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  1. Regarding Missy's pedigree, I got to looking at it this morning, and there was a heck of a lot of inbreeding going on. Based on the AIBC numbers alone, there are at least 2 brother/sister matings (Jem/Jackie, Billie/Bright Eyes). First, Jem/Jackie produced Rock, Billie and Bright Eyes. Then two of these inbred puppies, Billie and Bright Eyes were bred to each other to produce Babe. Then Babe was bred back to her parents' sibling Rock. With this degree of inbreeding, no wonder Missy has some hip soreness! I'm so glad that her temperament turned out nice though--you got very lucky.
  2. Smokjbc, I'm glad for your reassurance that there are still some pedigrees of EITHER type of BC that are not closely inbred or linebred. Thanks for looking for Wisp. I had read somewhere (one of the major sites like USBCC or ABCA or whatever) that "virtually" every Border Collie in American had both Wisp and Wiston Cap in the pedigree if you looked back far enough. I do not have a pedigree for my rescue puppy (from working lines), so I can't look him up. My show dog goes back to Blwch Taff, but I only have a bit of his pedigree filled in past the fourth generation. Blwch Taff go
  3. Hi, Eileen wrote: >>Perhaps it would help if you posted a list of the top trial winners of the 60's-80's who sired 500+ puppies -- if that was indeed "typical," it should be easy to compile quite a long list. ...in the whole history of the ISDS only 15 dogs have sired more than 500 pups. I said just that: it was typical for BIG trial winners (like the International). When you consider that half of the winners are likely to be female, those fifteen dogs you mention are probably exactly the ones I'm talking about: dogs like Wisp and Blwch Taff who are in just about everybody
  4. Rebecca, I definitely agree with your statement, particularly because you qualified it with "a lot"! In my own experience with Border Collies, I see waaaaaay more inbreeding and linebreeding (in a good way) with current herding lines than with conformation lines. My conformation BC is typical for current show dogs in that he does not have a single "doubled-up" name in a six generation pedigree. And yet, he is a total clone of his Australian-bred parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. The conformation dogs today tend to be "cookie cutters" as far as looks go. What I'm
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