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  1. OK...I just discovered a downside to teaching my BC to drop her tennis balls in a can: when I got out of the shower yesterday morning I discovered that she had dropped a toy in my toilet bowl!! Yuck!! :eek:
  2. Someone had taught me this one a while back, but I had forgotten it, so thanks for the reminder! My lab remembered it immediately, and my new BC caught on right quick. OK...what else ya got??
  3. I LOVE this trick! I've only had my 9 month old BC since last April, so I'm just getting to know her (and her breed). But she is so bright and so attentive I feel positively neglectful if I am not training her to do something. We're still working on the can trick, but in the very first evening of training she learned to right the can and drop one ball in. In later days I taught her to knock over the can, and now we're working on multiple tennis balls. So, what other cute tricks do you suggest? Thanks!!!
  4. I see all this excitement about clicker use and I want to try it with my BC Bailey. I tried it briefly with my lab Emma, but she was terrified of the tiny little click, and even got scared of cheese (the tasty treat I was pairing with the click)...but being a lab, the fear of cheese was short-lived! Any references (preferable online) to remind me how to begin clicker training? Thanks!!
  5. Hi, all! I am brand new to this board, and close to brand new to having a border collie: Bailey is 7 months old and I have had her 1 1/2 months. I am trying to get her started in flyball and am finding her MUCH more interested in watching the other running dogs than any toy or treat I have yet found. I didn't have this issue with my ball-crazy lab, but I am sure other border collies would rather herd than focus on a ball... Any ideas? Thanks!!
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