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  1. I was glad to see this posted. Just like Finn, Loch gets carsick no matter what we've tried. Unlike Finn, however, Loch does NOT go willingly to the vehicle.. it's like he knows he's going to be miserable. We've even done the dramamine, but that didn't help. Sometimes it makes me think his is more of an anxiety issue, but none the less, he still gets carsick. Once he's 'urped' he is good for the rest of the trip. Also seems to happen more on the beginning of a trip if the road is a bit curvy. I'm going to try the Ginger. I hadn't heard of that one. Ginger snaps - how many would you give? Loch's a big boy about 50 lbs. Thanks for this hint~
  2. I just love looking at all your pics of the lambs! This city girl sure envies you right now (but I KNOW there is a lot of work that goes into this)... at least I can enjoy them through your pics
  3. Yes... thank you Eileen for leaving this post over here. I am like Mary... totally disappointed that the thread was 'pulled' from the other rescue board. I would think this is the exact situation that reliable rescuers need to keep each aware of. Shame on them!
  4. Great info Sue! Thanks! We might have to change plans from camping and try to find a dog friendly motel/hotel close by. I've emailed to see if there is a recommended accommodations list. I do hope to see you there!
  5. This looks like a wonderful place to break-in my new husband to the world of trials! He's already rescued and has his own BC, and we're wanting to attend for the enjoyment of watching. One day, we hope to find a beginner's clinic... but until then, this is great and it's so close by! It's been years since I've attended a trial (spectator!) and I know I'd enjoy attending this. I've e-mailed for more info - but was wondering if there are camping facilities close by. Any info would be appreciated!
  6. Darn! This is the weekend we head to the beach or I'd love to introduce Husband to Be to the wonderful world of trialing... as specators of course! Maybe another one will come up close and we can get there and meet some of you all!
  7. Thanks Penny and Sue! I appreciate the time spent providing information! I've got a feeling we'll see you, Sue! Hopefully soon!
  8. Do most Clinics/Trials allow spectators? We wouldn't mind supporting the event with admission fees either. I'm sure it takes $$$ to put on an event and would be more than glad to chip in. I'm wanting to introduce my 'soon to be husband' to the wonderful world of herding trials and clinics as a spectator first to see what they are all about. Or.. a beginners clinic if they don't mind taking an inexperienced pup and handler. Besides... what better way to spend a weekend getaway than with great people, amazing dogs and beautiful photo opportunities? Thanks for any help! We'll keep watching here... but wondered if we should also be exploring other opportunities.
  9. I LOVE seeing these pics! I remember the first time we put one of our BCs in a round pen and she saw sheep! It was a wonderful sight! I'm hoping that we can do another one to introduce Loch and see what he thinks about it. My soon to be husband has been baptized into the world of BCs and has fallen in love. I'd love to take him on a beginners weekend somewhere!
  10. WOW! This never crossed my mind! Thank you for enlightening me about the stick throwing! I'm sitting here thinking how many times I put my Katie in danger - she LOVED sticks! Thank goodness she was never hurt. This will keep me from making that mistake with any future dogs I have. (I say future because Shy is just too darn prissy to 'fetch' anything! ) Thanks again!
  11. Hi Libby... Just read about your girl. How scary and upsetting that must have been for you! Heck.. I know how I panicked when mine made it thru our gate when we were moving into our new house and wandered the neighborhood for an hour. :eek: I can't imagine 2 days and to have her injured as well. Please keep us posted on her well-being. What did your trip to the vet uncover? I hoping she is continuing to progress well.
  12. Thanks so much for posting these! It is poetry in motion to watch these wonderful dogs working with their instinct. I never get tired of seeing pictures of dogs working. Great pics! Thanks again!
  13. I'm so glad the news was good!
  14. Where in WV am I?? I'm in Charleston! And if Sue's anywhere in North Central/WV.. I've worked in Clarksburg/Bridgeport and travel back and forth for business and friends! I'd love to see Karen, Tom and all the BCs! I'm getting that 'add another BC to the pack' itch since my daughter took Maggie (One of Karen Lacy's) when she moved! I've been lurking on the rescue boards... God help me!!
  15. I was thrilled to see the Lacy's on here. The original home of our wonderful Maggie Mae BC! My daughter's dog - and she had the nerve to take her with her when she graduated from college! I may keep my eyes opened for next year and go as a spectator!!
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