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  1. I've known a few people who faked the service dog thing, it is extremely dishonest. You will survive without the dog.
  2. Hope he's okay. My niece just recently got a piece of memory foam stuck in her ear and it took them a few days to finally get it out.
  3. OMG!! That made me want to scream just reading. I have been through "smaller scale" experiences like this (rescues willing to help, government saying absolutely not) Makes me sick!! I'd like to type a few choice words right now.. Still sending good vibes to all those pups
  4. Miz, just wanted to say stay safe! Since I am up in East TX, I probably will not be affected too much, unless tornados develope. I was in Hurricane claudette while at our beach house on the TX coast -- we got trapped, because they closed the main roads due to flooding, and the ferrys were shut down. Our beach house swayed in the wind like it was standing on tooth pics Scariest thing was watching the balls on the pool table roll from side to side!
  5. Ironhorse, I am so sorry for whatever happened! It must really be shocking. If this is something as serious as abuse/serious neglect, you can report it to your local humane society/animal control, and/or ASPCA. And definatly warn people in your area of this person. *Sigh* Poor dogs.
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