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  1. Thx y'all. I guess Kellie's fine for now then, but I'll have to make sure I keep an eye on it. I never was concerned about her hearing now, I was just curious for any future dogs I get.
  2. Here's a question: When I got Kellie at the shelter this lady came up to me, said she worked BCs on her ranch, and told me not to get a BC with a mostly white face because they were proned to be deaf. Is this true? Does it make Kel more likely to become deaf when she gets older? Or are her chances the same as every BC
  3. Thx all for the care and concern. I took Kel to the vet yesterday (a little constipated, but okay and back to her charming energetic self) I also found out why she acted the way she did, and that (cuz I though it was funny and wanted to share w/ everyone) I posted in the general section under the title "How the brat fooled me."
  4. Welcome aboard! Haven't got too much in the way of ideas (I'm just learning a lot of this myself). Anyway, post some pics! Everyone loves puppies! (and enjoy the sweet little puppy tempers while you can lol)
  5. We're gonna get it checked out later today. I'm sure the vet will think I'm nuts though, Kellie seems fine this morning
  6. Thx for the advice. It would be new if she did. Here are her symtoms: lack of energy (ears and tail droop while she's up, even when she waggs her tail). Extended periods of sleep longer than normal urination and (I just found this out while petting her) her stomach is slightly distended. Now I'm getting really worried. She also didn't eat today again.
  7. 18 months. She's been sleeping most the day now. I tried to initiate some play, but I only threw her ball twice before she retreated to her crate with it. She didn't want anything to do with her stuffed sheep, or her tug rope either. BTW, I'd love it if you could get me in touch w/ some people. I live in Kalamazoo.
  8. Does anyone's BC have days where they want nothing more than to just sit next to you and sleep? Kellie's been doing that all day and I'm starting to worry a bit.
  9. I was wondering that myself. Despite that one where I got a little frustrated (the problem with being unorganized), I was learning a lot. Especially from your post Sue and a few others. I didn't think it was a waste of time at all.
  10. it would be a good idea for me to observe some agiliy trials or matches to get a feel of whether or not its something I want to train Kellie in. Does anyone know when there will be some around the Kzoo area? Some people I could talk to, face to face, would be fantastic.
  11. I'm not keen on either. Kel loses the fur around her neck when I tried a choker, so we haven't used it since. As for remotes... personal preference says most definately not. From what I understand, they can lower the dogs immune system and crush their spirit. The potential for misuse is too great for me. I also think they could hinder the bond between you and your dog. And they seem, well, just...lazy. One collar I'm considering trying is that combination of chain and nylon. Has anyone one used these at all? 'Fraid I don't know any trainers in MI though. I just moved to Kalamazoo 6 months ago
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