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  1. Well I would guess my beef would be with the breeder confusing their buyers and again I stated I wasnt attacking the op but, making a point that people feel they are adopting or rescuing all the while they are buying from a breeder. I dont claim to have adopted Dal even though I'm his 3rd home. I paid real money for him to an active breeder. Now Genie and Sugar are a different story since I picked Gene up before her delivery at a kill shelter. it wasnt my intension to make the op feel unwelcome but, she directed us to her breeder.
  2. I just spent the better part of an hour cubing 7lbs tripe. (cheap from walmart) I'm now the best person my dogs have ever met.lol It helps that I bought merrick dog food for 88 cents a can and have been doling it out on a spoon in the morning too.lol I am also seeking ideas on how to cut down on the work of that amt of tripe? Does anyone know if walmart during the day would slice it for me? Any other ideas? I would think an industrial size grinder might be needed for griding it. They love tripe bought in cans but, it's pricey
  3. This is no offence to the OP but, I dont understand the community as a whole who tell me they adopted or rescued a dog that they paid a breeder for. You would not believe the people who will stick to their story of how they "rescued" an inappropriate dog( too big too much dog) for their family only give it away to a farm @@ Then they are mad that I wont adopt to them. If you havent signed a contract got this dog from a shelter or this dog wasnt found wandering and picked up by you or a friend and money exchanged hands. You bought a dog you didnt adopt and you certainly didnt resc
  4. We got in a female sheltie today in Black tri. I had the hardest time picking her out in the yard with the tri border collie puppies. I'm guess it's because I expected her to be traditional collie colored but, I would bet he's mixed with sheltie. We have one too that is obviously a mix but, I cant guess what she is a perfect black and white with the prettiest petite face but, only 12lbs ish. No matter what very cute!!
  5. If she is on animal planet then they have checked ehr out she must take back the dogs next transport if it doenst work out. I have seen her rig it looks great and the whole program looks nice. The problem is that they it gives people a false sense of security that everyone will be like that and it isnt the case. These poeple meeting the trucks in my area are adopting from a "foster home in that state" my mom has accidently transported dogs for them for free (a 1 time accident helping out an unnamed rescue) that they then collected a transportation fee from the adopter in front of her a
  6. Another thing is Petfinder is seeking to restrict listings for dogs not currently in the rescues home state foster home. Example you cant list a dog as currently in foster in Ky to arrive XX in Pa. So how can this person be taking applications for border collies? Here locally people meet the adoption truck to pick up their pup from Al or La. I'm unsure what happens if things dont work out. I do know that some pups have died. We took back a dog today that's been a home with an previous adopter for 4 months they already had a dog from us for a year and they are fighting. The arran
  7. I did not personally demean this rescue but, I find it strange that one rescue would contact another to ship their dogs to them. There are plenty of dogs in shelters that need homes right now we are turning away border collie mixes all over due to being smooth coat mixes(sad but, we have too many). Also are you denying there are many drop shippers in Vt? I must argue with someone at least once or twice a month that I am unreasonable not to ship my dogs to them in VT "everyone does it". Once a dog has been in a rescue the original rescue has invested time and money in their dogs. Why
  8. I know that Vt seems to be the home of the drop ship. She would take your dogs and adopt them out straight off the truck if she is like most. We often argue with adopters who want us to ship them dogs this way because "everyone does it" We have drop shippers around us and It makes me feel uncomfortable due to the risk of illness. We were recently involved in an issue where a good shelter shipped a dog to another rescue it was adopted but the adopter called us that the dog was gravely ill. Tape worms @@. They returned the dog to the shelter due to tape worms. What happens to the
  9. I know for a fact that to rescue a border collie in Oh is simple. We get tons of requests we cant help due to the trip across central Pa being difficult to fill. If you holding strict to an 8 week old pure bred puppy well that might be difficult but, not impossible. We also pull our dogs out of WV and Ky but, have pulled from many other places around you. The down side of taking directly from the pound will be the risk of illness due to the parents not being vaccinated and well anything that is communal will have disease. I would wait take recommendations for the right pup.
  10. There must be a transport going north from that area of Ky soon. They took a purebred dog home(pointer found locally) from Teresa's visit to take to a pure bred working rescue in MI. If you were serious you might call and ask about transport but, dont tell which little birdie you heard it from. We have pulled at least 100 dogs from that shelter they really try hard.
  11. I would have thought they wuld put up more of a fight about shearing. Unless he has a vulcan death grip on the sheep I missed
  12. I'm curious why you feel that way? We couldnt get enough PB border collies and the smooth mixes take a long time to adopt out in our area. The nice little dogs afford the the border collies the time needed to get adopted. Over the winter that might be 6 months. We have tons of those preadoptathon season. Right now we only have 1 purebred malcolm a blue. Angela we found out his name is shadow. It's great we have another dog who is named that and he kept turning and looking. He's car obsessed which likely means he was a car chaser in Ky.
  13. The shelter is called angel dog in Georgetown Ga. and it's run buy the nicest group of elderly ladies. Mom has met them in person and taken them to dinner. I tried to cut and paste their most recent news letter with them crawling under homes and into collapsed houses to rescue puppies. (it deleted the pics) If anyone is interested in seeing the pics pm or email with your email and I'll forward their letter. They do so much in a poor community to manage feral groups and save dogs from awful conditions. Not that all shelters arent deserving but, this is a strict volunteer group trying to
  14. I think the other thing at issue is that they really werent nice people to deal with (their emails were rude and they had other people email us stating the same) they all but, demanded we give her the dog which since we are in Pa. didnt steal. It never become clear that she really was placing dogs although she called herself a rescue we "denied her (the deaf) dog of her dreams" she had 16 dogs possibly more and she was only 16. You could feel sorry for her except they weren't fine upstanding citizens.
  15. I'm pretty sure this kid has also represented herself as a rescue. 2 years ago we had an ugly letter writing issue as she wanted a dog we already took and vetted in the Ga area. We were accused by dad of stealing it out from under his truely gifted and special daughter. We stood fast despite the harassment and name calling. I believe he also had to place her dogs that werent fit to go to the PM when she left.
  16. We may hae figured out Dave's issue with moms house in FL. It's a tract community and the houses are all close the kids next door were playing things like call of duty. Dave is terrified of Gun shots probably more so than thunder storms.
  17. Thanks To Skyway Border collie rescue for getting Dave back to my mom. I knew at about 1 am he was probably back with her but, I didnt want to post untill I knew for sure. We are totally greatful for all who sent good wishes and esp to those who got him back with his mom.
  18. Thanks No word yet but, hopefully they only wanted to try a dog overnight and will bring him in today. Or they will take their eye off him and he will be gone. He always looks for help when he realizes he is lost.
  19. Dave my moms Escape Artist/House damaging/Never leave me home alone Edlerly Border collie is missing in Gulf Port Fl. One second he was with my mom and the next he was nowhere to be found. He is the master of this but, hasnt run in at least 18 months. Someone called a shelter 30 mins from moms house saying they found a dog fitting his description but, after drving to that shelter 2 x he hasnt been turned in yet.(I think the shelter is Largo??) They have no number or address on the caller. Dave is hypothyroid and on meds he also is Hard of hearing and has some dementia So if the peopl
  20. I'm curious since most here are long time animal people and a few vets. Why you think a mom selects certain pups to push out of the box? Last night we had a poodle mom with only 2 pups place one out to pass. We have tried to save these pups in the past when it was a big litter (thinking it was too much for her) only to have them die later. What do you think the mom knows about them?
  21. All except Sugar exhibit vocalization. Genie is the whiner if she doesnt get what she wants she generally fusses. Dal is the loud woo woo er when he's happy and Maddie is the fusser if I make her mad. She will grumble. All in all Dal vocalizes all the time. My dogs howl in Unison at the fire siren and the train. The train can be a multi time a day occurrance and is about 300 yards from our house with a crossing at about 500 yards. The train makes it sound like I live with a pack of 10 dogs. The coyotes mostly get my dogs barking and growling since they are a real threat.
  22. In my home this has been going on forever but, I wanted to ask about it. Do you dogs do everything in the same order? If we go anywhere tht a line may be formed Dally is always first Genie is second Sugar is third and Maddie brings up the rear. This is performed every time they go out or go down the stairs into their crates. It also leaves me to wonder why Dally gets number 1 spot except he was here first.
  23. I'm sorry to hear this this happened. Healing thoughts her way.
  24. If I was picking I'd go with a male as I have a constant low grade argument between 2 females in my home. There would be no need to create tension later if you arent really partial to a choice.
  25. I am sending mojo and hoping that all heals up well. I will tell you that after Kirby's partial gastrectomy and loss of a large amt of small bowel He was sick for a bit and then he never looked back.
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