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    My dogs. Trialing, Canine Freestyle, Agility, Obedience, Rally, reading, backpacking, just getting into herding, teaching classes, writing

About Me

I own four dogs that I work constantly. Kayzie performs in Canine Freestyle, Rally-O, and Obedience, she' just getting into Agility and herding. Maverick is my lazy boy, he helps out when I'm teaching a class and occasionally dances. He's the all-around dog that's happy just doing something with me. Roxie the Sugarbear is my old girl. She likes babysitting kids, showing off her tricks, and hanging out outside as much as possible. Lily is the new kid. When I rescued her, she was terribly frightened and clingy. We don't know anything about her past, but there's something wrong when you cock your arm to throw a ball and she's immediately cringing, screaming, and wetting herself. She's been on a behavior modification and trust building regime since she came here, and, I'm happy to say, has made excellent progress. I haven't decided yet what to get her into, but we'll be trying her in at least Rally, Freestyle, and Obedience.


Kellie, my heartdog, passed away in 2009. I still miss her every day.


I graduated from Western Michigan University with my Bachelors of Science in 2010 and now own my own dog training business. I've probably faced some things most other people couldn't imagine, but I've always come out on top. You can't just roll over and take what life gives you; you have to forge your own path and make yourself who you want to be.

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