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  1. Sorry to hear about Skip, Linda. It just tears me up to hear them cough so much. I hope he gets over it soon. I'm glad that Tucker is feeling better, though.


    I have a 13 yr. old foster dog, Boots, who is battling a terrible case of kennel cough at the moment and even after 5 days on doxy has gotten steadily worse and won't eat or drink (despite many tempting treats, fluids, etc.) This morning I finally had to take her to the ER vet and ask for Clavamox and Baytril and have sub-q fluids. I'm crossing my fingers that this will help the poor dear out.


    Hang in there!





  2. Only two weeks until Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Trials!! Hurray! Just checking in to see who will be attending this year.


    It's always fun to meet the folks that you only "see" via the internet and I've been fortunate enough to meet several of the great folks from this Board in years past. Western Border Collie Rescue will be having a booth at the event again this year and so I will be up at the venue for 5 days. I'm hopeful that I will actually get to see some of the competition this year, instead of just manning the booth or wrangling dogs (although I believe we will have a litter of 12 puppies rotating through our booth, so puppy wrangling is definitely on the agenda). :rolleyes:


    The group will also be heading straight to Meeker from Soldier Hollow so that will be exciting. I can't make the Meeker run, unfortunately, but maybe next year I'll just take the entire week and do both.





  3. Hi skiba,


    Where are you going to go camping? A lot of what you might need, depends on the location. However, the 'skeeters are just coming out in most of the state, so make sure your dog is on heartworm preventative. We do a lot of camping, but haven't had too much problem with ticks (although I do a skin check every night on both dogs if we are in a wooded area and especially around sagebrush). The only place we've had issue with snakes, is out in the West Desert. Camping with dogs is great fun -- I hope you have a fun.





  4. Both dogs have collars on, inside the house and out. The only exception is when I put them in their outdoor kennel or a crate, and then I fasten the collars to the outside of the kennel until I take the dogs out. They jingle-jangle, too - ID and vaccination tags. They are both microchipped (in fact, Rusty is double microchipped with both U.S. and Canadian chips, because he was a Canadog in his younger years), but a visual ID tag can save a lot of heartache and stress. The vaccination tags are required by the County I live in.


    I also collar and tag any rescue dog I pull, transport or foster as soon as I get them and the tags they wear include any vaccination tags they have and an ID tag with the WBCR's name, address and phone number on it. We microchip, but it sometimes takes a little while to get that done.

  5. Very sorry to hear about poor Zipper's health problems. It's hard to watch the ones you love suffer. I had a dog that developed a seizure problem in his later years and we were very fortunate that the drugs were able to help. As others have mentioned, if you can afford it a second opinion might not be a bad idea. A combination of anti-seizure medication often works better than just one med (are you using Phenobarbitol?).


    Wishing you good luck and well wishes.

  6. If you are near any off-leash parks or open spaces, you can do frisbee or ball. If you have a chuck-it, it requires a minimum of movement on your part. A good session of "ball" is great for shaking off the winter blues and allows the dog to run.


    You can teach tricks indoors -- we are still working on the "pick the toys up and put them in the toybox" one. :rolleyes: The toys get picked up fine, but then the dogs just snatch them back out.


    I am resigned to mud until about May, so I just keep dog towels, blankets and area rugs at both doors. (Oh, and you can teach the pup to jump into the tub for a bath.) :D Good luck.

  7. Thanks, all. The wound aparently continued to pull apart as the evening wore on and the neighbor opted to use a drop of Dermabond (which I keep handy because Allie is a hazard) in a couple of strategic places, but not the entire length of the wound. She took the pup to the vet this a.m. and had it looked at and the vet thought that her course of action was a good choice. Hopefully, my neighbor will be able to keep her dog away from rough housing for the next week or so.


    I had thought about butterfly bandages, but thought that it might have difficulty adhering to the fur.

  8. A neighbor just came over with her dog for a little advice. Her dog had recently had some minor surgery (with stitches) on its back, although it is about a 4 inch wound. It was healing nicely and the stitches had been removed a day or so ago. Unfortunately, another neighbor's dog came over and started to play with Dog 1 and opened up the wound area a little. It looks clean and isn't bleeding, but still a little raw. The owner of Dog 1 doesn't really want to have to go back for more stitches.


    Anybody here ever use a small amount of superglue (or Dermabond) in a couple of strategic spots to close a wound? I've used it on my son before and it worked very well.

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