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  1. Envy wanted to ask for some help in a photo contest she is currently in. For those of you that have facebook, you can help! 1. Go to Pet Portraits by Ron Krajewski and "Like" his page. 2. Find the picture of Envy (shown below), I believe it is picture number 9. ( http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1769294440075&set=a.1769291760008.213443.1470630066#!/photo.php?fbid=189975167693030&set=a.189934714363742.46765.183355805021633 <--Her picture) 3. Click "Like" to submit your vote for her. We really appreciate it! The picture of Envy in the contest^ Right now she is losing to a Bulldog... (and I'm not saying they're not cute, but come on, a Border Collie should totally win, right? ) Thanks!
  2. While browsing e-bay, I came acorss the cutest little puppy picture on a mouse-pad.... and I'm pretty sure its our Border Collie Board's own Dazzle? http://cgi.ebay.com/Mouse-Pad-BORDER-COLLI...1QQcmdZViewItem Just figured I'd make you aware, Kat. Not sure if this person was given permission to use your pictures? (Heck, I could be completely wrong and it may be a friend?)
  3. Oh my goodness LOOK at that puppy! She is stunning, really! She also reminds me ALOT of Rebel.... Very cute, please do post more picturs!
  4. Yes, as Erin said.. I've been making some signature cartoon dogs for alot of people on the BC Rescue board. I've still got a few left to do over there but once I'm done I'll gladly do one for anyone here who'd like one. Here are some examples & or some of the newer ones I've done... And as Erin also said, I'm leaving for florida tomorrow and wont be back until next monday... so if you message me and I don't respond, that's why. If you'd like one just message me with the following; a side shot & a face shot of your dogs and a bit of info about them [personalities, favorite toys, etc]
  5. Wow, those are GREAT! I LOVE the last one your working on, how cool!
  6. I like the set up of the new boards, very snazzy! and ps; Erin, I love your avatar!
  7. I will also recommend it. It was an all around awesome movie!
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