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  1. I think that is great. I also think it's a great dog for her as it's so well trained and evenly slow moving. If she was running a young border collie it would be difficult for her to keep up. cheer to that little girl and her dog. I hope she has a great time and keeps at it.
  2. The other issue is that woman is the nastiest person on the planet. Most recently she filed a false abuse claim against my young friend who tried to fight back against her selling her a dog knowing full well that she was under investigation by the ABCA and was pending suspension. The abuse claim was shown to be unfounded but, the letter to report it was rambling all over the place. The best part is the dog is years old. The arguement has been over for years. She never refunded a cent of money even though the dog remains unregisterable. Not to mention that I'm sure some of her p
  3. I've used promeris and it's some stinky stuff. Diffucult to get in Pa too. I think it caused more asthma attacks in owners. We use quest for horses which is moxidectin on our dogs it's the active ingredient in advantage multi. there is a quest plus too for tapes but, it tastes funny and the dogs wont take easily. I cant help on the revolution except to say that you need to use another wormer with it if your working on a farm with your dog. I think it's not effective against hooks? edited to add that I wonder why stuff like elemite(human topical) wouldnt be more effective. th
  4. Prayers going out to you that all is well and you can regulate her on meds
  5. Happy birthday to the boys. BTW thier grandmother has the biggest mouth on the planet she barks all the time she is playing even with a toy in her mouth.
  6. I would say of all the ones I've done Kirby's was the most unusual. He started breathing again and to make matters worse I think the vet got worried. He stood there for what seemed like forever listening to his heart. I've heard they cry out and moan though almost like a bad dream state. I'm sorry for your friend
  7. In case anyone else missed it I tracked Dally down 5 miles form my house Last Wed morning he was 10 miles away and dbld back to only 5 but, was still heading away from our home the whole time.
  8. As far as I know Glen highlands doesnt take dogs from OH. Plus there is a fee to surrender your pet. A rescue failure is almost certainly a no for them. I think sea4th is as qualified to do what the dog needs if it can be done. Based on the biting dogs I've personally met from there. It's a beautiful place and even I wouldnt mind a stay there but, there isnt any magic performed on the dogs. It's still a rescue.
  9. He's currently being shaved as we speak. We are shooting for an english setter type cut but, it may not work. I'm surprised how many spots he has He's totally specked under his white hair. I'll post a pic when he's done.
  10. I'm sorry you've had such bad things going on in your life. I hope your dad is back to himsef soon.
  11. This fat old dog scales 6 foot fences like a monkey and has no fear of jumping off. It's not only reserved for the small and young.lol
  12. This is always a tough one. The truely agressive are easy. We end up putting down about 3 a year for that. Then it becomes a grey area of who is unadoptable and how many can you keep. We have 3 pups who have stayed at Friends of pep for over 2 years. They seems to work within the pack and such but, they cant be handled. It's their wiring 1 has a permanant home at the rescue 1 loves me to death but, noone else I keep hoping I can adopt him out some day and the 3rd should be put to sleep because He hates human touch. I put it off all the time. He had surgery as a 10-12 week old pupp
  13. here is a pic of the filthy burr filled wander Genie requests that I put that black thing away. Although he has a definite Red stripe down his back those spots are mostly embeded burrs. his belly is solid black too. My 14 year old greeted him with hello Dally it's good to see you "yuck your filthy get away".lol
  14. The thing is they went 2 different directions Genie Knew home was this way and walked it no matter how bad and Dally went away from home. My dad tried to get tracks on him for 2 hrs in the woods yesterday without sucess. He said there wasnt anything there at all. I didnt want to post as it was too sad. I knew though when the man said I thought it was a sheep that it was him. When I first received pictures of him as a 6 month old that was the first thing I said yuck he looks like a funky sheep. I dont want that dog. That was untill I met him and he had such a genuinely great persona
  15. after 16 days he was finally spotted sleeping on a deck in a gated community that had pics 10 miles away. The man said they initially thought they had a lost sheep. Then he turned and it was a dog. I went there and serched for a 1/2 hour without sucess but, he had doubled back by that point and was 5 miles away walking up the highway. He was so in panic mode that he didnt recognize me at first as was going to run. His coat is most likely a total loss. I'm sending him to a groomer that adopter a dog on trade but there are so many knots and burrs that I doubt anything can be done.
  16. Genie was perfectly fine the next morning after the routines were followed. Aside from finding burrs when I think I finally got them all she is well. I hope today my dad can walk up and try again.
  17. No good news today my dad who is 63 was too sore to try the trek again today. He said I wouldnt make it as he is at least 6 inches taller and the snow shrunk some but, not enough. I hope to get there soon to look again. It does leave me to wonder though if Genie wasnt brought back to my area as she is unadoptable in a sense. We have grown to love each other and I can manage her behaviors but, she isnt an easy dog. Right now Maddie and genie have resumed their mutual growling sessions. Yipee.lol
  18. I keep thinking that considering how cut up her front paws were that a boy might not do that. I love my dads colorful words "it's not liek she's dumb enough to stay with him and die" They also have bones from somewhere gene has a similar residue on her I've seen before when she was nursing her puppies and eating way too many bones. I may try to get my dad to continue up after him thinking he is up near the burned out cabin. Which my neighbor may be rebuilding again. He's built this cabin 2 times and it's burned 2 times. The first it wasnt done yet and an odd spark took it and the se
  19. Congrats it sounds like you have a great full life. Your girls are adorable and it's great to hear from you.
  20. Thanks everyone for the good thoughts. My dad tracked on snow shoes what he assumes was genie for miles but, he says she was always alone. I left my number on a dry erase board at the stables near where he tracked them incase it's Dally. We talked to everyone back there again. The tracks are fresh from today. He said she was lying low before that. Weather wise we arent suppsed to do anything but, melt for the next week so I'm hoping he can get home. I really wish she could tell me what happened.
  21. We have been tracking them for about an hour and we arent sure if Dally has been with her the whole time. Keep your fingers crossed that he is safe too.
  22. My dad tried to walk up into the woods and had to turn around due to the deep snow. He was going back home for snow shoes. After he left my back door opened and it was Genie. She is cut up on her legs from struggling in the ice and snow and full of burrs. My dad headed up to the woods to see if Dally cant make it or it caught in a forgotten trap. Poor Genie thought I was going to beat her. She still hasnt gotten off her side. I had homeade chicken soup for her and lots of water she has even eaten some dog food. Now she is napping in her favorite spot. I'm praying that Dally
  23. I finally got a solid lead on finding them today. They did run up into the woods after my neighbors loose horses. It doesnt guarantee they are safe but, it gives me a place to check and it also explains why they havent been seen. I Know there is shelter and water there. I hope with the warmer weather that I will be able to go up there this weekend to look. I'm hoping Genie learned alot in her previous walkabouts in life.
  24. There is nothing but, open buildings so I do know they have shelter Open wells arent really likely. I even have an open shed on my property. It's the thing that you notice after yoru looking is that there are so many things to crawl under into that unless someone spots them or they can finally walk back to here. I have no way to guess. I expanded my Pic postings to even farther away today. Gave pics to even further away gated securities. If Dave didnt show up in that area I wouldnt have even considered it. The only issue i have with that is that Dave is running at full speed away in
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