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  1. I have one that refused to go in the water and after working really hard with his ball in the water, he now loves to swim. I have another that refused to go in the water and 9 years later still refuses. We live on the lake and she gets really hot in the summer and still will not go in willingly. I think it really just depends on the dog.

  2. This looks exactly like Brew. He is like this anytime he meets a new dog. After he gets to know them, he does still stalk them, but no longer goes after them. I have always believed him to be fear aggressive. He is actually worse on leash than off. I also don't really see him as being horribly aggressive. Even when he did go after Maddox, it seemed mild. Brew will actually puff all up when he is introduced to new dogs and look mean. Brew also has his tail up in theses situations. I really think Pip looks scared.

  3. The best cure for a bad behavior is to stop it when it begins.

    That is all fine and good when you have a puppy, but when you have a rescue that was apparently allowed to do this for a long time already it is sometimes impossible to train them not to. I tried every method there is to stop her from barking. I wish I could train it out of her, but she is a barker and nothing I do but the bark collar will stop her. I can't keep her inside all the time when the neighbors are here. I feel she is happier being allowed to go outside with the bark collar on then staying inside all the time and not wearing it.

  4. I tried everything to train Taz to stop barking excessively and for no reason. I finally resorted to a bark collar. I live on the lake and have neighbors that are only here once in a while and they have a dog. She will literally bark every second she is outside if the dog is there. She won't if the bark collar is on. I don't put it on her all the time, but in those instances, it works well. She knows when I put it on and just doesn't bark.

  5. My dog has been on daily glucosamine, ester-c and fish oil for over 5 years and has had no side effects. He has hip dysplasia, but you would hardly know it except on really cold days or sometimes after a really long game of frisbee. I also had an old dog that was on Rimadyl for her last year of life. It definitely increased her quality of life. I would have had to put her down because of the pain if I hadn't used it.

  6. I would also be concerned about leaving it. I had a dog that I got from the humane society that had a bone that was left and healed wrong and she had all kinds of trouble with it throughout her life, especially when she was older. I would be seeking another opinion.

  7. I have had great results with Brew, who has HD, by giving fish oil, glucosamine and ester-c. I give him 2000 mg fish oil daily. He weighs 33 lbs. He is 6 years old now and I have been giving this to him since I got him when he was 11 months old. We live on the lake and he also swims a lot in the warmer weather.

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