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  1. She is about 29 pounds. She is on 300 mg a day.
  2. No change with Doxy on board :-( Will keep hoping...but I am thinking that isn't it :-( Loretta
  3. We started her on Doxy this morning.....hopefully it works! THanks everyone! Loretta
  4. For those of you who put your dogs on Doxy...how long did it take before you saw a difference in the dogs symptoms?
  5. Thanks everyone, No blisters or cracks in her feet I wish that was the case though! I will have them x-ray her feet to check for things...someone also privately mentioned ultrasounding... I was thinking of putting her on doxy as well as a "check"..will call my vet about that Monday for sure! Thanks and keep the ideas coming! Loretta
  6. Hello there everyone, I am at my wits end on this situation and I am hoping someone can shed some light... I have a 30 pound, 18" BC female. She came up lame on the front end at about 10 months....and we have been trying to figure this out. The lameness switches sides, always on the front, but sometimes left and sometimes right. She has been x-rayed for OCD by a specialist and there are no issues at all, joints are perfectly clean. No muscle issues as far as torn or tight muscles. She did have a torn tricep but that has been rehabbed and has not been reinjured. One pers
  7. Gotcha... Just asking as my dogs are my stockdogs and also run agility... I am grateful that I had someone that was willing to sell me a working bred Border Collie. I couldn't imagine working any other kind of dog and if I ever had to sell my sheep or never stepped foot onto a trial field/farm situation again, I would still not want to train any other kind of dog. I would rather get a spayed/neutered working bred dog than an intact sport bred dog anyday Thanks for the explaination, Loretta
  8. What exactly do you mean by "shutting the door"? Not selling to sport people at all? Only selling on spay/neuter contracts? Not trying to be smart, just asking a question...
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