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  1. Yes, I'm going to keep him until he has a good home. There is no way I'm going to dump him anywhere. He is too good of a dog to dump off. Thanks for your concern.
  2. Hello, I need to find a good home for my BC. I know - please spare me the hate messages and the lectures. I could give you a sob about why but the bottom line is this, my BC needs a good home. I don't give him the attention he needs and I know he needs a good home where he will get lots of attention. My wife and I are gone all day and well, he looks sad to me. I live near Denver and he has all his shots and a locator chip and is in good health. If any of you are from Colorado and would love to have this black and white BC, about 35 lbs - probably mixed with a tiny bit of c
  3. Ok, here?s my 2 cents as unpopular as it will be. Simple. Don?t let your dog off the lease!! I am a proponent that dogs should always be on a leash in public. Why? It?s a danger to them, others, and other dogs if they are loose. Dogs can be unpredictable. I was walking my dog on a leash, with my wife and 8 month old. Yeah, someone with a loose dog and guess what. He ran away from the owner and attacked my dog. 1 foot away from my 8 month old all hell broke out.. I grabbed this stick and fended off the other dog that was easily 70lbs. I can only think about what would have happe
  4. Ok, so my first answer is EVERYWHERE. From Denver you can see mountains. Just West of Denver is endless beauty. I love the winter, it's just wonderful. We moved here 4 years ago from Texas and never look back. Just about 100% of the places require a leash, so if you're expecting free roam, I wouldn't coun't on it. There is wildlife everywhere, most trails require dog's on a leash and you WILL get a ticket if a ranger finds you with a loose dog. It's detrimental to the wildlife to have a loose dog and they take it seriously. No joke I have seen the following hiking: moose
  5. Ouch. I don't think it's that easy. At this point, this could turn into an ugly, semi-philosophical "are humans worth more than other living things?" discussion.To me, they are not. Who is most important to someone depends, in my personal opinion, not on species but only on the "bond" described by SoloRiver. I think this story is heartbreaking, and I wish so much that I could help somehow, but I can't . I can only do what someone else has already done, and wish you peace of mind. It's not easy and it is heartbreaking.
  6. THAT DOG BITES! - That's what my Dad used to say.I know, I know, lots of you will say he's trainable, I disagree. I love dogs, period. I had a dog that bit someone - for no reason and it was intentional - it's dangerous to people and a liability. The dog has to go, and you can sleep good at night afterwards knowing he won't bite or harm a child.
  7. I've read many BCs take to a frisbee right away. My Buddy just sits and watches me. Anyone have experience with teaching frisbee catching?
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