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  1. Any particular brand you would reccomend? And where can you get them?
  2. My husband left his favorite sweatshirt (Not needed in Mexico) for Koa. I took my husband to the airport this morning- he said goodbyes to our pups- but when I got back home Koa ran past me looking for him... Breaks my heart wish I could just send him to mexico, but we're not sure of our housing yet and then he'd likely miss me... He'll definitely be getting extra attention and extra walks... Char, Ham and Koa
  3. Any ideas on how to keep (or ease)a dog from being depressed? We are in the process of moving and my husband will be moving first- then my "boys" and I will follow in 2-3 months. One of our dogs is especially attatched to him. He was around more in Koa's puppyhood (finishing grad school while I worked), and has been home with him the past 3 months. I am concerned about Koa because when he was 6 months old my husband had to go out of town for 2 weeks and this pup made himself sick- extremely loose stools, legarthy, just moping- looking for my husband. Now Koa is 1 1/2 years old and I'm worried about how he will react. Any thoughts ideas on how to ease this guy from the depression that will most likely start this week? Koa(BC X) has a younger brother Hampton, who embodies what a BC is- full of energy, loves to play always looking for a job to do, etc- but I doubt he will totally take koas mind off the missing family member(Koa although very border collie looking is more content on the couch next to his family than running crazy around). No dog parks within 45 minutes of us either Thanks in advance for any ideas/ advice! Char, Hampton and Koa
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