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  1. After sitting on this for a while, recent events and monetary means have given way to finally starting Kellie herding. I think she has very good instincts. She has "herded" rabbits, other dogs, cats, and the occasional sugar glider back to me without formal training. In addition, with the realization of my own mortality, I have arranged for her to be sent to TX to my friend's ranch should anything happen to me. And since she is my baby, I want her to be useful so that keeping her will be a joy and not an obligation. I do have several questions though: 1.) What should I be looking for in a trainer? . a.) IYO, which is better: Private sessions, Group classes, or sending her off to be trained? . b.) I have two trainers in my area, can I, with no herding background, tell which would be better by watching their dogs, or is it better to have them do one session with my dog and see how they interact? 2.) How much difference is there between cattle herding and sheep herding? 3.) Are there any good books I could read to get a better understanding of what I'm getting into? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Not only can you change their name, but you can get them to respond to nicknames too. Kellie has Kell, Keller, Lovebug, and Pupper. Roxie has Sugarbear. And Scruffy has Scruffer, Scruffers, Scruff, and a few others my brother uses that I won't repeat on a family friendly board. Point is, all three will respond to their nicknames as well as their true ones.
  3. CPS calls are anomonious, even when the social workers knows who called, they don't give that information to the family being investigated. It's not that husbands don't see why their wives did something, it's that they see it an embarassment. They don't like people knowing they couldn't handle a situation by themselves without the authorities--they don't like help. Same as stopping for directions. It degrades the concept of being the protector and provider of the family. At least, those are my observations of my father and brother, the men on this board can tell me if I have it right.
  4. *Everyone who knows you asks how your BC is doing *Your ADHD neices and nephews ask if the dog's tired yet *You start pushing the city to build a dog park with secret plans to then push them to add an agility section *You balance your checkbook against how much herding lessons will run and pay the bills accordingly *You buy a lotto ticket specifically because if you win then you can get more toys for your BC
  5. Hi Rusty pup! Here's the deal, for right now yelp at the nipping and if it gets too bad walk away and ignore it. For the humping intitiate a time out (only 30 secends) where you walk away from it. Never pick up the puppy because then you are giving him the attention he was trying to get. As soon as your pup is old enough, enroll him in a puppy class. By the way Hana, puppy rolls do not work!!! They can cause fear and/or aggression. Now I'm not just spewing this out. I have cases where this happened (my own Kellie in fact by a trainer when I didn't know any better. Kellie is now undergoing behavior modification for fear aggression when the last trainer I went to said it was dominence. Point being, roll=bad and I would never do it again). All rolls do is invite confrontation. Some dogs can take it, most cannot, and I wouldn't invite the possibility of destroying a dog's personallity for the rest of their lives. IMO, positive reinforcement is the best way to go (especially when giving advice over the internet where others might not know what you mean and end up hurting the pup!! Think of that before suggesting adverse methods!) I see some very excited pups in my puppy classes and you know what? By week 3, if the owner has been working with them, there is a tremendious improvement.
  6. Wizard's First Rule (Terry Goodkind): "People are stupid. They will believe any lie either because they want it to be true, or they fear it to be true." I love your last sentence Sue. That's it in a nutshell.
  7. What's the best way to search for trainers in the area? And what should one be looking for?
  8. Maybe a history lesson is in order? It depends how much you wnat to fight it. There's actually a wealth of information out there, even in psychology books, to prove the point. I like to argue (problem is sometimes I don't do all the research I should). At the very least, I'd throw in one post with everything I wanted to say, all the evidence to back me up, and leave it at that. Some people you can't convince, but there are others reading the post that just might sit there and think "huh, I didn't know that. Maybe they're not off their rocker and so-called standards are detrimental to the breeds."
  9. Wow.......that basically says "forget to important part of hearding genetics; AKC standards are the only important thing." Nature vs Nurture arguement. I can see why you're hesitant. But with the last comment...improving the breed. Who says looks are the important part? Should it not be based on ability? By wanting to breed only for looks, that is changing the breed. It changes the very function the breed is for. I'm cringing at this, and I know others can say it better than I can.
  10. I'd be interested too. Last time I did a search I found one over by Lansing, but I didn't save the info...
  11. Glad you got it worked out Kellie had a problem like that, and turning my back to her brought her in so I could kik the ball again. I would tell her to bring it closer and then just wait until she did. She loved it, it was a bit of a mind game for her to figure out what I wanted her to do. That was about six months ago and she's been doing it ever since. She also likes it when I tell her to leave it, take her back inside, hide her ball, wait about 30 min to an hour (or longer), and then go back outside and tell her "get your ball!" The response and find time are getting quicker all the time Even as the hiding places get increasingly difficult.
  12. Okay...I'm really confused now...I just wasn't sure how they all fit together. I'm really new to this...for some reason, I thought the base fit into the PVC pipe and was either a really tight fit, or was held in with a screw, or even went through a PCV cap. I really need to look at one...
  13. What I was wondering is if the pole is heavier on the bottom than on the top. And how thick is the spike? All my AL stakes bend really easily...
  14. Are you just using it as a weight then Barb? I can see that...sorta. I'm really curious as to how it works...
  15. Can't say anything about bases, but I can tell you about the stakes I use on the windy and rocky plains while I'm backpacking. I learned real quick not to go for AL, they bend, snap, and just don't stay in the ground. Titanium is the way to go for backpackers, but you're interested in pole bases. I'm willing to bet those dogs'll snap and bend those bases at the drop of a hat...I would go with steel...
  16. OH? Ohio BTW, welcome to the boards from Kellie and me.
  17. Kellie did something like that for a while. I finally figured out that she was inticing me into a game played by her rules. The way I combatted that was to sharply away and ignore her until she spat the ball out. Then I would wait a few more seconds before finally turning back, picking up the ball (turning away again if she grabbed it), and throwing it. (or kick if its her soccer ball) Kellie has decided that chasing the ball is better than chewing it. Just something you might want to try. That's almost how I got her recall to improve as well. I think I'm gonna add some puppy squares and tracks into the mix (huge reward!) and see if she continues to improve. Sorry I can't help with the agility jump.
  18. Okay, try these: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?cl...9&articleid=729 image from http://beaglesunlimited.com/beaglehealth_demodecticmange.htm has pictures: http://www.asiahomes.com/singaporetpvet/do...y_Singapore.htm *Warning! This Site contains graphic pictures. Some fights, some abuse, some mange. The photos are before and after photos of rescued dogs.* There are a few photos of bad mange though. http://www.compassionforcamden.org/rescues.html Don't suppose you could ask a vet? I know the ones in MT took care of the shelter dogs for free. That would be your best bet I think.
  19. The mange we had was always very red and circular... To me it looks like tat pup's been scratching too much... but maybe... Check out this web page. They have information there. I'm gonna see if I can find other pics...
  20. Thanks Ancira. I'm gonna monitor for a while first and see...
  21. As much as it stings, do you have any iodine? That's real good for cleaning wounds, and it doesn't sting as much as rubbing alcohol (at least in my experience). It also helps with infections. I don't know what to tell you for the car sickness... I can't really help. Kellie loves her car rides. Could it be that Bailey has negative connotations with autos?
  22. What about a combination? Keller, my mentor's GS, would find the victim, bark, return to his handler, bark, and lead his handler back where he got in one last bark. Just a thought.
  23. As I understand it, refind is very important. The dog has to go out, in some instances without their master, find the victim, return and give their signal, and then lead their master back to the victim. I'd teach it anyway. In fact, that's what my mentor in Montana recommended (Still looking for one here in MI)
  24. It could be a pressure sore. Kellie turned up with several on her legs. I don't know wjat's causing it yet, but I'm on the lookout.
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