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  1. I am on my first bag right now. The dogs do like it a lot and I can feed less than the Canidae.
  2. We actually give the tails to the dogs when we have shrimp cocktail out on the boat and they have never had any ill effects from it.
  3. I used one for the dogs for a while. We had an old one here and it was a while before my husband took it to the dump so I let them sleep on it. The only problem I would see with it is that they are a bit big. You might try your local freecycle, since they are often given away on ours.
  4. He does lok like he could be a pure bred BC. He looks a lot like my Brew. Brew is also obsessed with shadows and reflections. I have found that the best thing I can do about it is try to avoid it happening. When he seems to become to focused on a shadow or a reflection, I will get out a toy and start playing with him or work on our training to get his mind on something else.
  5. I ran into something similar last weekend. The pet store I have bought my fish supplies at for years, I believe must have been sold. They have never sold dogs in the past, but when I went in last weekend, they had 2 BC puppies there. I asked her if she knew the requirements of border collies. She said she did and proceeded to tell me that they are very smart. I tried to educate her and asked her to please make sure anyone who bought them was told all these things. I explained to her that BCs do not belong in pet stores, but I am sure I was talking to deaf ears. I will not shop there any more. I do not want to support a place that supports puppy mills or BYB.
  6. I am very happy with the invisible fence. The key to success is to make sure you train properly. I followed the training instructions to the letter. Both of the dogs were only shocked once or twice before getting it and neither have breached the fence, ever. If the collar needs to be recharged, I can leave it off and neither one even goes close to the boundary. Taz is extremely prey driven, but will not cross the fence boundary for anything.
  7. Squirrels in Canada leave in the winter? I wish they did that here in Michigan. They are here year round terrorizing the dogs.
  8. What about teaching them that they can take treats only after you or your wife give the okay. That way the GD's could still give them treats, but only if you were there to give the okay.
  9. I didn't realize dogs were used to bring horses in to the barn. I have always been told not to let my dogs mess with horses because they could get hurt. Goes to show how much I know.
  10. Am I understanding correctly? Are you saying these dogs herd horses?
  11. I live in Michigan and give both of my cats heartworm preventative every month. The vets were starting to see cases in cats and I was told that 1 worm can kill a cat. They are both on Revolution. My vet has had 21 cases of heartworm in dogs in her small clinic this year compared to 4 cases last year.
  12. Don't beat yourself up, Debbie. It sounds like the bump could've happened even the day before, so how do you know she didn't hurt herself in her crate or running into something. It may not have been the other dogs at all. As everyone has already said, accidents happen. I hope she is back home soon.
  13. The fact that he is lying there urinating bothers me. This does not sound like normal behavior. Is he rolled over ina submissive position or just lying like he is relaxed?
  14. My daughter was around that age when I got Taz, and I didn't even take her to meet Taz before I adopted her. As a matter of fact, I didn't even take my husband. I think this is your decidion, not your child's, but that is just my opinion.
  15. When I was a kid, our dog got out and we couldn't find him for over a week. Come to find out, the first day he went missing someone one block over found him and left for vacation the next day, taking him with them!
  16. I am so happy for all of you! I am also sitting here crying. I think that picture says it all.
  17. When Taz was lost, I went to all the pizza places in town and the drivers were more than willing to keep an eye out. Anyplace that delivers, get a picture to them so their drivers can be on the lookout.
  18. Taz is 48 lbs and she is very lean. She is 23" tall. Not all BCs over 40 lbs are overweight.
  19. Mine go every year. They have to be checked for heartworms annually and they get needed vaccinations. Plus, the vet can check them over for things I might overlook. I don't do bloodwork unless there is cause to. I also take my cats every year.
  20. What an idiot. I have a dog from a shelter that we are pretty sure was abused and neglected and I have never had a more trainable dog than him. Maybe you could just direct him to some of the rescue websites or copy pages from the sites to show him. I know that Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue always has dogs that already have learned quite a few commands. If these dogs weren't able to be trained, how could they already know so much? My other dog came from the Humane Society and was a stray and there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. As far as I can tell, she was well cared for and already knew a few commands.
  21. I have never done so. The biggest problem in our county is that if you don't register them within 30 days of getting them, you are assessed a huge fine. I only realized last year that it is required in our county. If I was to go and register them now, they will charge me the fine. I figure all they'll do if they catch me is charge me the same fine. Plus, I really don't like them knowing how many and what kind of dogs I have and our animal control office is very poorly run and I have know interest in funding it in any way. Until very recently, they were selling dogs to research after only a few days.
  22. I am actually appalled that anyone would find it okay to do that. I would never think to ask someone to do something like that. I also have a friend that is a vet (my vet, actually) and I would never dream of asking her vet related questions when not at the vet clinic for an appointment. It never occurred to me that people would take such advantage of you. I am glad you made this post, but what a shame that you even had to.
  23. I store mine in the bag ina 10 gallon plastic trash can with a lid. There are metal clasps that keep the lid down. I keep it right in the kitchen close to their bowls. I started doing this after switching to Solid Gold. They recommend keeping the food in the original bag also.
  24. The reason I recommended the food-grade is because my dogs seem to love the stuff and if given a chance will eat some. I actually add DE to theirs and my cats' food.
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