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  1. and he has no problem with rescues dogs... Amazing how he got that in when it wasn't really even the subject. The dog wasn't violent, it was threatened, there's a profound difference in that. But to label the breed and rescues as violent? I'm gonna stop now.
  2. vey true Melanie, Kel's and my hugs are different than the primate sense too. I forget sometimes to differenciate btwn human hugs and dog hugs..
  3. Just listened to it. There is a lot of stuff in there I don't agree with, especially the extreme catering to the human needs as far as training is concerned and not the dog. Not the dog's individual personality or breed, but the human's desire. I have to watch my words here or else something really offensive might come out. And what is that about dogs not liking hugs?!? Kel loves hugs! Its the only time she's allowed to jump on me. Katz really hasn't a clue does he? There's just enough truth in that to make you think maybe he's right, and then comes the kick and you're smacking yourself on the forehead for being an idiot. I can think of several polititions and celebrities that do the same thing he does. They actually teach people how to be slimy in public speaking courses...
  4. That's enough to rub anyone who knows anything about dogs the wrong way! Must be great to be able to make money off of the ignorant. That's who he caters to, people who haven't done any research about 1) owning a dog 2) really training a dog, and 3) know nothing about their breed of dog. I can't believe he said that about rescues. Both my Kelsey and Kellie, as young as they were, were both picked up and saved from the jaws of death. Kelsey grew up to be a great family dog with no real training, and Kellie...she needs work, but we're on the right path. Maybe we should flood the network with stories about rescues and their fantastic owners (or at least good owners that are trying really hard ). People need to be educated, then the b@st@rd will be out of buisiness.
  5. Welcome to the boards Claire. Ummm.... it does look an aweful lot like the scaps Kellie used to get when I had hard wood floors, but your pic looks like there is fur growing out of it??? :confused: Not sure what to tell ya...
  6. I don't know of any. My family has removed dozens of ticks from our animals, both domestic and our wildlife rehabers without any diseases problems. Hopefully that can help put you somewhat at ease. Still watch Nellie, but I wouldn't stress.
  7. I have to agree with the aussie thing. My Kelsey was great, but my ex roommate's....left a lot to be desired. She was pleased with him though *shrug*
  8. I'm not sure if she'll ever be the same, chances are she will never be the same though. As for her hiding behind the couch, Kellie does that when she's in pain. I wouldn't force her out, but give her lots of praise and gentle attention when she does. Its been 5 months since Bandit died, and Kellie still isn't the same. She's making some progress, but the shock of losing her best friend has definately taken its toll. Don't know if that helps, but it might give you an idea. That's the best I got right now. Poor little girl
  9. Thanks Rebecca. Kellie has had some discharge, and she seems a little better since I gave her an antibiotic, but we're still working on it. I need to clarify that Kellie was about 5 weeks old when she was in vet ICU, and now she's almost 19 months. It broke my heart today though when she had trouble breathing after just 10 min of play at the park. She was really laboring. I could tell she wanted to play more, but I made her walk around for a bit to cool off and catch her breath. Then she saw the ducks and geese and it was all over. How is it that she acts the abused little pup every time I give her a bath, but the moment she sees those birds she's swimming out to meet them? Crazy dog. Her check-up is due next week, so we'll see.
  10. I love Bart's outrun. The nice taunt lines of animals in motion really speak to me. I just want to grab my sketchbook everytime I see one of those and capture the moment in my style...which just happens to be very realistic.
  11. This one has been bugging me, especially since it seems to be slowly coming back. When Kellie was in vet ICU, they drained a green mucus-like infection from her lungs daily. Symptoms of this infection included fatigue, disinterest in the world, and uncontrollible wet hacking. I initially thought it was Kennel Cough, but my research says Kennel cough is dry hacking. So my question is, what could it be, and is there any chance Kellie's immune system is developed enough to combat it with the assistance of anti-bacterial meds, and/or vitamins?
  12. Nicely put Melanie! I'm suddenly reminded of Jack London's The Call of the Wild. Dogs do what they have to to survive, it's neither good nor bad, that's just the way it is.
  13. I hope she gets well also. Does her shoulder lock? It sounds like tissue in the shoulder, not just the muscle, is torn and the nerves are dead. If this is the case, the only option I know of is surgery to repair the damaged portions, but its very unlikely she'll have feeling there again. My knee does something like that (not happy with insurance co, but that's another tyraid :mad: ). You could hope for the best, that time will heal it, but I think you should talk to the vet. Sorry, I know its not good news, but its all I can do without more info
  14. Always good news, but still, keep an eye on her.
  15. I've never had adverse side affects, but perhaps others have? Or know something I don't (a very real possiblity concerning several things ). Almost forgot, MichiganBC, check your private messages in top left cornor of main page
  16. Ditto on all accounts. And take a stool sample to the vet when you go.
  17. Wow, for a moment, that sounded like Kellie's first week with me, but she had runs along with everything else. Are you sure she's constipated? Kel would whine cuz she was incontinant and it hurt. I took her to the vet and that's when I found out she had round worms (the shelter said they had dewormed her) and really bad kennel cough that would have killed her. (BTW MichiganBC, Kel was only 1 mo old when I got her. She and her littermates were dumped at the shelter by her mom's owner).
  18. Best of luck, as requested Kellie and I also started classes, her problem is obeying commands when other dogs are in the room. She wants to play, not work But we're getting better.
  19. I agree with kelpiegirl, go with your gut. If you think you can rehab Sam, do so, or euthanize if you think its best. Its hard for me to offer advice on this one, Vicki. I wasn't there, I didn't see Sam's total reaction. Sorry, but all I can say is go with what you think is best.
  20. This might sound dumb, but are you sure it wasn't a bite of fear? I've had a couple of animals, both domestic and wildlife rehab, that have bit out of what they thought was self preservation. This one cat I have screams, bites, and scratches any time you get close to her paws b/c some kids continuously yanked on them when she was little (everything just shy of breaking the bone). Point being, I know some animals bit out of the memory of pain, and its really not intentional at all. Especially if its a sensitive area.
  21. Welcome! I'm gonna have to sheepishly say get a rescue as well. My Kellie is a rescue, and, aside from a few fixable issues, she's the best dog I've ever had. And she's only 18 mo old. But if you're dead set on a breeder, go for working, not AKC. Others can elaborate and help you with that.
  22. Personally, I've never been keen on breeding for looks-at all. As far as sport, the sacrifice to the BC breed is enormous. What is being "created" is no longer a border collie. Eventually genetics will win out, these dogs will lose their herding instinct. I can see intuative reactions becoming slower and these dogs losing some of that intelligence that make this breed so incredible. By breeding for purly flyball, temperment, agility, ect. what is being created will eventually be an entirely new breed. Its not right to call them border collies, because in the long run, they won't be.
  23. Nice, I'll keep you updated on how Kel's doing.
  24. Yep, I was really impressed. I fly out at Battle Creek, so really its not that far, and I actually live in the eastern portion of Comstock. I'm glad to hear you say its nice though, I was kinda nervous. Are you gonna come to the agility trial they're hosting in October?
  25. Kel and I are going to start attending classes at Taking the Lead Dog Training Center! The actual time and has yet to be confirmed, but like next week. (crossing my fingers on that on ) There we're gonna work on some obedience, play a lot, and agility. I would say Kel's excited to be going, but she's taking a nap right now. I guess I better get back to studying...
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