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  1. Sorry Diane I only included you because you are someone Julie can identify with and respect. She would know you dont breed for color.
  2. Your dog didnt pop out Red by accident he is from a long line of red dogs his great grandparents are both red and is his grandmother. It's just that you weren't aware. Your Dogs grand sire is a mostly white pattern white dog. Oh and he has a huge beard.
  3. I"m a nurse and it's my job to explain why the pretty seat is worng and then point her in the correct direction for a safe pretty alternative. I do that stuff all day every day.
  4. I'm not saying give them a name of a color breeder I'm saying give them the name of a proven dog who may have the color they want. If Diane bred Roo as she just mentioned would you accuse her of color breeding. I think your Lumping everyone who has a colored dog in the same bunch. Then I think it's up to the breeder to decide if thye would sell to the person and put a breeding restriction on the dog or not. In my opinion Border collie breeders dont put enough restriction on breeding. More puppies should be fixed up front. JMHO
  5. Although the rest of my post isnt replying to you it's explaining that the old time big hats didnt exclude dogs to strict working homes and backing up Liz P. post. There are people who write books and ran the nationals this week who sold dogs to people they thought they could trust and now their name is in the hands of the Pa amish mill community. Then there are the people who let him breed to their or sold them their dog. Understand now? Once you sell a puppy no matter how careful you think you are unless you spay or neuter it well you deal with the issues. I own a white dog who'
  6. Julie at the time 4 years ago when casual discussion were going on about Maddie and Mirk assuming Maddie did more than test well. I wonder if it was that I wasnt opposed to breeding to him. I'm sure it would have cost me too plus a pup. I dont have an answer as I've said before I know for a fact that plenty of people in my area have pets from the working lines. I got my last dog from Walt is the way alot of people start thier intorductions. I also have seen the puppy mill papers with the elite of the hearding world 1 or 2 generations back now owned by the amish in their mills.
  7. Yeah but, to be honest his line does work and his full or half sister is being bred I by Terri F. So If someone wants a genuine work bred color why be mad about it and provide them with the info. No different than someone that we tell them dont buy from that breeder we have to offer them someone to get a pup from instead. Sorry to hear that about Mirk. If things had been different all around I would have seriously considered breeding to him. He had a nice personality as did his parents. His sister Echo used to come into my training classes to play with the young dogs at the end.
  8. Thanks I'm hoping that people will share thier experience with advanced age in these truly phobic dogs. It might make it easier to learn form others. We love Dave to death but, The thought of him excaping and running in panic into traffic is awful. We had a dog we adopted out who was accidently trapped in a bedroom during a storm and he dug untill he exposed wires and was electrocuted. You hope they mellow with advanced age but, I'm worried that seeing alzehimers pts that in phobic's that might not be the case.
  9. I'm curious about people's opinion on dogs who already had a life long history of anxiety and are now getting up in age. Dave is at least 10 by all accounts and he was put into rescue for serious (Dangerous style) anxiety and is now hypothyroid having good control on his meds but, typical of an older dog his eyes are dull and his behavior is becoming more odd. He has excaped our fencing repeatedly in the last few weeks but, it's things like climbing over serious barriers and destroying my moms desk that lead me to believe his issues are increasing. We have given him a great 3 + years but
  10. Why did they fix Mirk Does anyone know? Initially 4 years ago Terri F./Cheryl were discussing with me about breeding him with Maddie. My neighbors have Mirk's sister she is a great little farm dog too. Just curious. I held him at sheepy hollow for a while and helped Dick's Son ? take Picks of Mirk. I thought he was really Nice. He also did great that year.
  11. Dick William's Mirk is really pretty merle and a very nice dog. I'm not sure if they have bred him yet to anyone.
  12. I am currently in love with the boy puppy in the top right of this craigs list post. We picked up all they could catch on Friday night and brought them to Pa on the weekend. I'm not even sure if I care if my dogs are purebred anymore. http://bgky.craigslist.org/zip/1964323810.html
  13. I would have to bet he was told things would go better if he didnt tie up the dogs. He wouldnt do anthing out of the goodness of that black chunk of a heart. That man can burn as far as I'm concerned. Wait possibly we can put in a cell where he can barely turn aroudn with no light and make it really extra filthy. Sheryl Edited to ask does anyone know how to matt his hair painfully that would be a nice touch also
  14. They look great. You did a wonderful job in catching them up. They look so healthy
  15. If it's anything like the case from green river they appealed the crap out of it to hold onto the dogs. I think they sat in limbo for 6 months or more. We got a puppy who had never really been handled ever from it. Even after he was convicted he got to hold onto the dogs pending an attempt at an appeal.
  16. Yes beleive it or not this couple still were trying to adopt our dog but, she had to be high energy high play. Now we talked to them over and over but, We really didnt realize what they were meaning before the visit. We thought they were talking average dog. She wrestles with the other dogs Runs the full acre over and over. They were asking qestions like does she play ball. So you say no you could teach her. I'll explain how. This time we clearly said this isnt your dog because We had met them.
  17. That's what made me nuts yesterday. They only wanted a dog with what is considered truly bad behaviors like they were necessary. The dog is a stunner in looks and she was so affectionate with the people. It's sounds like their Previous Border collie was an ass. Now that I'm sitting here I should have brought them the yellow aussie mix dog we have that made me chase her for 20 mins the other day when she got out the fence.
  18. I just had people show up 30 mins late to adopt. I gave them 10 choices of Pure bred border collies and high mixes. Most though are smooth. Currently we are really high in females from puppy age up to young. They decided that the pure bred rough coat was the only one who tripped thier trigger. Alright. The reasons they like her is 1 She has good herding instict. In honest this dog herds other dogs and is very rude. I told them so. I also took the time in explaining why and where this could get their dog in trouble. Husband tuned me out. I wait another 30 mins w
  19. I was assuming he planned to contest surrender untill his hearing. Here in Pa that goes on all the time esp when the pspca is involved they get stuck holding dogs for years. Way too late for most puppies
  20. The bottom line is unless MAH is smart enough to run like the devil away form him. She will be trying to cliam the dogs. He says more than once I was holding them for a friend and selling them for a friend. If his 4 dogs were not verified to have been speutered then shame on someone.
  21. I'm so sorry for your loss. The first dog of your adult life really touches you as it's yours and you weather so much together. huggs
  22. His previous order said only 4 dogs and all had to be spayed or neutered. He knew he couldnt posess breeding dogs. That's like saying that isnt my pot mom I'm holding it for someone else.lol I'm glad all the calls placed payed off. We called the director of bowling green the min we saw the post.
  23. We had Grace Gwen Ginny and Gypsy. Gwen and Ginny were mother and daughter come to find out and they must have been dogs he aquired somewhere as they were totally acclimated to home life and had yet to be damaged by their confinement although you can see their terrible coats. Gwen went alone due to her borderline dog agression. Luckly for her she cleaned up nicely. Grace and Ginny went to a home together and even months later it was touch and go that Grace would be returned she developed 2 new0 phobia's as soon as the woman thought she worked through the last one. The last
  24. I passed this info along to parties. Our dogs although great dogs were in pitiful condition and as you saw me post recently, one dog was so damaged that it took almost a year for her to be ready to move to an experienced person. She is a mess still. luckily she found a person who was willing to devote the time necessary to rehabilitate her fully. Angela Jones can tell you that a year ago gypsy was a total mess mentally
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