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  1. Thank you so much for all your information. I have had a talk with my parents about how they allow him to get away with that behavior and that I, as the owner, won't put up with it. I mean, he has absolutely no problem obeying me, but yeah, when it's my parents, it's a completely different story. Geez...I feel as though I'm raising kids! And I don't even have any!!
  2. It seems to be only happening when all of us are getting ready to go to sleep, once the lights are out, he's out. We tried to crate train him, but ugh...that was a nightmare. He made it sound as if he was being skinned alive. But he does have his own bed where so he knows that when it IS time to settle, that's where he goes (that is, once he's done being a pycho pup). I've told my parents that when he acts up, DON'T give in to him. He's figured that when he does this, he gets attention. He does take naps during the day, that's another thing, when he does get tired, he drops and he's out. It's like he just goes & goes and finally runs out of gas. With me working during the day, it's hard for me to give him the excersise he needs, so my Mom does what she can. But she's a push-over. If he's in his kennel outside and starts barking, she lets him out. And I've told her & my dad, that they can't do that. That gives Socks all the power over them. I absolutely REFUSE to give up on him, I know he's just a puppy, I just wish they would realize it.
  3. Kerry, I've had Socks about 4 months now, and not knowing what kind of life he had before I got him makes it difficult. He's just completed basic obedience with flying colors. He gets plenty of excersise during the day; playing games, chewing on his Kong toy and anything else to keep him from getting bored. He goes for an hour walk in the morning and an hour - 2 hour walk at night (hoping he'll get tired enough to sleep) And training, that's an everyday thing for him. I don't want a BC that has gone through school to not act like it. I do have a clicker and I'm going to start using that more frequently that I have. Thank you for any advise you can offer.
  4. I need help!!! I have an 8-9 month old BC that I rescued from the pound. He's wonderful during the day, but at night seems to go absolutely crazy; running, barking and just causing trouble in the house. My parents are at their wits-end and have told me to either figure out how to calm him at night (without giving him calming pills) or I have to find him a new home. I'm willing to try ANYTHING so I don't have to get rid of him. He's a wonderful dog, but I need some help!!
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