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  1. Erik, I think you have really gone out of your way to work on the barking. So I'm going to suggest a controversial possiblity that I'm sure will get a lot of hate mail. Therefore, note that I have not been to the Boards for over a month until today, and do not plan to come back for another month or two after posting. I have been training and competing for 27 or so years now, and I had a dog that sounds like yours. He was an Aust. Cattle Dog who was highly aroused at all times. He barked absolutely non-stop whenever I was around him, though I was well-versed at removing attention, p
  2. Be sure to contact the local humane societies, animal control and animal shelters to let them know you have her. This is where the owner is likely to look first... rather than in the newspaper. When I find a dog like this, I take photos with me and leave them with the humane societies. I really don't see a problem with "fake" owners coming forward to get the dog. In our area, we have a 60-70% euthanasia rate for dogs at shelters. I think chances are slim that somebody would go to animal control just on the off chance that they might be able to get a free mixed breed dog by claiming it
  3. Hi, I'm not sure what the town is like where you'll go to school, but what about buying a house? I stupidly lived in apartments for the first 17 years of my adult life, simply because I didn't know how easy/cheap it was to buy a house (at least in medium sized cities in the Midwest). Even after leaving my prof. career to go to grad school, I moved my two very active dogs into a 5th-floor walkup apartment. I was under the impression I would need $20k+ saved before I would qualify for a loan. Now that I am a home owner, I have HUGE regrets of all the money I wasted on apartments.
  4. Hi Kirsty, I'm in the U.S. now, but lived in the UK from 1999-2001. While there, I volunteered as the Area Coordinator for Pets as Therapy (Beds/Bucks) and also competed in Obedience and Working Trials with my JRT. Welcome to the boards! Where are you in the UK? Columbia, MO
  5. To throw in another wrench... My JRT that had the ACL tear was neutered at 5 years old and has OFA Excellent hips, OFA Normal patellas, OFA thyroid normal. He had his ACL tear at 9 years of age, got it repaired, and has beaten the odds by being almost 12 and not having had the other one tear. My BC is 4 1/2 years old, was neutered at 3 years and has not had any ortho injuries despite competing at advanced levels a variety of sports AND playing t-ball twice a day AND being on medication for hypothyroidism! BlackWatch, as you can see, I am also not a fan of early spay/neuter. I got
  6. I agree with Pat. I used to harness my JRT puppy to my 55# Australian Cattle Dog. The puppy very quickly learned to come back when I called the ACD, and I could remove the tether after the first few times. One thing I ended up doing later with my JRT was harnessing him to a soccer ball and having him drag it when we went to unfenced areas. He could gallop slowly while pulling it, but it would quickly tangle around a tree if he tried to bolt after the wildlife. The bad part is that he would occasionally trip up a person walking in the park... usually ME! Columbia, MO
  7. Hi Whinny, The general rule of thumb is that most "average sized" breeds will double in weight from whatever they weighed at 16 weeks of age. Another good rule of thumb for a BC is that an adult BC should weigh approximately twice their height at the shoulders. Heightwise, with my two BCs, I found that they reached their adult height around 10-11 months. This varies by breed. My JRT only grew 1/2" after I got him at 13 weeks of age. Columbia, MO
  8. Starbuck, I have seen a lot of these types of injuries, though they're found in all breeds--not just BCs. You might notice them more in BCs because they are found more often at the top levels of performance sports. However, my JRT had a cruciate ligament tear when he was VERY lightly bumped into by my BC in the front yard. I think the difference you're seeing is not so much breed related as it is due to factors that weren't around in the past: 1) More slippery flooring, such as Pergo, tile, etc. I've heard of at least two dogs that have torn ACLs just walking across Pergo floo
  9. Hey, That brings up a related point. The split faces that I've seen with blue eyes, always have the blue eye on the "colored" side, and not on the "white" side of the face. I just went to the Border Collie Museum to look at their photos. Of the split faced dogs that have just ONE blue eye, it looks like the ones with that eye on the "colored" side outweigh the ones with the blue eye on the "white" side by about 2:1. Columbia, MO
  10. Hi there, I wouldn't be too concerned about your dog's fear of a frisbee. I think this is common for many BCs that have not experienced a lot of toy play as puppies. After all, the breed is hard wired to be sensitive and responsive to a shepherd raising a crook from 200+ yards away. So it's not unusual for them to duck and run if something is thrown in their direction. To teach your dog to love toys, check out this article: Creating a Motivating Toy . Another thing I would recommend if you haven't done it already is to start with a fabric frisbee rather than a hard plastic one
  11. Echo, There could be lots of reasons for the timing of the growling. Two based on coincidence: 1) Mikey had investigated the puppy and was just beginning his "usual" growling and Lucy arrived by coincidence. 2) The puppy might have started acting up (rowdy, putting paws up on Mikey, etc.) and causing Mikey to grown at the same time Lucy coincidentally arrived. Two more that have to do with Lucy: 1) If both males are intact, Mikey might have growled to keep another male away from his potential sex object. For example, seven month old intact male puppies have 7x the testost
  12. Hi all, I've always wondered this too! To add to the conversation... My youngest BC is a split face with the white side on the right. His great-grandfather looked exactly like him except that his left eye was blue. So both these dogs match the hypothesis of "most blue eyes on the left," "most split faces on the right." Columbia, MO
  13. Hi Sarah, I would flat out NOT expose her to the kind of dogs that aggravate her. I'm glad somebody recommended Clothier's great article (see link above), because that article promotes protecting your dog from these kinds of rambunctious "friendly but in your face" dogs. Puppies and dogs that growl when dogs run up at them are 100% within their rights--they are growling because they are rightfully afraid. However, it is up to you to not allow things to get to that point... Up until 8 years ago, I used to take my dogs to dog parks and doggy daycare daily. My 14 lb. JRT was subjected
  14. Hi Shelb's mum, I've been a clicker trainer for 11 years so far, and I think this particular trick is in the top 5% of hard tricks to teach. I would not try to teach this with your puppy until you have mastered many other behaviors first. So don't feel bad that it hasn't worked out yet! Shelby needs to become "clicker savvy" before doing hard tricks like this. A clicker savvy dog will begin offering behaviors like crazy the second it becomes apparent that you are working on a new behavior. Many dogs know what a clicker is, enjoy learning new stuff, etc. after just a couple day
  15. Hi there, I can't answer about AIBC. I have wondered about this myself. A dog with an "ABC" registration number is registered with the "American Border Collie Association," (ABCA) whose website you already visited. The ABCA uses the prefix "ABC" for the registration number. Old timers in my area call the "ABCA" organization the "ABC," too. You didn't mention NASDS, which is the "North American Sheep Dog Society." This is another older BC registry like AIBC. Many people do not realize that NASDS is still around. The former record keeper got way behind processing registrations,
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