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  1. I thought I subscribed to this thread but after 1 reply I didn't get anymore notices. I was beginning to think Harley was the only feet chasing Border Collie around. Well his 3rd birthday is tomorrow so I will let him do what he pleases for that day but then we need to solve this problem. I have tried stern nos, which he knows well EXCEPT when its something he REALLY wants to do in which case he just fusses back at me. I've tried stopping and / or turning around to which he just runs to the other side and / or barks at me to move again. He only does it when we are outside off of the patio, thank goodness. He has been known to chase my girlfriend's feet inside but he rarely tries that with me and stops with a no when he does. Its like the yard is where he (and me apparently) does what he wants to do. I'm not a fan of hitting pets but I have even tried giving him a swat on his butt but after the first one he just learned to anticipate it and jump out of the way, and of course fuss at me. I'll give the bitter apple and the rattle can a shot, thanks for those suggestions. The feet chasing and jumping up on new people are his only real bad habits, but they are annoying ones. Once again, with the jumping up, he doesn't do it to me so its hard to correct it on those occasions when he is all excited about a new person. Its embarrassing because most people don't like dogs jumping up on them so I have to keep him at bay like he is mean or something. Obviously he knows he shouldn't do those things, he just choses to do them anyway. Honery little guy huh?
  2. Harley is about to turn 3 and one of his more annoying habits is that when outside he chases and bites at my feet. He is just trying to play with me but it gets a little annoying and sometimes painful when I'm barefoot or wearing flip flops. I have scolded him to no end but he just jumps back, barks at me and come right back at my feet. Any suggestions on breaking this? Thanks
  3. If there were odors in the carpet to begin with I would have had a problem before this but it is a valid point. I use a steam vac to clean the carpet after all the messes. The day I started the post I had closed the door to the office for the day and picked up some natures miracle to add to the steam vac. When I got home someone had pooped in the master bedroom. I assume Harley because of the size and quantity. I cleaned all carpets the carpets using natures miracle. For the last 2 days both male dogs have been crated while I'm at work. Maybe a refresher course in crate training will help. Neither one snuck off to poop while we were home. I also need to sound off on the cat deal, this is a sore spot with me at the moment. I have a huge problem with anyone putting their cat out for any period of time. Cats don't stay on your property, they wander. When they wander they become other people's problem. If you own a pet, it should not be anyone else's problem. Among other things cats like to lay on cars. Sunday I found scratches on the hood of our BMW from a cat that had been laying on it. If I find this cat and the person it belongs to they will be responsible for repairing the finish on this car and it will not be cheap. If you own a pet of any kind, make sure it stays on your property. There was a story here not too long ago about a guy that got tired of other people's cats on his property so he started trapping them and releasing them outside the city. While I get his frustration I don't necessarily agree with his methods although it is better than harming them. It is an example of how fed up people can become with other people's pets.
  4. Check www.cabelas.com. They have all kinds of dog/truck accessories.
  5. Hi, its been a long time since I have been on here, many things going on. My Border Collie Harley is now 1 and half years old and my girlfriend recently moved in with her two Westies. I've never had an issue with Harley doing anything in the house. Now that the other two dogs have been added the male Westie is not what I would call 100% potty trained. One of the dogs pooped in my office and now Harley has started doing it. Its not like they aren't getting let out enough, just this morning they were outside, my girlfriend let them in and Harley goes into the office and poops. I haven't been able to catch anyone doing it so I havne't been able to properly scold them. Any suggestions of getting this problem in check? My nose and carpet would be much appreciative.
  6. First off let me say I have a wonderful vet, he really seems to care. He recognizes his patients, pets and kisses on them. I drive quite a ways to go to him. Dogs are a lot like kids. Everything doesn't have to be an issue unless you make it an issue. Harley doesn't like cars, still doesn't. Getting him neutored wasn't an isssue. No complications. When we went back to have his stitches removed he jumped up on the Dr. like he was the kid next door, not the guy who removed his balls a week earlier.
  7. Harley barks at anyone or anything moving behind the house, it gets quite annoying because I do many anything (junebugs, crickets, etc)!. If the doorbell rings he will go to the door but won't bark. I know he would protect me but don't know if he would protect the property if someone came into the yard or house without me there. I went to the side gate one time while he was back there and started banging on it. He didn't come investigate and when I finally peeked around he was just sitting on the patio. He probably knew it was me though.
  8. Harley destroys his toys. Plays with them for a while then starts tearing them apart.
  9. I did the hardwood floor thing everywhere except the bedrooms. Get yourself a Hoover or Bissel steamvac. You will be amazed at how much even the best vaccum cleaner leaves behind, no matter how much you use it (if I haven't used mine in a while, it looks like mud coming out). Use an enzymatic cleaner like previously suggested for spot stains, but also buy it in the gallon jug and add it to the normal cleaning solution when using the cleaner if you have a dog that isn't potty trained yet. Dog urine can soak through the carpet, pad and into the concrete below so it will take a few uses to get it all out.
  10. Give her time. Harley is pretty much the same way. I wanted him to be a frisbee dog but all he wants to do to the frisbees is chew on them. All he seemed to want to do to balls is take the fuzz off. He would fetch if I wanted him to, like Maggie, but only a few times. He would much prefer I chase him and try to take the ball away. One day though he was carrying his ball around trying to get me to try and take it away from him. When I didn't he got frustrated and just put it in my lap. Since then he has wanted to play fetch more and more. He still isn't one of those dogs who will do it all day, and he still wants to play keep away when he brings it back but I can tell him to bring it here and release and he does.
  11. How funny, I come here to ask about this very topic and find that pretty much every other BC owner is in the same boat as me. Harley's favorite toys are stuffed animals. Some last a few hours before all the stuffing is removed, some only last minutes. He then carries the carcass around for a while and gradually rips it apart and eats it (if I let him). Tennis balls get immediately defuzzed. Frisbees get destroyed chunk by chunk Kongs haven't been destroyed but they usually spend long periods of time lost behind furniture. He has 3, only 1 of which I know its wherabouts. What bothers me about this is he also stripped most of the wiring out of my electric blankeet. He put a hole in my down comfortor (now that was a mess). I replaced the comfortor and just discovered where he has chewed a hole in the corner of it (these things are not cheap). At just shy of 1 year he has gone back to the crate when I am not home or at night. I'm afraid that letting him have toys he can tear up is making him believe he can tear up anything of mine that is somehow stuffed as well. He knows better because he won't let me catch him chewing anything of mine so its hard to discipline him.
  12. At 3 months Harley was just shy of 20 pounds. Now at 9 months he is 46.5 as of Tuesday.
  13. I have started click training my 11 week old BC puppy Harley. Unfortunately (maybe I did it wrong) he learned almost immediately that click means treat so now when I pull out the clicker (he knows it by sight and usually seems to remember where I put it) he just thoroughly searches me for treats and then goes about his business when he can't find them or digs in my pocket when he does. He is smart but hard headed so I have taken a break and just re-inforced the commands he has already learned (sit, down, shake). When he it takes a lot of coaxing to get him to do anything, which I allow him and usually use to my advantage to go into my office and get some things done. When he is awake all he wants to do is play and goes 90 MPH and its hard to keep him concentrated on any one thing. He is young though.
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