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  1. I like the Chuck-It Ultra Ball. They are very durable and a lot like a tennis ball. http://www.chuckit.com/products/ultraballs/ultraballs.html
  2. I also get the misprint Fastbacks from dtworld. I have found them to be very durable and I really like the way they handle. So far,I have only bought one lot of 10 and that was 2 years ago. I still have 7 of them in the box. I also like the Old Navy frisbees. They are soft rubber and I think they are $5. They last a really long time, but don't fly as well as the Fastbacks.
  3. Brew is also a lawnmower, chain saw, weed wacker chaser. He is always in the house when these are being used. It definitely is not worth it.
  4. The reason the DE works is because they avoid it. I sprinkle on the ant mounds here and they leave. If my yard was smaller, I would sprinkle the whole yard, but I have more than an acre. It may not kill them all, but they will leave.
  5. I agree that you need to keep trying until you find the food that is right for your dog. I used to feed Premium Edge and then I switched to Barking at the Moon. Although that is a good food, I was not really happy with the condition of my dogs on it. Their coats were dull and they were shedding a lot. I then try RAW for about a year and they had problems with that. I then switched to Canidae and I couldn't keep any weight on either one of them with that. They now are eating Taste of the Wild and I am very happy with it. My dogs do seem to do better on kibble with no grain.
  6. We don't have fire ants, but Diatomaceous Earth works well on any bugs. Here I sprinkle on the ant mounds.
  7. Can't the scratches be sanded out and refinished?
  8. I know this is an old thread, but I have a few questions. I am thinking about getting into goose control mostly because I have a dog that really needs a job and I think he would be great at it. We live on the lake, so he does already keep the geese out of my yard. He loves the water, also. My questions are 1) Can you do this with just one dog? 2) Do you go to each place daily? 3) How do you go about getting started? I was thinking about maybe asking a local golf course if I could use their place to see how my dog does for a month or two. Hopefully, they will see how well it works and want to keep me on. We have a lot of golf courses around here and I don't know of anyone that does goose control.
  9. I use my Dyson on tile and Pergo and I think it works great. I do leave the beater brush on though and it tends to suck in the surrounding hair better.
  10. I have a Dyson and it is the first vacuum cleaner I have ever been happy with.
  11. Although I really don't think he looks too thin, I wanted to add that sometimes you have to experiment with different foods. For instance, I fed mine Canidae for a while and I just couldn't keep the weight on either one of them. I have fed other foods that made them gain too much. All foods are not right for all dogs. You have to find the one that works for your dog.
  12. My grandson just turned 2 last week and he knows what is appropriate around the dogs and how to behave around them. My niece was around 3 when I got Taz and she learned very quickly what to do when Taz tried to herd her. A 3 year old is old enough to learn how to react around a puppy. I would still recommend supervision, but I also would be teaching the toddler what is allowed and what isn't. You could even have the 3 year old help with training.
  13. I don't understand why the comforter would be ruined. I had my cat pee on my a few weeks ago and I treated the spot with Nature's Miracle and then threw it in the wash and it cam out fine.
  14. I use 100% pure shea butter on Taz. It is a natural sunscreen and won't hurt them if they lick it off. My vet did tell me that any sunscreen that is marketed for babies is also fine to use.
  15. I would definitely look at trying some pain meds to see if this changes anything. Brew has hip dyplasia and until recently it hasn't seemed to bother him too much. He started getting aggressive with humans and my other dog. I put him on aspirin and he hasn't snarled at anyone since. Other than that, I agree that a good behaviorist would be in order.
  16. This is exactly the reason I got the invisible fence. After we got Taz, she would literally run people over to get out of the house. She was impossible to catch. After several times of chasing her all over to catch her, we installed the invisible fence.
  17. I like the Chuck-It Ultra Balls http://www.caninehardware.com/products/ult...ultraballs.html
  18. Thanks for all the advice. My vet did call me back yesterday and recommend that I try aspirin. I was giving him the enteric coated ones, I will stop those and get buffered instead. I will also give the DGP a try. A sample is one its way to me now.
  19. I just submitted a request for a sample pack of the DGP. Hopefully that will help. I really don't want to use Rimadyl
  20. He does also get fish oil twice a day. I have a call in to my vet. I will look into the DGP. Thanks
  21. Does anyone know of anything that I can give for pain management of hip dysplasia. I know there are some prescriptions, but I also know that some of them are detrimental to the dog in other ways. I have been giveing him Ester-C and glucosamine chondrotin since I got him, but lately he seems to be hurting more. He is becoming aggressive because of it. He is 3 1/2 years old.
  22. Both of my BCs respect the fence. There is nothing they will go through it for. I did follow the training to the letter, also. I do not have an Invisible Fence brand, I have an Innotek. It has rechargable batteries and also battery backup if we lose power. My dogs actually won't cross the line even if they don't have their collars on. I also believe it has more to do with the dog than the breed and I think training is really important.
  23. I would just throw the frog in the washer. I wash all stuffed animals that my grandson has, even though most of them say surface washable only. I just throw them in the washer and then the dryer and they always turn out beautiful. I have always done this and have never once had one get ruined.
  24. I agree with everything said, but am concerned that you said he went through the invisible fence. There is absolutely nothing that can provoke my dogs through the fence. If there was, I would never leave them out of my sight. Around here, if it is questioned, AC will come out and try to entice your dog through the fence. If they can, there is trouble and you could lose your dog if someone has been bitten.
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