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  1. My little girl is 6 in November. We have been looking around and we are think we will be able to care for a BC. I really want a BC. If we get one she will be a Frisbee dog. My wife and I have talked about other dogs and she wanted a dog that would lay down and be a lap dog. I told her what fun is that. We have to cats now that do that and they are no fun. To me dogs should be great companions. To play and have fun with. I want a dog that I can give alot of love to and spend time with out side. I am not to over weight but I need to lose about 25 pounds and I think a BC would be great for m
  2. What our breeds are the that are link the BC but not as active. As we are researching we are think we are not going to be able to give her what a BC needs. Please let me know. I am looking for a dog that is great at fetching frisbees but just as active.
  3. Hello to the board. I am new here and My family and I are looking for a new member to add to our family. We live in Frederick, MD and we need help to find a nice breeder local. Please help if you can. Thanks, Mike
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