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  1. Congratulations . My boy still cannot jump anything over 11" without crashing so i am very proud of you.
  2. Nothing to worry about, my older X breed gets calouses on her elbows during the warmer months from sleeping out on the concrete paths, they always heal up in winter because it is too cold outside .
  3. Re: AKC Flyball It has been rumored here in Australia for years that the AKC are going to be taking over our Flyball, the day that happens is the day i retire my dogs . But as of yet nothing has been set in concrete and hoepfully us Flyballers will have some say in the matter. Geez at 3" jumps Elvis would fly, and clover dog would love that now that she is older. But how boring to watch .
  4. I had a simalar problem with one of my dogs at Flyball, if she saw my Mum outside of the ring she would be off to say hi . We worked on having my Mum closer to the ring until the dog could run with her in sight. I am glad to hear Oreo is improving though, keep up the good work.
  5. Having just gotton started in herding i ahve found most working folk to be wonderful. My boy was given to me by a working family as a sporting dog and they were happy enough that he was going to a home where he would be kept busy. As for working bred dogs in sporting homes maybe not being suitable i have seen it myself, sometimes the dogs are considered too "agressive" and the handlers have little to no control .
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