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  1. I can also easily purchase Canidae and Solid Gold. I also have here to try a free bag of bright life. How often do you switch your brands?
  2. Everyone who originally supplied Premium edge to me has dropped diamond as a supplier I checked 3 different stores. So armed with my whole foods list I went to a local pet food supplier to see what I can buy without paying 10 to 13 dollars shipping and Eagle pak holistic lamb and rice seems like a best bet since I give table scraps (cooked meat spaghetti) and I'm willing to give whole sardines and eggs a try to start on raw stuff. Is this a good choice?
  3. I'm currently feeding nutro which I hear is a middle of the road dog food. I recently got some papers at a show that finally answered my questions what was brewers rice (rice leavings) not pleased to see it in proplan puppy. I'm hoping the info is on the web so I can make a good choice based on what I can buy around here.
  4. My mom's dog is 3 and she loves the frisbee and is a great catcher but, the most she will go away without other dogs there is 3-5 feet. What is the trick to teaching them out or away?
  5. Thanks to Eileen Stein I have my answer she was an extreme white factor Black and white with heavy ticking. I totally forgot she had almost totally black ears and a black tail spot.
  6. I happen to know this happened with science diet too but, it didnt affect dogs so it wasnt as well publicised. I raised parrots back in the days before prepared handfeeding formula and we gound up their food it was found to be tainted. I want to say it was ecoli but, I'm not sure, many people including zoo lost their young birds.
  7. I will try to figure out how to scan them in tomorrow. I know they are not going to breed her anymore. They were trying to produce excellent workers like her but, the litter didnt pan out she had one great worker out of 10. I had dally neutered on the advice of breeders who only saw pic's I'm told he is a dbl recessive red (chocolate) and white. He also has an unfinished nose and pink spots in his lips. Lets just say he's not a barbie.lol
  8. She is a smooth coat and her primary color was white but, the best way to describe her is flea bitten with 25 cent spots of chocolate and black all over. Dally looks similar except he is a long rough coat so it looks like he is feathered with brown down his back
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