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  1. Bobby Dalziel will be doing a clinic in Zephyr, Texas from April 7 -12. 2009 Bobby has won the International Supreme 3 times and the Scottish National 4 times, as well as hundreds of open trials. Bobby is an excellent instructor and trainer with many innovative techniques. The facility we are using has a large 40 acre field for advanced work, and smaller pens for young dogs, and a variety of sheep. For more information, contact Kay Stephens , ksteph5260@aol.com or 936 825 2610
  2. Bobby Dalziel of Scotland will be making one of his rare trips to the United States this April. Bobby has won the International Supreme Championship three times, twice with Wisp, once with younger Joe. Bobby was Reserve at the International twice, and has multiple placings in the top 20. He has also won the Scottish National 4 times with 4 different dogs : Joe, Dot, Wisp, and Spot. Bobby is an innovative and insightful dog trainer and instructor. He has some very original and effective training approaches, which include unique methods for starting puppies, teaching outruns, teaching driving, turn backs, and shedding. He works successfully with all levels and types of dogs and handlers. Don't miss this rare opportunity- this could be Bobbys' last trip to the U.S. Lessons $80. Limit of 15 lesson slots per day. Tentative schedule : 1. April 3,4, 5, 6 Navasota TX ( 70 miles north of Houston) 2. April 7,8,9 Prosper TX ( 30 miles north of Dallas) 3. April 10, 11 Zephyr TX ( near Brownwood) 4. April 12, 13, 14 location to be announced. Clinic coordinator : Brooks Parrott 936 825 7870 or brooks.watson1@gmail.com
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