)

    Pro-Novice 18 runs

    1. Merry Russell & Lily 79

    2. Rose Anderson & Bitti 73

    3. Jennifer Boznos & Tony 73

    4. Rose Anderson & Chaps 72

    5. Hixie Bernardon & Lad 67

    6. Paul Henning & Ken 65


    Novice 1, 6 runs

    1. John Kellner & Sam 65

    2. Nicole Smith & River 52

    3. Vicki Kreiter & Teak 51


    Nursery 7 runs

    1. Jennifer Boznos & Tony 77

    2. Rose Anderson & Belle 74

    3. Polly Simpson & Picca 70

    4. Diana Antlitz & Brynn 49

    5. Ronnie Bingham & Cinch 40


    Novice 2, 5 runs

    1. Hixie Bernardon & Tate 68

    2. Vicki Kreiter & Teak 53

    3. Janis Reuter & Bryn 44


    We would like to thank everyone who came and ran their dogs. Thanks to John Wentz for judging, Marissa Wentz & Patti Wentz for the lunches. Vicki Kreiter and Sharon Woolman for scribing. Susane & Chuck Hoffman and Merry Russell for exhausting. A big thank you to Samantha Jones & Janet Henning for spotting on Saturday.


  4. If she seems to be in pain and you have banamine, I'd give her a dose of it (same as sheep). I'd give more nutri-drench and worm her too. The vitamins wouldn't be a bad idea. Sheep and goats would get the same dosages. Sounds like you're keeping her comfortable and hopefully she'll eat and drink on her own. Don't know what your temps are now, but if the stall is bedded she should be fine without a coat or sweatshirt on her.


    You're a good person for taking her in and treating her!


  5. Agreed. In my view the simple expectations for dog behavior in the sheepdog community produce dogs at least as mannerly as those trained formally by any method. Next time you're at a trial check out the yappy, unruly small terriers under the handlers tent.

    Donld McCaig


    You don't mean that seriously do you? I don't think I've seen a yappy, unruly dog under the handler's tent, although there have been a few dogs that have walked in with spectators over the years.


  6. I've never put a coat on a Border Collie, but I think that if I had an older one, who was lacking the proper insulation of fat & hair I might if they were doing anything other than going out for bathroom purposes. I've had several older dogs though and haven't done it yet. They're all house dogs too.


    The Bostons Lily & Izzy appreciate a coat if it's less than 30 degrees and they're out for more than 20 minutes. Katie is a pig and could probably go without one completely. :D


  7. Yes, to all the suggestions above. Soaking the food in some hot water and adding something like cottage cheese or yogurt to give it more of a smell helped for my older dogs. Also try a dish that isn't on the floor. With older dogs, it could be that it's uncomfortable to eat on the floor. We haven't bought a the raised dish set, but just put the regular dish in an ice cream bucket. It's the right height for a Border Collie sized dog.


  8. HaHa- Woolie Dog is Mara's (Maralynn) shop...she posted right above yours & it is a link in her sig:


    Kipp & Kenzi

    Missy, my good girl 1999-2011

    K9 Knitter Woolie Dog


    We got our tug from Mara last week and so far it's been a great hit at home. The Bostons play nicely with it and even though Zoe & Stella have tried to pluck fuzzies off it, they haven't been able to. It's frustrating for them but fun for me!


  9. Sometimes you can also get a trained dog who is sold at a discount for reasons having nothing to do with their skills on stock or how well they get along with their owner or other dogs. I know a novice handler who just bought a very nice, trained dog, from a highly regarded handler/breeder. The dog had developed pyo while pregnant and had lost the litter and had had to undergo an emergency spay to save her life.

    Like in my case. I was getting a divorce and had too many dogs. Because of a recommendation by a mutual acquaintance I sold one of my dogs to someone who had a small flock and a young untrained dog. Brock was 6 or 7 at the time and not only had he worked on the farm but I had also trialed him. I was thrilled to find a good home for him. We went and visited him a year later and he was happy to see us (especially the kids) but really his heart was with Jill by then.


    As long as you start saying now that you're looking for a dog, you might have one drop in your lap in the same way.


  10. 1. You cannot challenge one's pet B.C. unless you yourself are an extremely good and excellent competitor. These are the extremely difficult levels I train for. And I can't measure how successful Eluane and I are until others judge us and critique us. A brilliant ballet dancer and brilliant artist seeks to be measured by the best of our peers.


    2. It's like being an outstanding artist or pianist versus just doing something because it's a fun hobby. Also I know of many mediocre artists who are perfectly happy and feel fulfilled where they are at. But my former colleague-illustrator friends and I would be miserable and utterly depressed producing such works. Just like being a gifted engineer or physicist who goes to CalTech, MIT and is at the head of their class- we expect a lot! out of ourselves. e "border collie"?


    3. Because she is a border collie, Eluane must use all of her border collie brains, she must be the best she can ever be because she is a border collie, after all. Just like if I am an artist, I must do really good work!


    4. Any border collie once it sees another border collie utilizing the equipment, will know exactly what to do. They are that smart. Show them another border collie with its agility handler, they will not be pissing on that equipment.


    5. When one owns a border collie, "mediocre" just doesn't cut it for me. But--- I am not willing to settle for my mediocre level, not ever! Eluane needs to be mentally challenged, her mind needs to be stretched as far as it can take her.


    6. Also great news is that I'm looking forward to visiting a sheepherding farm in 2012, hooooray! It's quite a long drive, and lol, it is a little less than double the distance that I've ever had to travel to a trial. 36 miles is the farthest I will go to an agility trial


    7. Ummm, Rootbeer it's critical for every owner who owns a border collie to research our sheepherding roots. It not only makes for a great read but it's essential to understanding our heritage and our responsibilities as owners of Border Collies. Granted everything pales with real sheepherding, but they have that faint "shadow" of the original B.C....


    Seriously cropped post with my numbers added.


    1. What is wrong with just working for yourself and the joy that it brings you and your dog?


    2. Thank goodness I'm just mediocre at everything I do and I'm happy with that, instead of endlessly searching for what may not be genuine praise or constructive criticism.


    3. Must point this out to Stella and Twinkie, they are not using their Border Collie brains even though both are working bred. Well Twinkie's name is Twinkie for a reason.


    4. I did do some agility work with my first Border Collie, Hope (also working bred) and she did not get it. Probably because it was a retriever who was instructing us.


    5. Again see #1, I'm fine with being mediocre. My dogs work to the best of their ability and so do I. If that's mediocre so be it.


    6. I am going to a sheepherding farm today. And get this, I'm driving more than 70 miles each way. Should I just pat myself on the back or ask someone else to do it?


    7. I don't even know what to say to that. How many people do I know with Border Collies that the most research they've done is the movie Babe? Shame on them. They should quit enjoying the dogs that they love and give them to someone who will truly appreciate them.


  11. I don't know about that. My dog relationships have lasted longer than either of my marriages. :P

    With the dogs, I'm in it for life B)


    Seriously though, when I first saw the title of this post, I thought it was going to be about dog custody battles. It never ocurred to me that people would lose interest in the dog. How sad.


    Let me know if your friend needs Dachshund rescue contact information/phone numbers.


    I found very good homes for 2 of my dogs before my divorce because I thought I was going to have to move. Otherwise in both of my divorces, there was no question of what was going to happen to the dogs. (And I did fight for 2 of the dogs in one of the divorces.) It's not always the case that the dogs or kids end up on the losing end. Sad when it happens, but I see more of the "well we're expecting a baby or we've got to move" as reasons for the pets to go.


  12. Thanks Mike & Vicki. I just saw this this morning and was going to put the WWSDA website in a reply. Chris if you're interested in a sample newsletter, send me a pm. There's worksites listed in there and the calendar of events has a few things coming up including a Jack Knox clinic that's held in an indoor arena in February. Even if you don't enter a dog, it's a good time to come & meet some people who have the same interests as you!


  13. Gloria, this is not at all odd. You're in good company. :) I've had old dogs do this too. I just figure it's one of those indignities of aging and it's always been easy to pick up & flush. It has always been the dogs who are getting weaker in the back end. I'd much rather have this poop problem than the incontinence, although that's been an easy fix so far with medication.


  14. You do the right thing, apologize and offer to pay the vet bill. If it happened the other way around and it was your dog on the receiving end isn't that what you would like?


    I have to agree with Mary & Bullet 87. If you know your dog is like this, don't keep putting him in this kind of situation. You may not get off so easily the next time.


  15. Stupid is as stupid does. I do some weird things too on the farm-whistling with my fingers comes to mind but you have to draw the line somewhere. I could see castrating like that years & years ago, but really the equipment is cheap & easy to use whether you band or use an emasculator.


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