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  1. Did you know you've got something stuck in your teeth?
  2. Jack is clipped a couple of times a year - beginning of Spring and mid/late Summer. It's hot here for 9-10 months of the year. It grows back as per usual. His fur has always been "woolly" (i.e. has a distinct curl to it)...rather than slick and smooth....so he constantly looks like he's been fluffed and dried. The clipping is a two-fold exercise...one for heat (he's WAY more active and doesn't pant all day when he's clipped)....and secondly because the area is known for ticks. Finding them on a rough coated dog is very difficult....so we clip him to make the daily checks easier. I'd rather have him looking somewhat bizarre ("bat" ears and a skinny little tail) over the hotter months than not have him.
  3. I think that everyone on these boards is somewhat "obsessive" about their dogs. After all, none of us would join/participate in such a forum (which is effectively a use of our "spare" time) if we weren't. Our best mates, surrogate or additional children, soul mates, life partners...call them what you will - our dogs - I would imagine.....are better cared for than many other pets...or people, for that matter. Statistically, I'd imagine that folks here would have visited the vets for "minor" complaints that other pet owners would not have bothered with....so I think there's a little Munchausen's (or at least a genuine sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of our dogs) in all of us.
  4. Yep...you feel nervous before...and terrible after the surgery...because your "kids" are not themselves for the first day or so. Then..as others have mentioned...they'll want to play...and you've got to keep them quiet for around 10 days. With BC's....this is as easy as filling a swimming pool with an eye dropper. RE: the dropped testicle...Keg (BC/Lab mix) only had one that had dropped. The other, the doctor had to search for (he had to be cut in 4 different places before they found it). Yes, it was more expensive than a regular neuter, but WAY cheaper than if we had waited until adulthood. Essentially, muscle development, size/weight etc. all contribute to making the surgery far more difficult/involved as the dog ages...so it's better to pay $150 bucks now, rather than $1500 later. Further to this, the chances of a dog with a non-descended testicle (and not neutered) developing testicular cancer are quite high. I'm sure you'd rather have your boy around for 15 years, rather than having him die, painfully, at a much younger age.
  5. Hi Julie, Your computer platform isn't specified....so I'll point out a tool that is cross-platform. MPEG Streamclip is available here: http://www.squared5.com/ It allows you to extract/convert video files from DVD (and other sources). DVD video is generally stored as a VOB file in the VIDEO TS folder of DVDs. This can be opened/edited in MPEG Streamclip...and exported as an MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format at 320x240 resolution with MP3 audio. Resizing your video to these specifications before uploading will help your clips look better on YouTube. You can use iVideo or Windows MovieMaker to do the same type of job....but the app mentioned is faster. Note that you will also need to download annd install Apple's QuickTime 7 to use MPEG Streamclip. Windows: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/win.html Mac OS X: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/mac.html You'll probably already have V7 if you're running a recent OSX version.
  6. My wife & I lived in Hamburg (in the Schleswig-Holstein "state"/region) for a while...and there are countless restaurants that allow you to take your (well-behaved) dog inside. I think this may be as much to do with the weather as anything - if you left your dog outside while you were having a meal, it'd freeze to death in Winter. There are also loads of parks - all of which had dogs in them - many off-leash. Germany is actually a very green and beautiful place...which doesn't get the tourist kudos that it should (Italy, France, Spain etc. are the tourist meccas). One point to note is that most accomodation in Germany's cities is apartment living...and they are generally small (to make heating bills cheaper). As such, you will need to take your dog(s) outside - regardless of the driving rain/snow and near/sub-zero temperatures.....for daily exercise/toilet breaks. Just something to keep in mind.
  7. I laugh my ass off several times a day at something "the boys" have done. Going to the bathroom alone is now a distant memory. Watching TV now involves a BC shaped blanket. I no longer need to towel my legs dry after showering. Cupboard doors, the toilet seat, drawers and the fridge need to be closed carefully, to avoid jamming a fuzzy head in them. Many, many others....
  8. Exercise, for all dogs, but particularly BC's...needs to be both physical and mental. BC's are very much people driven....and tend to be "creative" (in human-speak, this means destructive) when it comes to alleviating their boredom if left alone (for more than 5 minutes ). As such, if your BC isn't getting the necessary attention, stimulation and exercise, it will turn to trashing the house/yard or "chatting' with other dogs in the neighbourhood.
  9. Interesting...murraya paniculata is commonly known as the "mock orange" in this neck of the woods.
  10. Here's another recipe... http://www.abc.net.au/centralvic/stories/s1455745.htm
  11. I think the true mark of the BC as a breed is that they're never too old to learn new things....and most do what you ask of them straight off the bat...or in the first couple of attempts. This is what gives people the impression that they're "smart"....i.e. they're quick to learn. Beyond this, BC's seem to have an infinite capacity for commands....with many of the folks here having taught their BC a "vocabulary" of tricks that runs into the hundreds. Other breeds - and this is a generalisation - can often be restricted to a dozen or two commands...and then when you teach them something new - it kinda pushes one of the old tricks out the other ear Another factor - without wanting to anthropomorphise BC's - is that they seem to communicate what THEY want better to their owners. This could be my bias (and the general level of obsessiveness about their pets that BC owners seem to share )....but Jack (BC) is far easier to "read" than Keg (Lab/BC cross - mainly Lab) - or more to the point...he just tells me he's feeling off-colour, wants a pat, would like to take a walk, catch the frisbee, I'm not eating THAT! etc. Which leads me to the standout skill of the BC in the dog world. They teach their humans better than any other breed.
  12. We have the same problem with Keg....although "ball" does mean any one of about 20 balls. Essentially, the issue might be one of excitement at playing a game with you....and concentration goes out the door. This happens with Keg all the time....so we need to calm him/slow him down and/or remove the "wrong" balls until he brings us the "right" one. These are identified as the "tennis", "yellow", "soccer" etc. balls....which is reinforced every time he brings us the respective ball/toy. Jack, the BC, understands the distinctions/subtleties between objects when playing "touch the..."...but retrieving is beneath him - especially when he has a perfectly good labrador to do the job
  13. One thing to remember with ANY dog on a leash is that you are cutting out the option of "flight" (as in...run away/escape) in situations where they may be fearful/apprehensive. This can lead to severe aggression as their only option is to "fight". Who they choose to be aggressive to is a bit of a crap shoot.
  14. Yes....going to the loo unaccompanied is a distant memory from another (pre-dog) lifetime. Showering, my wife and I get to do without a dog (although they are in the bathroom at the time), but once you're out, they climb into the shower cubicle to drink the "magic" water off the floor, clean the shower screen and walls...that sort of thing. I suppose it saves us from cleaning it...and come to think of it, there's been no mould.....maybe there's a market for a dog saliva based shower cleanser? .
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