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  1. She is doing great, thanks for asking. I hope Michelle would post some pics soon. Boyden and the cats are also fine. There is just one problem with one of the cats (Punkin). He is about 6 yr old and has always been potty trained, but he seems to be loosing his toilet etiquette of late and we can't understand why this is happening now.
  2. Aussiered, Well the emergency vet told us that it is 'definitely rat poison and yes Fynne was sent home with K tablets. She continues to do well and so far there doesn't seem to be any further problems. Dixie, I guess the response to poison differs also with the brand of poison as well as the amount. I can't help but compare poison bait with landmines used by humans which have already been banned. Both types of 'baits' often end up with the wrong target with catastrophic consequences.
  3. She is doing very well!! According to Michelle, she is back to normal 'as if nothing happened', munching her food as normal and eager to be active. But no hard activities allowed for now. We'll keep an eye on any lasting effects. She had such a close brush with death and according to the emergency vets, they weren't confident that she would pull through at the time of the crisis. Thanks for everyone for their concerns and for the valued information.
  4. Terribly sorry to hear of your loss. Michelle had Fynne on the phone earlier for me and she sorta barked in a faint way. I think she is on the mend, thank God for that. This has been a hard lesson. Will make sure that such poisonous stuff is not used where she is. Boyden and the cats are doing well. But the vet recommended giving them vitamin K as well just in case.
  5. Yes your description fits with what happened to Fynne. They gave her vitamin K, but they also had to do some emergency work with tubes for breathing etc. I think she was very close to death last night and we may well have lost her had it not been for Michelle speeding to the emergency. I was surprised that the day time clinic where she checked in the day before didn't identify the problem. We lost valuable time then. May be she didn't show visible signs. I don't know. I hope Michelle would post here later as she is not online right now.
  6. Hi everyone, We've had a serious problem with our Fynne recently. She fell ill last Thursday, not being able to eat, being weak and inactive, irregular heart beat, etc. Michelle took her to the vet the next day and they did some blood tests and found elevated white cells count. It was thought then that she is fighting an intestinal bug and was sent home to rest. She continued to get worse and last night Michelle rushed her to the emergency. She had serious trouble breathing with swollen throat and was close to death! The emergency people did so well (and charged a lot of course!). They identified the problem to be rat poisoning. It seems that Michelle's dad has the stuff in some corners in the garage. This morning, she seems to be better and is breathing on her own and has been able to eat a bit. Apparently she seems to have suffered from internal bleeding and continued to be very weak as she hasn't been able to eat much since the incident. She should be home later tonight. So I wonder if you guys have any experience with rat poisoning? Does itt cause any permanent damage?
  7. The name of the cartoonist is actually given in the image (Rich Tennant). Although I have to say the post doesn't properly credit him or his publication. He is more famous for cartoons in computer mags. If you ever bought one of those 'for Dummies' books, he is the cartoonist!
  8. We used to have the same problem with our Fynne. Last time I washed her, I had to lift her up gently and put her in the tub. Then gradually hose her feet and working upwards. She was rather nervous but patient. Rather like a little kid clinging nervously to daddy!
  9. Smilieyzookie, My wife is in a terrible state right now and is crying her heart out saying I want my baby back and why is she doing that to us. She refused to visit this thread because of the hurtful remarks. Debbie's post implied that we have mishandled Fynne. The robot remark is most hurtful. I am trying desperately to dig out video clips to show otherwise.
  10. You can get into personal things if you are interested in throwing flamers. The subject is Fynne and what to do about her and not our personal lives.
  11. I take it that the answer to my other two questions is no. I rest my case.
  12. Based on what? Have you actually met any of the parties involved? Have you observed their dog handling skills? regards, Mr Tiki
  13. Sara, My wife and I are getting a divorce. So I would appreciate a little consideration. We gave up Fynne because of potential problems in me caring for her on my own in future. But now we realize that Boyden misses his playing partner very much and that its possible for my wife to keep her in the new location and for me to pay for Fynne. It only costs about $50 a month to maintain a dog. So we are hoping that Debbie, being the new owner, would consider our request to have her back. That's all there is to it. regards, Mr Tiki
  14. Hi guys! Good news! Hubby and I have both felt terrible ever since we dropped Fynne off so we are going to bring her home! We have been talking about this for days and trying to come up with some workable solution. Hubby is going to provide me with "doggy support" until she gets old and passes on so that I can afford to keep her with me and Boy. He'll pay for a fence so that she has a fenced in yard and he will pay for kenneling if I have to board her overnight for any reason and of course he'll pay for her food and vet bills and stuff like that. Hubby is also more than welcome to visit her and Boy of course whenever he wants to, and I'll send pictures and videos and keep him updated. He loves the dogs just as much as I do, and Fynne is most definately daddy's little girl! I can't fit two big dogs and a cat in the car all the way to Michigan so he will take his other week off from work and we will go up together. This arrangement will make both of us feel a whole lot better and Boy and Fynne will remain best buddies. I've been reminded these past several days why we got him a playmate in the first place. The two of them are perfect for eachother. I really couldn't have picked a better match for him if I tried. It sure has been a tough week but I am so thankful that we have come up with a solution that makes all of us happy! I just wanted to let you know, and thank you all for being there! My Finnie-Winnie will be home soon! Miz
  15. Thank you for the update! I was getting worried. How about you and her? Is she more more comfortable with you now? Is her wariness completely gone now? Is she playing with you or loving on you or anything like that? Boy and Fynne had a "breakthrough" after 6 1/2 weeks and in that instant they were completely fine together and played and all was well. It was a huge turnaround. That happened while I had her on the leash. She raked the top of my foot and pulled the leash out of my hand. The two of them ran and ran and ran and I watched her posture change from being aggressive to just running and enjoying it. They finally ran out of breath and stood there facing eachother and panting. There were no problems from that moment on. Boy corrected her snarkiness a few times over the next week or two until she submitted, then he let her up and she showed him respect and then they acted like nothing happened. It was really quite awesome to watch. If for any reason you don't think she will work out for you then let us know. We will move heaven and earth to make sure she's taken care of. I bet you my husband would buy me a house so that I could keep her if it was that or putting her down. Please let me know how she is doing with you so that I can hopefully put my mind at ease. And thanks again for everything Debbie!! Miz
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