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  1. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in Him might be saved." Merry Christmas to all! People and dogs everywhere. And I am grateful things went well, Sandra, and for everyone else, I hope. Love.
  2. ladylupin--I agree with you! He is one of the best. ^^; marm--I like your name mostly because that's a term they use in the Redwall series. Kat's Dogs--That's my mom's doggie. ^^ prosperia--Probably. Sorta like that...a small mustache and squarish goatie combination...like Chris from NSYNC used to have about 5 years ago. Yes, I'm pathetic....XD
  3. Congrats! I have a Bachelor's in English, actually, and work at Wendy's. I'm looking into going back for a Master's in English (technical writing, probably). Technical, or maybe even editing, I've heard there are chances in. With some or most other writing areas--you better have a job to get food on the table and do the writing in your spare time, until that writing becomes self-supporting. Good luck. And hey, my minor will be Bio!
  4. God bless everyone and every dog who does their best. Good luck with the calendar, and hugs for Shemp. (Tomatoes, huh? Our Bute likes blueberries. )
  5. Yes, it is... And yes, I thought it was Fu Shu Man, like the fushuman beard...or however that's spelled...
  6. Well, originally my screenname here was Equus Rayburn. The last part is obvious. The first part is still in my signature, but I changed my display name so that it looked less...um, odd...I only used Rayburn originally because Sue and Lisa were already on here. Equus I never used until about a year and a half ago, when I was joining an online site. I wasn't able to use any of my normal choices, because I was on sabbatical from writing stories. So I chose Equus, the name of the horse, zebra, etc. genus (I think it's genus). I've known that word and equine for awhile, due to being in not only a dog-loving but an animal-loving family. My mom, sister, and I were the "horsey" ones earlier in my life, in my perception. And Equus I think is actually the name of a magazine my mom used to get. It also is part of an anecdote of my sister's from school years ago...which is maybe where I best learned that word and it's meaning.... I hope you enjoyed that really long explanation. XD
  7. While BCs were developed as a herding breed, some BCs have less (as already stated) or even no herding drive. I agree with working with rescue or with a responsible owner who will evaluate their puppies so they have at least a better idea of what the dog will grow up like. Some dogs don't even need to have their herding drive "redirected" because they don't have it. Don't confuse herding behaviors, also, with puppy play that can be worked on (as also already stated).
  8. I saw that movie with my friends, and I enjoyed it. Hammy is crazy but so lovable...a Border Collie on caffeine. And I also enjoyed the "tough watchdog" Rottie that only wanted to play.
  9. You should ask my mom or sister if you want more info from the Rayburn clan. However, I can say that in our household, the dogs are almost always able to be with each other. Celt and Megan are friends, and they interact with Mac. They are also attached to us, their humans. Sometimes, when we're walking or playing ball with them, one or the other gets focused on wanting to wrestle with or bother the other dog. They do follow each other, and this includes listening to the commands for the other dog. I think they were trained one at a time or together "syncronized", so the "independent movement" is being taught later. However, I don't think there's anything wrong with the dogs playing with each other. This way they can entertain each other as well as themselves when we are gone, except the few times they're crated. I think it is worth it, even if they could maybe use a little more training for some things. ^/^ Good luck figuring out what works for you.
  10. Our BC's look lean, or skinny, when dry. They look like drowned rats when they're wet! Part of their size is their fur. BC's are like that...but I second the idea to take him to the vet if you feel you should. Hope all is well!
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