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  1. I'm so sorry but, I'm glad your were able to give her a good quality of life and a good passing. She knew she was very loved.
  2. I might assume they sold the puppy unless that wasnt in your agreement. I would ask straight up.
  3. I talked with mom about this today. I doesnt seem that any of our dogs run. It's like playing and exercising amoung the groups wasnt allowed. I could have also been to conserve calories. Some of ours act like water may have been a premium too. I totally think this man made an extra effort to socialize his females to help sell pups but, extra males were left to ferral. All of ours are people friendly. A funny aside. We thought all along the biggest Dog we had was a breeding age male. Nope it's a female. So add more to the thought that the females were better socialized.
  4. They seem to like fish. You would try canned mackrel and see if he will eat it. Our momma's coat has turned nice with fatty fish but, no matter what it takes about 3 weeks on good food to their coats to turn around. I think they were eating old roy type before the resturant scrap only diet. Your guy sounds like he many have been in one of the raised cages. Look and see if his feet look splayed. If so then he got food and didnt have to struggle for it like the others but, since it was cheap stuff it left him bloated.
  5. We have 7 of the 12 that are comfortable around us but, they are almost hopeful my dad will notice them. It was sort of sad seeing the pregnant girl waiting patiently for my dad to notice her and pet her. John Try canned fish. They ate leftovers from a resturant and our readily took fish. They are all slow to warm up to the good for you food. The good news is some of the really thin ones have gained weight. Due to the storms last night with power outages I cant get news from Mom before work but, that big of a low pressure system should have been a great time to have pups. Oldly
  6. I'm glad things went well. Here is a pic of our soon to pop mama with and older guy who lost his home due to a death of his owner
  7. I'm so sorry that this is happening to you guys. It's so hard to see them getting old and feeling so badly. I say it's all her favorite foods from now on.
  8. I decided in watching them today that even though they are grown (12 to 18 months) 3 of them must be the same litter. 2 unusual shades of red and white and black and white. They all have the same really long nose. We moved them into a huge xpen to stop the hiding(they can see us working) and they all piled into the same one dog bed.lol Mom should have pups this weekend. She is so uncomfortable. I wish she had been here longer to enable us to get xrays. Luckily this isnt her first litter.
  9. you guys wont have it bad at all. We have 2 we are comfortable to be ready to adopt out. I think the micro tiny girl has a home with mom too. Since all her dogs have moved into senior status this year. They are all becoming friendlier in only a week. Dont get me wrong there are 4 that if something frightening happens will pile up like a litter of puppies behind a garbage can but, they all get more brave every day.
  10. These dogs are not in great shape I posted that their sizes range from only 14 to 18 inches and they weigh under 20lbs all have ribs showing and they show signs of having to fight for food. None of the dogs we recieved is under 7 month so this didnt just happen his family did something with puppies. I dont beleive there were any 12 weekers or even 18 weekers found. I could be wrong. These dogs are headed to Pa and NY also 200 is too many for 20 rescues to handle. Some of our dogs show that they were humanely trapped ont he paperwork. The one I'm calling "the gypsy" was caged his under
  11. I can vouch that they are well established reptuable rescues.
  12. Ok but, wasnt this dog at mid atlantic for 9 months even if he had a positive after the fact he was kept on HW treatment I'm sure so they are out. Plus most rescures stongly recommend you keep them on HW treatment and she has had this dog for at least 6 months. We have had a whole 2 in 1000 test positive after a neg. None had any symptoms but, their vet recommended a retest or we paid since the paperwork was incomplete. we also do treatment on Positive dogs so I know my HW info.
  13. I would check back with the rescue he was from if he had kennel cough. Gene and sugar still have boughts of coughing 4 years later. If you are worming and giving some kind of HW treatment all worms are off the table. Any rescue worth their salt HW tests and keeps on meds. I think you got him from mid atlantic right so they are top knotch. Honey is great to quiet a dry cough. Some border collies really dont care to eat much. Kirby my mix never ate anything except biscuits and table food. He was always thin but, never skinny. You could consider a cardiac echo to check him for a
  14. We finally got our dogs yesterday after they had a 24 hr ordeal on a broken down van. They are all extremely small the 2 breeding males are around 18 inches. Only the super pregnant mom weighs more than 25lbs. Most of these dogs are 16 inches or less. They totally resemble my moms small border collie from Bimmers bc rescue. They look like her exact twin. Most are friendly some are super friendly like the pregant mom. She followed right at my heel untill she was too tired to walk anymore. There is one super tiny girl who was also my following buddy. She is only about 14 inch
  15. Here is a cool news story that shows our dogs getting ready to start their journey to Pa. Very cool even though our specific rescue wasnt mentioned. http://www.ktbs.com/news/27453135/detail.html I know everyone is saying that ABCA should be on top of these dogs but, MAH was a big advertiser of having Aled Owen's dogs. It could be he lost his registration rights to these dogs a while ago.
  16. Here it seems that the dogs are more ruled by the seasons and come in heat around christmas and another time in the year. A few years ago it turned unseasonably warm in Ky and they had massive amounts of puppies in late January early Feb. This year not so much. I'm hoping that most of the current crop of puppies made it to safety.
  17. Dal and maddies dad shares the exact same parentage as Robins mom and while I see a Penny's face see Dally's style body on him. Maddies favors an old style body from her moms side. Now that is a fattie butt. Dal currently weighs about 55 ish and is 21 to 22 inches tall. They are also energy conservation dogs. Not saying he isnt out of shape but, they dont run willy nilly. I would think its better to use the body feel method to decide a good weight. For example even though I call maddie the big fattie butt she weighed the least of all my dogs. I think 46lbs. Genie and sugar are
  18. We were told by a rescue friend familiar with feral colonies that they will not allow in other males esp since this has been going on for a while that only border collies would be breeding. I'm not saying in breeding wouldn't be going on but, that it would be border collies. Is it breeding season In Tx? As far as I'm aware there were no puppies on site.
  19. Having a first hand report from the site. The conditions were shocking/amazing Swafford's place was a palace compared. There are still dogs that are running loose that require humane traps. They had to bulldoze for 1/4 mile to get into this property. (Down trees garbage debris) The dogs were only being provided for once a week. Per the mans statements to the family. Oh and they were getting barbeque scraps from somewhere. I'm unsure on the crate thing I think that was taken out of context. On the filing thing. Penny's teeth are filed due to her biting. It's not an unheard of
  20. I am not sure the dogs are mixes as some are shaved, some look smooth coat. I did see 2 merles in the video. I did hear they are undersized I'm taking that to mean the 16 to 18 inch catagory. I did see pics of dogs in raised pens too besides the loose dogs running through the house. We are taking it at face value that the dogs are hw (-) and are what they are. Heck witht ehdogs running loose like that who's to say some dogs didnt sneak on to the property to breed.
  21. I cant help but, wonder that too with him being a breeding male. The older pups he was running with all resemble him but, it's hard to say. I wonder if it's possible he was already in the seizure and it was the puppy who slipped. I was on the floor working with them socializing but, my line of sight was obstructed by the door. Moms border collie Penny has had at least 2 seizures during the night although the Vet recommended keeping her off meds unless they came more often. She is nearing 10. I feel bad as this will be a strike against him being older and possibly needing meds
  22. We sent our transporter there to do what we can to help. here is a video on Youtube showing the conditions
  23. For a back story we just received cocker spaniels from a mill. The CS who seized today is older reported to be about 4 but, most likely a bit older. He's sort of shy but, friendly he wants to stand by you to be petted. Before the seizure started the male CS's were loose in the kitchen and the floor was damp a door was opened to the dog room and all the males ran in the dog room and made a lap or 2 before getting yelled at to get back into the kitchen. one dog slipped when they came back into the kitchen and then 2 ran back into the dog room. When I went to retireve this older male in
  24. Ok but, after you went to friends of Pep and couldnt find a suitable pup and then you went and bought a half sister to Dally. You knew you werent adopting? Even if this breeder is placing older dogs out into homes it's really culling and not an adoption either. There is a place in Pa that is associated with a breeder who claimed/claims to be a rescue and really she is placing dogs returned to that breeder. Not to drag out the point or make the op feel unwelcome but, it's not nice of that breeder to call anything but, a true rescue situation an adoption. It confuses buyers.
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