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  1. I have all those covered unless they were taken to an NJ pound. Most of the pounds in this area have territory that is so huge I have to have over 100+ square miles covered. The pound for my actual home address is 35 miles north of me. The next closest are 35 miles east or south or west. They all cover an individual county and I called and filed with 7 counties.
  2. Today I'm trying to borrow or Hire bloodhounds to see if they can track them when the snow melts this weekend. There is a family who is extended family of mine who has them for search and rescue. I'm not sure but, I thought it was worth a try. My dad is still saying I may have to face the fact that they fell victim to a coyote pack. I know that they are really here and a genuine threat to my dogs if they went into the woods. It sort of gives you a bit of insite into what it must be like to have your child go missing or runaway. I know losing a child must be 10 times this but, th
  3. We still have the severe circler from The swafford raid Gypsy she is improving greatly everywhere except her crate where she will turn but, never as long. We now just took in an older horder Border collie from OH and they said if you pen him he spins. We see slow circling and a current behavior of following a pattern around the whole 1/2 acre fenced area. You might think he was just tracing the fence if he didnt get to the one spot that for soem reason has a 3 foot circle he has to follow first before heading out to follow the fence again. With Gypsy we have used a time method of
  4. I already notified a bunch of them too. I know tons of people through rescue and agility that I had their emails or they are facebook friends. I'm actually back home to make more copies of the signs to post. I think the deep snow if keeping them form moving anywhere but, close by their shelter.
  5. I'm only going to justify this once but, my tv stations dont put lost dogs on ever so putting the rescue out there to push get them on just isnt something I'd like to do. If it was a new site to lost dogs in my area and they wanted my personal plight to advertise it. That sort of thing it would be different. People here have bought bill boards for their lost dogs placed newspaper ads with huge rewards to rat out your neigbors who might have their dogs. They still didnt get their dogs back because there are all types of preditory animals here, Highways, Trains, people that shoot dogs
  6. Thanks for the offer but, I would have a hard time asking for this help. I dont feel that my dogs are any more improtant than other people who are also looking. I would feel sad to put myself ahead of them in a way. I placed more ads tonight and I extended requests to friends to post flyers at a huge place with 1000's of employees. I'll try the newspapers. My son says my dogs were a hot topic with kids on his bus so my flyers are being seen but, not my dogs.
  7. I have continously expanded my search but, I'm at least 1 hour in each direction. I recalled everyone. Put up tons of signs today. I know their microchips work I've had them rescanned more than once they are in the right spot. I've spoke to all the rescues that do border collies in case they get a call. Honestly I really do think I have to face the reality that something may have happened to them. In the pocono's it happens.
  8. Thanks everyone still no news. I am off to hit grocery stores, agway and I'm going to contact the dog law supervisor I know to see if she might know anything else. I am so losing faith as I know there are real dangers for them around here. I just dont understand why after all these years they chose to leave.
  9. The update for tonight is disappointing unless you are the elderly lost border colie that my dad found wandering blocks away from his home and returned him. Yes we hoped it was genie but, sadly it wasnt. I drove around tonight surveying spots they could be taking shelter and there are so many that it's hard to believe. I dont want to give up hope but, it sure is tough.
  10. Still no word and it's 1 am on Sat morning. I got out tonight drove around a bit. Put up flyers, talked with people working in my local stores who will pass on info. I took pics to the closest gated community booth. I will send them to grocery stores tomorrow. Our local post office is hugely busy tomorrow esp after everyone was snowed in the last 2 days. I am keeping hope as most dogs that dont find their way home are elderly and my dogs are still 5 and 7ish and really fit. They spend alot of time outdoors normally during the day so they are adapted to the weather. I hope when I get
  11. Thanks Everyone I know I always check the threads over and over for good news too when peoples dogs are missing. I just posted them to all the freecycle sites, pet adoption and business info sites through yahoo I belong too. Even if I'm sitting home due to the weather I'm still networking as much as I can I put them on facebook with pictures. My neice works at 1 of the 2 emergency vets if they were brought there. The other I know for a fact check first for a microchip as they scolded my cowoker when I found her dog there through craigs list.
  12. We are up to 3 feet of snow and still more coming down. It sucks to feel helpless that I cant even go out and look for them but, the snow is so high and the roads are dangerous. I can only hope they sought a good covering and will start to move again over the weekend. I keep thinking that there are horse barns with run in's they could get to. The deer find low pine. The nice thing is that Dally and Genie are best of buds they would curl up together. The negative thougth that creep in are things like did someone take them looking for a working dog. They are both useless for that. Or
  13. Well so much for thinking your neighborhood is quiet and what could cause my dogs to leave the yard. My neighbors 5 horses have been loose for hours twice they have run up and down my driveway into the back woods, up and down the road. I know they love to run the tracks by my house. I'll see what I can do to notify the army depot guards 10 miles up the tracks. If I get a break in the storm I have flyers made up .
  14. Thanks for all the good thoughts I've reached all the local vets called rescue friends 3 of the 4 pounds in 3 counties. 3 security monitored gated communities they could walk into. I entered them on the rescue team site, petfinder, mult ads on craigs list. We are under the full effect of another snow storm. I just keep telling myself that there are plenty of abandoned houses for them to find shelter and dumpsters to raid.
  15. Thanks they cant get up there as it's too far 1 hr 30 mins and Genie is from Montrose shelter so they would be able to call me right away. I wish she could get there. Dally is also registered with avid through Lackawanna humane.
  16. They are still not home. I did find out that coyote season is over so no hunters. all traps are suppsed to be out by last weekend. I can only hope that find there way into one of the patrolled security communites soon and are spotted. I'm sure since genies card at the pound said "ran any once too often" that she knows how to fend for them. Honestly in 3 years she never more than traveled a few houses away and that was only once or twice. After 30 hours and another snow storm on the way I hope they start to look for help soon.
  17. I've called every shelter and no sign or report of them. The gated communities are aware and patrols are notified. I've called dog law. I may pay the pet service tomorrow if they dont turn up today. They are on petfinder, craigs list. I've ruled out things like they ran out in front of the snow plow or are hurt and under the porch. Poor sugar is taking it badly she is like my shadow without them. I'm hoping my dad will go and search the woods for them this afternoon with his dogs. I cant imagne that someone took them as it's difficult for me to get genie in the car and she's spa
  18. Everyone cross you fingers they are found safe and sound. I'm really worried as they are mssing about 18 hours and we had a snow storm last night I've notified everyone I can think of locally and there are so many summer homes here that they will have lots of shelter but, I cant help wondering what would make a 5 and 7ish dog leave their yard after so many years. I'm wondering if they chased something. I'm hoping some hunter didnt decide to hurt them. That happened here a few years ago to the neighbors blue merle border collie city folks thought she was a coyote and bagged her. They actu
  19. Kirby ate a carpet when he was 5 years old. I to this day cant imagine why at 5 he decided to not only destroy my carpet but, eat it too but, that's neither here nor there. He ingested the carpet approximately 2 weeks before he finally had surgery because the vet thought I was crazy to even think there was something like that happening. Then he passed some carpet later that week so he felt sure that all would be well. WHen they finally removed his blockage they had to remove 1/3 of his stomach and a good portion of small intestine due to gangrene. Total weight of carpet, rabbit fur,
  20. I think what people are trying to tell you is you will only manage this situation but, you wont always see it coming. My dad dog rye isnt allowed to enter the rescue space. He always appears totally focused on what I'm doing but, it sets all the dogs in the room off. I mean barking charging the fronts of the crates if they are inclined. Fights arent always about advanced warning either. I've seen fights break out in the dogs yard that rolled dog to dog for 1/2 an acre. Both of you have to be on board with breaking up the fights too. Ken cant hide his dog. He has to be equall
  21. Thanks for showing the video it's so obvious he's struggling to control his back legs. Poor baby. I may have seen this before and thought a dog had briefly hurt his back.
  22. Anda did people in a sense rescue by finding homes for the puppies born on the street to the street dogs? Or was it more common to purchase a pure bred dog?
  23. Anda I'm surprsed those dogs look so diverse. Ferral dogs in america seem to favor smooth coat. It makes me remember being a kid 30+ years ago when everyone dog walked around town and you knew the dogs names and petted them. You could tell when there was a dog in heat in town as one person hound walked miles to get there. He was always there too. "oh, look there goes mazurik's hound dog"lol
  24. This is one of the stories I found but, not the show. They showed where the kids were living, talked to the neighbors who might have seen the kids. This article says this boy was there since 3 months. I find that hard to imagine or believe but, a toddler I could see. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/imported...m-13674973.html
  25. I watched a special on Tv but, it was the middle of the night most likely BBC I think, about the wild dogs taking in small children and keeping them alive and later using them to help gather food for the pack. They had 3 kids who were pulled back into society and the topic was discussing their lives with the pack and the rehabilitation since they only knew the dogs from a very young child. one was only a toddler.
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