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  1. This was essentially my problem as much as I would have wanted to compete in Herding trials I couldnt find the opportunity to work Maddie enough although she tested well. (Dal was a tried and true wash out. Tested badly even as an older pup) Dals siblings are working dogs in NY at Golf courses. I couldnt find anyone locally with something to work with and lessons were far considering I had elementary age kids. Not to mention a budget strain. Since I'm more on the Rescue side. I think both litters are Ok if the pet homes are on a spay and neuter contract. I've met dogs sold by she
  2. We dont find blindness to be a limitation to adoption. We also get no free vet care. Possibly a discount depending on the Dr's mood that day but, we pay out 10's of thousands in care a year. I would call around my area or offer to pay ther shelters adoption fee to turn the dog over to rescue with the most vetting possible. Thanks for helping rescue dogs.
  3. Amazing but, after almost 1 year Gypsy found her family. I guess she was ready and the work I'd been doing paid off with her. The woman has alot of training experience and is letting her work out her kinks but, gypsy genuinely liked them and came up to them offering affection. I guess it was meant to be.
  4. It's better if he gets some tick treatment as from what I understand advantage multi doesnt do well in high tick populations but, seems good on fleas and is the HW treatment for the month. Advantage multi is also a wormer but, it's a bit poor on round worms. Which is another reason for the 5 day pancur in addition to killing giardia which all Ky dogs seem to be exposed to. There are 14 strains of Kennel cough and they do recover pretty well If he was strictly from BG shelter. There area a few places in Ky that have really bad strains with a longer time of recovery. Keflex works well
  5. We still have Gypsy from the swafford raid and she is improving able to move forward and her anxiety circles are much bigger. Oringinally I coulndt figure out how she stayed up there were so small and fast. I've begun walking her off the property and I've taken her for car rides when the weather allows. My question is do i allow her to spin around me while we are walking? They are big cirlces and they arent problematic but, they are still her comfort circles. When cars came I put her in a stay. She was doing well with that but, she would make the big circles around me every on
  6. I'm sorry but, I have to get on the no jack band wagon too. I had one I had to rehome due to many reasons one being she was female dog agressive. She had been spayed since the min I got her which should have been 6 months but, she has had real anxiety problems. She was good with kids though. My mom had a male who was voted most likely to be killed by another dog. He never backed down from a fight and loved the excitement of starting one. He reminded me of bevis of the bevis and butt head cartoon. He'd shake and almost vibrate over the excitement. He also had a number of Bite
  7. Wow she is so adorable. I'm glad she is doing well. I cant beleive how small she was/is though. My puppies from Genie when home at 8 weeks at 12-16lbs.
  8. Yes but, your Glen highland employee. Are you not? Sadly us small rescues that deal in Bc dont have the Pr The big guys do and if they are a great dog with a responsible owner they get them. It costs them to surrender and they are evaluated fully before being accepted. I have no paid trainers or staff. Everyone tries to be polite and not step on The large all breed rescues and pull dogs in their territory so to speak, That pool of Owner surrenders in Pa shrinks even smaller. I also think those dogs were rejected by other BC rescues who evaluated them and turned them down. We ga
  9. You forget we are in The northeast. Dogs are in short supply due to good Pr of spay and neuter it's why we take dogs from the south. You dont have to beleive me about the owner surrenders in Pa but, it's our experience. I'd go to a shelter any day and take my chances. Most likely the other issue which isnt on the topic is owners here waste your time and money saying they will surrender the dog only to give it away on the day you are supposed to receive it. I've gone so far as to go to thier house without a delay of time or issues to find the dog was given away they forgot to call me.
  10. Our policy is no biting and we really dont do foster homes. The worst bites I've ever had came from a foster for another shelter who had that"well meaning heart" and tried to transfer 2 biters who were being put down locally at the spca to us. She didnt disclose their bite history. The first one savaged me in a store parking lot landing an unknown amount of bites but, my coat deflected the bulk of the damage. The second was euthanized later for biting us repeatedly. We really dont take owner surrenders esp Border Collies anymore because they are pawning off a dog that they dont want
  11. She is adorable. We have have a male that I wish I could send you of unknown age who would have met your rocking chair criteria but, he seems a bit food agressive. I would suggest crochety might be his real personality but, I doubt it would work with tex.
  12. The littermate may not have made it even under the best of circumstances. We lost 3 in a 10 litter even with the best nutrition possible and supportive care. I think you are doing everything you can for this little one. She is lucky to have you. I've given my pups poly visol too for improving the anemia. They also love summer veggies like squash in their food. We recieved a huge donation of puppy formula but, prior to that we had used pasturized goat milk from walmart
  13. Some dogs dont like to see other dogs in distress. I'm never quite sure of their thought process but, the incident with the bench is something we always have to be alert for at the rescue. A caught distressed dog will always bring an attacker. Case in point. We have an unsocialized cairn born to a puppy mill. When I try to handle her she becomes so upset she poops. The other day I thought it was a good idea to try to just sit down holding her calmly with out touching her. The problem was She started to fight badly trying to pick her up and squeeling. In comes 2 house dogs who start
  14. My moms dog Penny can open any type door knob. Handles, round, square. She also opens safety locked cupboards. When she first came home from Glen highlands she didnt seem to understand that food flowed freely and she would open the cupboards and try to eat pancake and the sort. Dave in a panic (thunder mostly) will bash the door silly untill it pops open. Kim on the other hand if she is locked in and panics has clawed a hole through the door. I think all the females in my house can open my back door. they know that if they push at a certain point, It might just pop. The
  15. I've been a nurse for 18 years and I can say even for me there is something tangible about a person who is dying that goes way beyond simple vs or visual observation. There is a feeling in the room that is hard to describe it isnt a scary place or painful but, more like pressure. Possibly someone else can explain it better. I would have no doubt a dog could sense it. Along with the smells of breath and sounds of the breathing. If they have proven dogs can predict cancer with sense of smell dying would have so many smells. I wanted to add that I'm very sorry for your loss.
  16. I'm watching a 14 week old smooth coat sheltie puppy here and he has 2 small stable fx of the right front leg. (caught it in the baby gate). So it's been 24 hrs and he's starting to attempt remodeling of it. I know that the no chew vet wrap is a joke as is most bitter apple items. I guess I could do a collar if it really becomes an issue but, hey any other creative thoughts would be helpful He still has 13 days of this.
  17. lying down is absolutely a test of wills. We see it all the time at the rescue. It is a far site better than the ones that try to out run you. I've become a master dog herder.
  18. I agree with what Eileen said any time puppies are in my house with their mom no other male dog is welcome. In most case no other dog although we did have a family at one point and previous female puppies were allowed. Walmart has good deals on adult size pee pads they work good for containing the messes. untill 3 weeks puppies are pretty easy and then watch out. I also agree that whelping this litter may cause a huge health risk to you dog have your vet on standby. You might also wish to consider her health before hand with the pups. From what i understand about what happen
  19. He must be a pain in butt because he was the only one turned out with a halter. I was planning on leading them home him in front but, when I said the word home the leader horse took them all home. The mule needed a bit of encouragement but, went.
  20. It turns out that the scruffy looking white thing my neighbors own is a dog agressive mule. Last night it was in my yard and decided to chase my dogs right up onto the porch. It had to enter their area in order to do this so, it really hates dogs. If my dogs were dumb enough to take off after them up into the fields. I would bet that Mule had no trouble running them off and with the snow they got lost. I wouldnt have even gotten up to see what was going on this the dogs except they were making a bark like I'd never heard before and arrived just in time to see the mule chase the
  21. I would doubt the dual purpose idea. We rescued 10+ Golden pyr pups and I think they are great dogs and beautiful but, I doubt they could do stock guarding. I may only be seeing the rejected pups that are too soft but, they are great family dogs. Very cuddly.
  22. I wish I could see the video but, it keeps stopping after the beginning commercial. I have had all types of spinners this year. Happy (Dave) Deaf (Gwen) Anxious (Gypsy) Bored (Pierce). I would say Gwen and Gypsy spun for the same motive (excitement anxiety) and it's a very different type of spin much harder to stop. It was faster and tighter. Gypsy now only spins like that when she percieves she is doing something wrong like a poop accident on the floor. Which will then be smashed into the floor. You can distract the spin but, it may start up if you drop your guard. Dave spins wh
  23. I would imagine that is what kirby had in his mouth although our vet also considered melinoma but, it has a huge bloody looking tumor that appeared very suddenly. My vet was sure it had spread and it really wasnt removable due to the area of the mouth. Kirby was 12. It was a hard decision. I opted to take him home for a while and make his days the best I could.
  24. Mr Noodle our PM chin is debarked. We also think that Frodo my moms split face was debarked he only makes an odd whining sort of sound never a true bark. I dont think it's something I'd ever do but, I have dogs you can shush. Traumatic debarking is why you see dogs from puppy mills that they can no long hold their tounges in their mouth. They ram a pipe down their throat to damage the vocal chords but, it also severs the nerves of the tounge.
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