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  1. Hey Ironhorse, guess you can put back Miss Dolly's history. I think we ought to try and get Shere on this board, what do you think? Seems like you all want to "extinquish" her!!!! Probably has too much class to come on board.Shewster
  2. J.Williams, I bet Ironhorse and Shere of WWW.AWESOME.BORDERCOLLIES.COM appreciated that factual information!!!!!!!
  3. Who spoke up for Nancy, can't she speak for herself? I see that message came from "HER". Thank You, Kristen. Your message was the most intelligent one I've seen on here. I appreciate the support and admire your diplomacy. Shewster.
  4. Christine, thank you for bringing this topic of frozen sperm to our attention. Now what about irresponsibility gang? I suppose you are going to blame the BYB for this, too!! Shewster.
  5. Nancy, by the way, you better watch your mouth, slander is certainly not something I will accept, nor will my attorney! Shewster.
  6. First, I don't respond to those who can't spell and never will. Secondly, nothing discourages me, and third I'm LOL. Thank you for the insight to the wonderment of this Board. Shewster.
  7. Is there any other bashing out there before I reply, I mean, let's hear it. That's what you love to do, isn't it? See your name in print and try to show how "intelligent" you are. I'm sure we are entertaining a lot of people out there. Sometimes it gets past the point of teaching, more like slashing back at one another, how pathetic. I don't believe we should be doing this at all. For example, what you did to Ironhorse was unconscienable. Some of you should be ashamed of yourself. Enough said for now. Shewster.
  8. Rebecca. I didn't mean you specifically. Shewster.
  9. Thanks Rebecca for the welcome! Sure, you're NOT INTO BASHING?!!!!!! What gives you the right to judge everyone else. Who in the heck do you think you are; the BORDER COLLIE POLICE? Everyone has a right to their own opinion, this is a FREE country! JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED. Get real folks! I may be new to this board but I'm not stupid!
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Shewster, and like some of you, I too am from the state of Missouri. I have been lurking for some time now, and have found your comments quite interesting as well as informative. The name of my small Kennel is HyKlas Border Collies, and, of course, like the rest of you, I am greatly concerned about the quality of all Breeders and Owners. Nevertheless, I find this to be quite an interesting discussion and I look forward to reading more of your comments.
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