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  1. I thought I subscribed to this thread but after 1 reply I didn't get anymore notices. I was beginning to think Harley was the only feet chasing Border Collie around. Well his 3rd birthday is tomorrow so I will let him do what he pleases for that day but then we need to solve this problem. I have tried stern nos, which he knows well EXCEPT when its something he REALLY wants to do in which case he just fusses back at me. I've tried stopping and / or turning around to which he just runs to the other side and / or barks at me to move again. He only does it when we are outside off of the p
  2. Harley is about to turn 3 and one of his more annoying habits is that when outside he chases and bites at my feet. He is just trying to play with me but it gets a little annoying and sometimes painful when I'm barefoot or wearing flip flops. I have scolded him to no end but he just jumps back, barks at me and come right back at my feet. Any suggestions on breaking this? Thanks
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