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  1. I use Avon Skin-so-Soft Bug Guard Plus. I buy the towelettes and rub them on their fur. We have deer flies really bad and so far this has worked really well to keep them off.
  2. I would just throw that one away. Eventually they will pick another favorite. Brew destroys his favorite toys all the time, but after they are thrown away, he picks a new favorite.
  3. I was looking a while back and I couldn't find any way to get this information. I would also like to know if there is a way.
  4. I have had many people insist that Brewster is a pit bull! :confused:
  5. I paid less than $200 for my Innotek IF for 3/4 acre of wire plus one collar. We installed it ourselves, though. Mine has rechargable batteries, so there is no cost there. It also has battery backup if the power goes out. I don't leave my dogs out when I am not home, but if I did, I am confident they would not leave the yard. I have known people that put the wire right on the fence to keep the dog from jumping over. The biggest problem with IF and this dog is that if it is installed close to the fence in the ground, it won't stop the dog from jumping unless the field level is set high enough.
  6. Our humane society also gives food to people who have fallen on hard times so that they can feed their pets. As others have said, it is better than no food at all. Anyways, all the shelters around here feed whatever is the cheapest, so what is the difference.
  7. When you are ready, I believe Midwest BC Rescue adopts to Iowa http://www.mwbcr.org/upforadoption.htm Also the Wisconsin BC Rescue http://www.wibordercollierescue.com/adoptapp.html Also, check www.bcrescue.org There are lots of dogs posted there available for adoption and many people willing to help transport.
  8. This, unfortunately, is very common with backyard breeder/puppymill puppies. They often have many health issues. I just wish more people were aware of this.
  9. The invisible fence that I have says to not use it on puppies younger than six months. I have two BCs and they are both extremely reliable on the invisible fence. They absolutely will not cross for anything. Even if another dog is on the other side, they will not cross. I did train with flags, although and I used the collar without the probes for a few weeks. It is very important to train properly on the fence. My one dog was only shocked once and my second dog maybe three times, both on the very first day. Now they don't even go close to the boundary.
  10. A month is not very long. My last rescue I have had for almost a year now and he is still adjusting. Just be loving and patient and he will come around. The above suggestions are very good.
  11. This is a good website for comparing dog foods. http://www.dogfoodproject.com/
  12. My Tazzy has similar problems and after 2 years of classes, she actually seemed to be worse, so I quit taking her. The strange thing about it is that I think the classes actually caused her to become this way. When I first got her, she loved other dogs. I have decided that there isn't any reson why she has to like other dogs. She is a great with my other dog and with all people, so I just don't take her where there will be a lot of other dogs around. If anyone does ever try to approach with another dog, I just explain to them that she isn't dog-friendly.
  13. My trainer has told me that activated charcoal also works really well for reactions to bites and stings. She always keeps it on hand and even uses it herself since she is allergic to bees. I haven't had to use it yet myself, but am thinking that I would prefer it over medication, so am going to buy some.
  14. I wash my dogs' collars with a product called "Odo-Ban" I buy it at Sam's Club, but I am sure it must be available elsewhere. It completely gets rid of all bad smells.
  15. Iuse the HP brand (HomeoPet) You can find them at a lot of online retailers, but I buy mine from my local natural medicine retailer.
  16. It might help to give some homeopathic anxiety drops. My Brew has pretty bad seperation anxiety and the anxiety drops really seem to help. They are for al kinds of anxiety.
  17. I am looking for someone in the Jackson County area of Michigan. I was going to a lady in Manchester, but she is really sporatic about when she trains. She was busy with other things all summer, and now she says she doesn't train in the winter. I haven't had a lesson since early June. Is there anyone closer than Jeanne Weaver?
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