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  1. I am disappointed to say that I still believe the reason she pretends to want to rescue is so she can get her hands on more unaltered border collies so that she can use them for breeding purposes. Lyric is from a Wildrose dog and Jake is from Tuck Everlasting Farms, so what does that tell you about the quality of dogs she is planning to breed. She blatantly lied on the thread I posted a while back and said that Jake was neutered. I have caught her in this lie many times since then and unfortunately have been waiting for this very thing to happen. It is tragic, really.
  2. I wouldn't if I were you. You don't want to over-medicate. I have a 35 lb dog and a 48 lb dog and there is actually quite a bit more in the bigger dose.
  3. Does anyone recognize these dogs and the breeder? http://evericbordercollies.com/
  4. I would leave the crate open and if she wants to stay in there all day, I would just let her. You have no idea what her life may have been like before you got her and 2 weeks is certainly not a very long time for her to adjust. One of mine was very fearful and what we did was just ignore the scared and fearful behavior. We let him come to us on his terms and when he did, we praised him. If I walked by him, I wouldn't even look at him, I would just drop a treat and keep going. He is now the most energetic, loving dog ever. He also had no idea what to do with a ball or any toy for that matter and now he will retrieve a toy as long as you will throw it. He is ball crazy! Hang in there. The most important thing you need right now is patience, patience and more patience. It sounds like you are a great loving home and I am sure she will come around.
  5. Solid Gold's Barking at the Moon is also a grain-free, closest to raw dry kibble. I actually did quite a few searches in dbro's area and it seems that Solid Gold is probably the only high quality kibble available in the area.
  6. It looks like you can get Solid Gold in a store near you. http://www.solidgoldhealth.com/stores/resu...1&radius=10
  7. This is what I use for both my dogs' and my cats' food. http://www.amazon.com/Iris-Food-Containers...t/dp/B0000DYWMI
  8. Do we have to worry about the effect this has on our raw-fed dogs? Here, I thought I was in the clear since I feed raw, but now I don't know what to think. My dogs do eat a lot of store bought chicken.
  9. I have the boomerang slide-on tags and I have the dog's name, address, phone number and microchip number. You will love the earthdog collars. I have two for each dog and that way when one needs to be washed I can just switch then out.
  10. My cats eat Katz-n-Flocken Cat Food made by Solid Gold.
  11. You can have the information engraved on any tag that you like. I have my dog's Avid microchip numbers engraved on their boomerang tags.
  12. Nobody has mentioned Solid Gold which I feel is a very good quality food.
  13. I definitely feel that earthdog collars are worth the extra money. I have two for each dog and when one gets dirty it gets thrown in the washing machine and they wear the other one until it gets dirty. Taz has had the same one sine I got her 3 years ago and it still looks brand new. You won't need to be replacing them all the time. As far as leashes, I like leather ones, so I didn't get them from there.
  14. As far as the mess, mine are trained to eat their raw food on their rug. They each have their own rug and their food never leaves it. I just pick up the rug and throw it in the wash. I buy rugs on clearance, so they have more than one and I can alternate if one is being washed.
  15. There are dog food companies out there that only use human-grade ingredients. Although I now feed RAW, I do still sometimes feed kibble. I feed Solid Gold Barking at the Moon and I am not at all worried, since Solid Gold only uses human grade ingredients from the US and Barking at the Moon is grain-free, so I trust this food.
  16. I buy my dogs' collars from earthdog.com. Those are the only collars I buy. I buy tags from boomerangtags.com. I got my invisible fence from petstreetmall.com. I buy treats from threedogbakery.com. I get my frisbees from dtworld.com I have purchased from cleanrun.com and dog.com. There are a few others, but I get think of them right now.
  17. My dogs each have their own rug and they have been taught that the food stays on the rug. I have a few cheap ones and I just throw them in the wash. I am always on the lookout for rugs on clearance whenever I shop.
  18. Thanks for the link jackpine. I have been wanting to buy a doggie dooly for some time, but didn't like the cost. Now, I can make my own very inexpensively! Have you made one?
  19. There is no convincing the person to not get another dog, since they already have it. When I brought this issue up, I was accused of bullying and later the thread was deleted.
  20. I am hoping I posted this in the right section of the board. This issue came up on another BC forum and I am wondering what others' opinions are on the matter. If you have a dog at home that you cannot afford vet care for, ie neutering, is it right to go and adopt another dog. Especially if this dog happens to be an unaltered female? My feeling is that if you can not afford to care for the one you have, you have no business getting another one. Then there is the issue of the possibility of an accidental litter of puppies and how on earth can someone afford puppies if they cannot afford a neuter. Plus, the world does not need any more unwanted puppies! How does everyone else feel about this?
  21. Both of my dogs will go after any strange dog that tries to enter the yard. Isn't that their job? You still haven't said why it is that your husband says that Popcorn is aggressive. I do not consider protecting their territory to be aggressive, especially since he isn't drawing blood. Plus, that dog has no business coming into Popcorn's yard and trying to be dominant woth him. JMHO
  22. I think the beagles will get the hang of it. Once they figure out that the sound precedes the shock, they start retreating as soon as they here the beep. Both of my dogs were only shocked once and that was all it took to figure it out. I also has been boundary training for a while with Taz before I even thought about getting the fence and with Brew, I did some boundary training before I started the fence training. Usually as long as you follow the training, they do very well. I can remember thinking they were never going to get it, when I was training without the stimulation, but they both did very well. It is hard to see them get shocked, but I always felt like it was their choice, since they were well trained that the beep meant to back off. I have actually always had the stimulation level at its lowest. That is all mine have ever needed.
  23. I am confused here. On Day 2 of training with the Innotek system, you don't even have the shock prongs on the collar yet. They have rubber prongs you use for training. You first train them to turn around and run the opposite way when they hear the beeping sound. Only after they have learned to retreat do you put the shock prongs on. Does the system you have go right to the shock prongs? I trained both of my dogs to the letter and have never had a problem. My dogs will not break the fence for anything. Not another animal, a child, nothing.
  24. My dog had something similar to that growing in her ear. I don't remember what it was technically called, but it was some kind of benign growth. The doctor removed it and biopsied.
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