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  1. I need to be careful on what I put on her for baths... she is allergic to just about everything as far as shampoos. We ahve to give her a prednisone everytime we bath her or she scratches like crazy for 24 hours. We have a standard rack... maybe I'll use it once and see what it does. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I have a question about grooming... my BCs tail in particular. I use a "Furminator" which does a good job on getting the undercoat out on her body but what should I do about her tail? It looks like she has an undercoat in her tail... is it and should I try to brush it out? Her tail hair is VERY thick right now... not sure if it is standard practice to brush the tail like you do on the body. Thanks!
  3. I like him. I do not think he overly aggressive. He understands that a dog is a dog and they need a certain structure to be happy. Dogs are pack animals and they need to see their owner as the 'boss'. When they don't will become unruly, it's just a matter of time. He teaches a good mix of discipline, exercise and affection. Without all three I believe a dog isn't as happy as he could be...
  4. Just a quick note... I have been search forums on this topic too. Just figured someone new or new info could be posted here.
  5. Hi all, Well, it finally happned... I'm going to be a daddy. A real daddy (I consider my BC as my child=o). My wife is 17 weeks along and her due date is July 29th. We are starting to prepare for the new addition to the family. My questions are tips / suggestions on how to introduce a newborn to a spoiled BC. She has rules in the house, which I think will help, but she will definately be jealous at first. I thought of moving her to the inlaws for the first week or two so the baby gets the 'house smell'. Maybe that will allow Maisie to accept the new addition quicker. I plan on doing everything I can to make sure Maisie knows that the baby is alpha over her. I really like Caesar Milan, and will look and see if he has any books on the issue. Thanks in advance! -Mike
  6. Hope she gets well soon. She must have eaten a lot of poison... I heard a 30-40 lb dog needs to eat a good bit to be harmful.
  7. Does OCD concerning a frisbee count? With frisbee in mouth, Maisie will follow me everywhere when we're outside... until I give her the 'Take a Break' phrase, then she'll go lay down someone. She'll also sit and stare at my wife's bunnies for hours. I guess it's a way to burn off some of that energy... mental energy, not physical. PA here, so I guess I'm out of the running...
  8. Maisie is not allowed on the bed or the couch. I believe there are some places a dog should not be. I believe it could lead to behavior issues. She's a dog and I don't want her to start thinking she's a human. Plus I hate dog hair in the bed... it's hard enough keeping my clothes hair free Just my honest opinion.
  9. Caesar is doing well. He chewed through his pen last night but didn't run away. Presley was grumpy at first, but from what I hear he kinda likes Caesar. Caesar has a little bit of BC in him... but not much. He isn't a real handsome dog, but his personally more than makes up for it. We are just about to leave for a walk... should be interesting. There will be six dogs in total on this walk... normally I would say this might be over kill for his second day, but he is really submissive and I don't think they'll be a problem. I'll get some pics posted of our walk asap.
  10. In the rush to update I forgot to thank everyone. I also wanted to mention that she didn't rename this dog... His old owner never gave him a name in 4+ years. He now has a name... Caesar.
  11. UPDATE: "Caesar" is now at my moms! He is soooo happy. He cannot stop wagging his tail. I'll post some pics as soon as I can. PS - The Amish family gave in with a $50 donation. =o).
  12. Oh boy... I mentioned offering $50 or $100 to give this dog a better life. I hope that wasn't in poor taste.
  13. My mother recently lost her female collie "Gabby" after 11 years of happiness. She is left with a tri-colored male named "Presley". Yes, she's an Elvis fan. My mother was very upset over Gabby's death. She keeps asking herself why put herself though this? Why get a dog when you are going to have to go through this pain. We keep reminding her of the 11 great years of love and happiness she gave Gabby. Gabby was a very lucky dog to have the life she did. A couple weeks ago mom said that she isn't going to get any more dogs. My sisters and I tried not to laugh when she said that because we heard it before. Well, a friend of my mother said that there was a BC mix tied up to a box at an Amish Farm near the stables where they ride horses. The dog has never been left off the chain =o(. She said he was a real friendly dog and would flop on to his back for a good belly rub whenever someone approched him. My mothers friend said the owners tried to give him a away on a few occasions. My mom decided to go look at him... surprise! She fell in love with him instantly and got very exicted about taking him home and showing him that there is more to life than being tied to a dog box 24/7. The owner came out and talked to my mom. My mom said that she heard that he was trying to give the dog away and that my mom wanted him. He said he didn't know where my mom heard that... and that he was not giving the dog away. She pleaded with him, saying that she would give him a much better home than he has now, etc, etc. He said that he was his guard dog....??? Go figure. This dog wouldn't hurt a flea... he just wants attention from anyone that come his way. My mom is going to go back when that guy isn't home and takl to his wife. She might be able to convince her to give up the dog. If that doesn't work she may offer them $50 or $100. Keep my mother and this dog in your thoughts. Hopefully he'll be running with the tri male collie on their 4+ acres in the very near future.
  14. Welcome to the world of BCs! You'll be amazed at their intellgence, willingness to please and loyality. I think one of the keys to a happy BC is exercise, exercise and exercise. Not only physical but mental. Toss in some discipline to even things out. A BC with lots of excess energy is a time bomb.
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