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  1. I think there will be set backs. I just heard Gypsy was doing well and then We didnt get the full update as expected. It could be their hopes were too high for a damaged dog. I do know that the black and white female that went home with the Red and white merle frequently displayed the behavior you describe.


    The woman would put her in the fenced yard and she was too fearful to leave the porch all of a sudden again for some reason. The Red dog never experienced these problems like she was never at swaffords. This leads me to beleive it's all in the dogs personality and experience not breeding.


    Hopefully Angela give you advice too Ody just had a 14th birthday and he has been with her for almost 2 years.


    I know it's frustrating but, they cant be rushed.

  2. At the rescue we routine give all vaccines. I took my dogs in for rabies and routine eval at the vet although I'm not sure what I paid for. I thought by paying for an exam, I'd get a really good exam. I guess because my dogs are all healthy adults there wasnt much to see. I think I taught him some things about white border collies and eye stuff on Dal.


    We order from Revival and find them to be really responsive on replacing stuff it doenst make it overnight/second day as ordered

  3. Not to belabor the point that I was talking bacteria vs virus but, It would seem more likely that the mother passed bacteria than viral to her pups if the vet feels it's from the mom and working goats. The only stuff I even found realted to goats on the internet is in Africa and other 3 world places. I'm sure there is stuff but not alot of references.


    Has he ruled out a physical cause? Is the bloodwork totally normal?

  4. I didnt read the articles but, from experience I will tell you that Pa is having alot of trouble with their Puppy mill laws. Most large mills got waivers to evade the changes necessary to follow the law. Now the law is going back and forth. Mostly the issues are the dogs seeing the outdoors for exercise and no standing on wire esp soiling down on to another dog.


    I do think the overall numbers of mills have gone down but, I also know some who work in other fashions. Like only 1 brother of 3 has a license and the other 2 "broker the puppies". They are alot more difficult to document. They are still busting illegal unlicensed puppy mills.


    I posted here a few weeks ago that I follow this website they have posted pics of owners of a puppy mill in amish dress using a lap top. In reference that stopping Pa Puppy mills will starve the Amish its a way of life and pups food on their tables.


    I remember when Pa was working this law alot of screaming went around but, to be honest not much has come to pass.

  5. ^^This. Really, I think you read too much into the "Oh."


    I get the reverse. "Are those ALL your border collies?"


    "Yes they are."


    "Do you breed them?"


    "No. They're all rescue dogs."




    What should I read into that? That the person on the other end of the conversation thinks I'm an idiot for having a pack of rescue dogs? I should come to the boards and complain about how I perceive some stranger's one word response means a whole pile of political things about my dog-acquisition decisions? I think this is kind of silly and I think making it a topic is kind of suspect.


    I know very few, if any, border collie rescue folks who would go around trying to make people feel bad for not having a rescue dog. Having been very involved in the rescue community for my entire adult life, I can say with confidence that barring a few bad apples, border collie rescue folks are among the sanest, most practical, dog advocates out there. IME, the most political and agenda-pushing rescuers are the ones *not* involved with purebred rescues.




    They're not, actually. Adoptions are way down, intakes are way up, right across the board. The economy still sucks, dogs are expensive to own and are secondary to important things like mortgages and groceries, and thus dogs are staying in rescue way longer. This has nothing to do with the conversation except that you mentioned it; just don't be fooled into thinking everything is heavenly in rescue land and we are so happy with dogs flying out the door into wonderful homes. That's just not happening.


    Anyway, like Kristine, I find that the majority of folks out there have purchased dogs, not rescue ones. I have some considerable difficulty buying the idea that your life involves you dodging wagging fingers and scowls among your peers for having bought a dog instead of rescuing one. This sounds like hyperbole at work to me.




    I'm sorry I have to go with RDM's statement on this one. The other things I experience is people asking me for guarantee's (health behavior) and When we rescue mom's with their pups or take a litter off Craigs list pople accuse us of being a secret breeder or question our motives like we are helping a breeder. We always have sufficient back up of where the pups came from but, it's appalling that someone would say something. We also get the questions like are we fly by night. We have been open for over 4 years and are at about 900 adoptions. Do we sound fly by night?


    I never ask people where their dogs come from to avoid ackward steps in conversations but, I let them tell me. I have 2 purchased dogs so I have no room to talk. I would never go to the there is never any reason to buy a dog camp. I will go to the do not buy at a pet store or a puppy mill.

  6. I wonder if they arent left with residual scarring of sorts in the trachea. Genie had terrible kennel cough when she was nursing her pups and she still coughs softly at intervals. It's not a true kennel cough with a down turned head aack but, a chuff sort of.


    In the reverse Maddie who has never shown signs of Kennel cough went to the vet and was pulling at her collar and she developed a coughing spasm that totally mimicked Kennel cough complete with the ACCK to the floor.


    I might try a bit of honey to calm the cough and see if that helps.

  7. although it's not funny that you had to get your dog a roabies booster it reminded me of Kirby. He used Bring home animals all the time with a look on his face like. Well I know I ran away again but, I was out wandering and I came across this(squished bunny, sick racoon, live playing dead possum) I thought you would love it and forget that I've been missing for an hour.lol Once we were eating dinner and he was on the lamb once again in the kitchen window he's waving a squished bunny like let me in I"m home and I brought my own toys.

  8. This is what I got from the newspaper account:


    Tesco was adamant that
    of its largest suppliers in New Zealand, Silver Fern Farms in Fairton, should stop using dogs
    to herd sheep into the abattoir
    . . . .[silver Fern Farms] was visited by Tesco buyers earlier this year, who were "upset" at seeing the dogs "running riot", according to a spokesman for the supermarket. . . . Tesco stood by its decision. "
    We don't have a problem with sheep dogs
    , but we need to make sure they move the sheep in a considerate manner, so they don't stress the sheep out
    ," said a spokesman.

    [Emphasis added]


    I guess it's hard for me to see how you go from this to "Sheepdogs herding a flock may be a familiar farmyard scene, but it could soon be confined to the past if bosses at Tesco have their way." Or even how "pressure from AR groups" fits in. Isn't it at least as likely that quality of the meat was the buyers' main concern?


    I was just watching Ramseys kitchen nightmares where the resturant was buying lamb at tesco and said that they injected it with something numbered that I didnt catch to preserve it. I would think a dog causing stress would be less than processing chemicals in the meats in affecting meat and taste.

  9. That's the way my dog's auto-immune disease started. Her jaw was painful and she didn't want to open her mouth. Then it went to lameness in her front wrist. Finally her back and hips got painful.


    Liz: What causes an abcess like that?

    I'm curious We also had a dog with an noncancerous Eye tumor why wouldnt this cause the similar symptoms?

  10. Wow...that's like the guy who told me that he really liked the last two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My flabbergasted response - NO ONE likes the last two seasons of Buffy!


    I still watched them because I really liked spike and was happy when he moved over to angel.lol

  11. This story continues to be (for me, at least) confusing.


    I have been told that Swafford released the dogs late last week, and they have all now been placed. (By my count, 12 adopted out from the shelter and 8 to rescue--but this is merely my personal accounting, not any official records.) A rescue friend did run into someone from Sumner Co. animal control bringing one of the pups to a local s/n clinic before it was going to its adoptive home.


    Today another friend called the clerk's office to see if she could be more successful than I was at learning about the legal cases themselves. She was told that the cases had been disposed of, but the person with whom she spoke would not share how they were disposed of. However, Swafford's name does not appear in a "current inmate" search at the sheriff department's website.


    Today I emailed the reporter who provided some recent coverage (see Portland Puppy Mill Breeder Busted Again) and asked him if he might follow up on the story. I also shared with him a link to this thread.



    Well isnt that special that they adopted them out locally. Instead of getting them out of the area. What's their policy on Spay and neuter there? some are piss poor. There is one where you pay 5 dollars in Ky and take your dog no questions asked.


    I will be so angry if all he gets is a slap on the hand again.

  12. Thanks Julie! That's very helpful! Now I'm off to look for Catahoula color genetics pages, as I've never seen a non-merle Catahoula, and doG knows, that'd be a genetic train-wreck if it were true...


    Edited to add:


    Here's two sites worth a look...


    Cat’s Cradle Catahoulas



    The Catahoula Breed

    Shows several pictures of non-merle (or cryptic merle) Catahoulas




    We had pups that were mixed with airdale they were a huge square faced merle wire hair, small Black and tan wire hair and Merle smooth coat. From what I read I think the black and tan is also a common coloration of catahoula. Of the 3 choices I loved the small black and tan wirehair best. He also screamed like a woman when he was surprised or happy. Too funny but, also too difficult in our rescue.


    Diane since I'm in rescue my job is to clean up people's messes and I never plan to breed a thing in my life. Currently we have a deaf and partially blind mostly white red merle that the people abandoned at the shelter after 3 years. We have speutered another mans merles since he was very elderly and kept letting them accidently breed. We have placed 7 blind and deaf merle/merle pups this year.


    I'm just an advocate that if tell people they are making a mistake buying then you have to give them the correct alternatives even if it's privately.


    My total answer here should be everyone should adopt but, to be honest it's not suitable for everyone. I have someone asking me for a working dog now and I cant promise anything I have can work. although dogs I've placed are currently working small farms and starting trialing.

  13. Poor Dave :rolleyes: And poor you, lots of things to think about. I know it sounds silly, but have you tried a Thundershirt? I bought one for Lucia this weekend after a friend loaned us one. The results were amazing. Not perfect by any means, but anxiety was greatly relieved. My friend's dog was as bad as Dave and now can lay at her feet during a storm or fireworks. It's pretty simple and I raised an eyebrow over it, but really believe it makes a difference when used under stress. Couldn't hurt and it's holistic. They say it works in 85% of the dogs and they have a money back guarentee


    Here's a pic of lucia in the Thundershirt at the NADAC Champs last weekend. It saved the weekend because she was freaked out by all the noise and stress of the huge areana. She wouldn't look at the camera for the picture, silly dog.




    I'm willing to try it we tried the meds people were using during the week long fair in town and while it may have helped he wasnt down by any stretch of the imagination. esp on fireworks night which are set off across the street from my moms.


    I'll look into buying him one.


    The problem that I thinks is really getting worse is his sepertion anxiety. She used to be able to leave hm with other dogs then it progressed to leaving him crated with other dogs who will make him lie down. Last week he dug out and showed a number of dogs how to go too. The odd thing is my dad is right next door at their new house he bipassed him and searched town for her.

  14. Robin is always a surprise :rolleyes:. Yesterday I discovered he's white factored.


    The red dogs to which Dal and Mal refers - the maternal great grands and the grandmother according to my pups papers, are from a kennel out west ..they're still in business and they're reputation has gone from herding dogs to sport/agility. A hiccup in otherwise respectable family tree.



    Ejano your dogs grandmother is owned by my mother. She is most likely a sneaky white factor too but, more than that I would be dredging dirty laundy on her previous owner/ breeder.


    I came back to edit to tell you that theri grandfather is owned by a girl in the mass area who used to post all the time on the border collie resuce boards he is an amazing frisbee player.


    Penny was my primary training dog when I was taking lessons per Walt who saw her she does have a good eye and some natural talent.

  15. :rolleyes::D



    I'm shocked at the prices and you have to call for pricing on the blue merle rough coats. One says it sold to an over seas buyer for over 1200 dollars.


    Crap I'm lucky to get 300 for a fully vetted blue merle rough coat puppy when they make it to rescue and then I have after adoption work too. We wouldnt be hand to mouth if I pretended they were special

  16. Oh good grief! Did the breeder deliberately put two red dogs together to produce red puppies for a market that wants red puppies? Great grands and grands who are red don't even begin to guarantee red pups in any litter two generations off. So Robin could indeed have been something of a surprise.





    So you buy a puppy who has a red parent and red pups in it's litter and it's a surprise it has red pups? Gosh I havent been paying attention.

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