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  1. Inu, so sorry to hear about all of Jazzy's health issues. Hang in there!! Wishing you better days ahead.
  2. Well, he sure is a cutie, whatever ends up happening.
  3. Well, the foster mom tells me that around 11:30 p.m. the dog went into the kennel and settled in for the night. The 20 yr. old son quickly went outside and closed the crate door and carried it into the kitchen, where the little BC spent a nice warm night. Today, the dog is currently on a dragline in the backyard (which is around 3/4 of an acre, but completely fenced), but has been spending most of her time resting inside the crate with the door open (she was not crate trained, but is discovering it is a nice "safe" spot). Julie and Sheryl, thanks for your advice and we'll see how things go.
  4. Nope. Unfortunately, we didn't know much about the dog when the foster mom picked her up and now, in retrospect, we've figured out she may not have spent much time inside a house. We were kicking ourselves because we didn't think about leaving the leash or dragline on when she went out in the back yard (which is pretty large) earlier. The yard is pretty well fenced and secure, so the dog will probably be fine, but it's kind of stressing out the foster mom as this is her first foster dog. I have suggested she (the foster mom) put on a warm coat and sit outside for a while, gently coaxing the dog (whose name is Meg) to come closer. She is going to try sitting on the steps (lower than the dog) and gently calling her and praising her to see if she can get her close enough to grab her collar. Thanks for the suggestion, Julie! We appreciate your expertise.
  5. Any suggestions on how to get a very timid, people shy Border Collie (freshly out of a shelter after 4 weeks of captivity) to come inside the house? One of our foster families pulled a little BC from a shelter today and she is extremely timid and shy around people. She has been having a lot of fun playing with foster family dog and is not at all eager to come back inside the house. She is thin-furred, dry brittle coat and skinny, so her foster mom is not wanting to leave her outside -- it's supposed to be down around 19 degrees tonight. She has put the large crate out on the porch with a nice dog bed and blanket in it and left the door open for now. The little BC is an owner surrendered, working dog with papers who lived on a rural ranch, so may have not been inside a house much. I had the foster mom try yummy treats in the crate, sitting on ground with a fun toy and yummy treats, kneeling (so as not to hover) and gently calling her name, etc., but so far no luck. Anybody out there with some bright ideas I might forward on?
  6. What a bunch of cuties!! Jasmine is a good mommy and what a color variety of pups! It will be interesting to see how they look when they are a little older. Thanks for taking such good care of the mom and babies.
  7. I'm glad Fergie is doing much better. Hope she just continues to improve.
  8. Your story made me smile -- Solo is definitely one of a kind. I'd plant him his own private potty spot somewhere else in the back of the yard with some ornamental grasses -- they grow fast, give a lot of "privacy" and look great. Maybe some Pink Pampas grass, some Feather Reed grass, Muhly grass and/or some Bamboo muhly grass (they all grow well in the Oregon climate).
  9. Very adorable pup! Love the name, too (it's my human kid's name).
  10. We get tons of snow and are outside daily. I have tried two or three different kinds of boots with no success and found they were more trouble than they were worth. Rusty will wear them for a while, but Allie sits down and pulls them off first thing. If the dogs do leave them alone, they get sucked off and buried in the drifts of snow, sometimes never to be seen again. So . . . we just go without. (I pay special attention to their paws when we get back inside and make sure that I get all of the salts, chemicals off -- if we are city walking -- and thaw out the snow balls if we are out on the trail.) Good luck and I hope you find some that work for you.
  11. She sure is a beauty. I meant to post yesterday when I saw her that she looked like a "Bridie" to me (but I got swamped at work and never got a chance). I like Skye, too.
  12. Best wishes and positive thoughts, Jo. Regards,
  13. We have snow (at the moment about 3 ft. of it), but mud is almost always a problem. I have a stack of dog towels by the back door, an easily washable throw rug by both doors and I vacuum a lot. Fortunately it's usually only their paws, but sometimes . . . .
  14. I have two very nice elevated, wooden dog houses with padding and beds in them and my dogs avoided them like the plague when we first got them -- preferring to lay under the trailer or just out in the open, even when it was cold and/or snowing. I don't think that it's necessarily a natural response for a dog to want to go into a doghouse. My dogs both had to be trained to use the doghouse, and they had previously been crate trained. I don't use a door on the doghouses, because I find that the dogs both prefer the door to be open (I just put the houses in an area that they are out of the wind). I had to use dog treats thrown into the doghouse repeatedly for the dogs to dart in, grab the snack and then come out. They do use the houses now, but it took a couple of weeks of using the dog treats to get them to even go inside. If Jack just won't use a shelter willingly, Lenajo's solution sounds like a good one -- you might have to help him by shutting him into the barn at night with the doghouse inside. FWIW, my dogs sleep in our house at night, but spend 5 or 6 hours outside every day and now use the doghouses if the weather is particularly bad. Good luck.
  15. Good luck with your adventure. I hope all goes well.
  16. Gus is an adorable puppy, very cute pictures. Welcome.
  17. What a cute puppy!! I love the different expressions on her face and she looks like she loves playing with her Yorkie brother. Welcome!
  18. I have found it really depends on the dog. I have two wooden dog houses - an extra large one (supposed to fit two dogs) and one smaller one. They won't share the big one (drat their little hides) and they both try to be the first one in it. The smaller one, which is not really that much smaller, is second choice all of the time. I have big comfy beds in each which are identical and they both still want the big one. They both had to be coaxed into the houses at first until they got used to them (toys, treats, etc.). Now they enjoy going outside and spending a little time. Where you put the houses is also important -- in the summer we put the houses at the back of our property under large trees that have shade all day. In the winter, the houses come up to the porch and alcove area with a large shelter area. Yes, my dogs spend some time outside during the day most days (3 - 4 hrs. usually), even in winter (unless the temperatures are below 32 degrees) or if there is bad weather. They enjoy their outside time.
  19. I'm with Julie, too much worry for one little bug. It's not a tick, though.
  20. That's wonderful news about Winston! Hurray! Way to go, Lisa.
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