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  1. Angel does something very similar. She will squat to pee if recalled and she needs a few more seconds. Talk about checkmate, because what can you do about it?
  2. Sorry to hear about what you are having to go through. Hopefully it will all work out for you in the long run! I really think this is GREAT advice. I wish I would have bought the place I lived in in college. At the least... buy a place and get 1 decent roomate! Everyone wins!
  3. I have a blast... I sit outside with dog and cat and hand out candy. They get to meet and greet every kid that wants to pet them. It is a tough job... LOL.
  4. Mine systematically dis assembles her toys. I buy toys that are "permanent" adn treats that are toysthat are easily disassembled! She loves doing it and never bothers anything esle... so I figure what is the harm in a squeakie a week or so!
  5. Cute! Glad to see she is doing well! I like the album software too... I deal with a few sports teams that make make easy work for me! I'll definately be checking it out!
  6. Angel will almost always nip a humper. Once she has established that they will not be humping her... everything is fine.
  7. Although I do not live in NC, I am a member, volunteer, foster, and transport for several groups in the NC area. Friends of Rocky Mount (FOR) is one of the best run rescue operations that I have ever seen! For what it is worth (and to show there is a positive here too!), here is a picture of the last foster I had from FOR. I saw her in her forever home last weekend... when Angel (My dog and also a PB BC rescue) stayed the weekend because I had to go out of town. The friend that kept her said he woke up in the middle of the night and Angel and Victoria were both cuddled up togethe
  8. Ahhh... I backpack a lot so whatever I am taking it is on my pack and adds weight! Favorites: Tyson 98 Percent Fat Free Premium Chunk Chicken Breast In Water is vacuum sealed chicken that is precooked and really great! I take beans and rice and add chicken with a bit of seasoning. Works great for two people. I also love the noodles and sauce with chicken or tuna. Dehydrated fruit from the asian store (snack) Dehydrated resberries and oatmeal (breakfast) Dehydrated mushrooms also are GREAT! They really spice up any dish. When I go canoeing... I can take a big cooler
  9. Angel is a blue/tri merle. She is ABCA breed and her sister is mostly black and white, but has a little brown in her. It VERY irresponsible to breed merle to merle, in attempts to gain more merle.
  10. Ahhh... and not ot sound like a meanie, but Angel knows the command "off" really well. Off of me... off the sofa, off the chair, off the bed... off the visitor... and "get out" is another fun one.
  11. Turning will only teach a dog to jump on your back. Best two tactics I know are borderline compulsion training. 1) get a thumb in between their collar bone as they are coming up. This is the soft spot on their chest slightly offset from the breast bone. Be warned, you will hear a loud yelp. 2) squeeze paws when they make it onto you.
  12. Wow... two normal people having sane and good communication. I really love seeing that. Good for both of you (and Bandit too)! I ran the paw pads off angel a month or so ago. I was horrified at it, and it was just a slight chnage from trail to pavement.
  13. I started with "go get" and "bring" on toys when we were playing. It progressed pretty easily from there because it was an easy reward. I used a lot of "bring it here" because that was basically just calling here here with the bring addition.
  14. Mive varies a bit, but typically will go the the left. I am also left handed.
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