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  1. It is a good thing dangerous snakes are rare here because Taz is one of those that feels it is her job to kill all snakes.
  2. I was told by my vet to use any sunscreen that is intended for children. I use 100% shea butter on Taz. It is a natural sunscreen.
  3. Sue - Thank you for the explanation. I have no experience with breeding or with working dogs and am really just trying to understand. I am very interested in preserving the breed and am opposed to the AKC. Your explanation was very helpful.
  4. But you let her breed the dog after just 3-4 months of training, I thought the idea was to only breed proven dogs. How was this dog a proven working dog? I am confused.
  5. I looked into this program and it looks like zoos are using it. It seems to me that if the meat wasn't of good nutritional value that zoos would not be feeding it. Just saying...
  6. Taz eats them. And I agree Eileen that they are probably Carpenter Bees.
  7. I use the small trash container bags. We buy a huge container of them from Sam's Club in the store brand. We use them for our small trash containers also. They seem to work really well and fold up really small.
  8. I got Brew from a shelter and the owner left his papers with him. I called the breeder on the papers to try and find out more about him and also to let the breeder know that a dog that he sold was turned in to the shelter. He didn't care one bit that Brew had been mistreated and then turned in to the shelter. He had 2 dogs and bred them to sell. They did occasionally help move the cattle at his mother;s farm, but other than that they sounded bored. He told me how they dug holes all over his yard. I have since seen quite a few dogs that look a lot like Brew at the very same shelter. One of them could have been his twin. To me, this is definitely a backyard breeder.
  9. I like to use Three Dog Bakery Jump n Sit Bits. They are just the right size and my dogs love them so they make a good reward. I tried using their food and they weren't motivated enough.
  10. I guess I must be getting a good deal on the Diamond Naturals then. I pay $24 for a 40 lb bag at the local feed mill.
  11. I don't compete, but I buy mine from Discovering the World. You can get misprints for really cheap and they are good for practicing. I buy the fastbacks, but they have many others.
  12. My question would be why did your wife allow your son to do that? It was her responsibility to keep Annie safe and she didn't. If it were me, I would be mad at the wife and the son.
  13. You can buy a pill shooter. My vet gave me one when I had to pill the cat. I personally find it easier to just stick it down her throat, but it is a neat gadget.
  14. Brew was terrible with pills. He simply would find them and spit them out no matter what I put them in. Then one day I decided to try just putting them in the bowl with his food. He now just gobbles them right up along with his meal. I think he eats so fast that he doesn't realize they are any different than his food.
  15. I only buy Earth Dog collars. I just replaced the first ones I bought. They lasted around 5 years and were still very functional but were looking a little worn. They are made of hemp and are machine washable. I wash them often and they still hold up. That is a beautiful collar. One of my dogs swim so I have always been afraid to get them leather.
  16. I love the martingale collars I get at Earth Dog. They are made of hemp and are washable. I have had these for about 5 years and they are still beautiful. I also have some buckle collars. These are the only collars I buy. They are very good quality.
  17. Shea butter is also a natural sunscreen. If you can find 100% shea butter, it works great.
  18. Shea butter is also a natural sunscreen. If you can find 100% shea butter, it works great.
  19. I am not at all surprised that your niece was bitten. I do not allow anyone but myself handle the type of situation that your niece was trying to handle. She should have come and got you and told you he had the hat. I would never try to manage someone else's dog in that way. As the others have said, I keep my dogs put away in another room when I can not be supervising. It was probably a very stressful time for poor Scooter and that incident just put him over the top.
  20. I used this plastic pinch collar on Taz who is very sensitive. It did her no harm and it trained her not to pull. I don't have to use it anymore. I just used it as a training tool. She had a damaged trachea and pulled on her flat buckle collar and was making her trachea worse. As soon as I put this on her, she stopped pulling. My trainer actually put it on my leg and gave in a jerk so I could feel it and it wasn't bad, just pinched.
  21. Brew has never had a problem being outside in the winter. He doesn't seem to be bothered by the cold at all.
  22. If you cut hotdogs in slices and put on paper towel and microwave, they turn into crunchy little treats that my dogs love. My microwave only takes about 30-45 seconds, but some others I know have to cook theirs longer. It must depend on the microwave.
  23. When I first took Taz to the vet the vet took one look at her and said she believed she was a springer mix. I don;t think she looks anything like a springer, but I did get her from a shelter so I really don't know what she is. She acts more like an English Shepherd than anything else. I constantly have people insist to me that Brew is a pitbull. I have his papers, so even though he came from a shelter I do know for a fact that he is purebred. Taz Brew
  24. Although my dogs won't bite if bothered while eating. some dogs will. That is why my son has been taught never to bother any animal while it is eating. I think it is just common sense to keep him safe.
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