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  1. Adolph's Instant Meat Tenderizer, or any tenderizer that has Papain as the active ingredient, made into a paste with water and applied quickly to a bee or wasp sting, will neutralize the venom. I learned this in the Emergency Room years ago as I, too, have reactions to the stings. I now keep Adolph's on hand during bee season. Even carry it in my car when we go to the dog park. Hope your puppy feels better soon!
  2. I recently went through something like this with my Border Collie, Beck...but she would shake and pant in my office at various times of the day. After much detective work, it seemed that she had an inner ear infection, and when I would have my computer speakers on, the sounds like an email arriving or an ftp upload finishing would cause pain, which caused the shaking. All I can say is document Kate's behavior and what is happening when she is reacting. You said loud noises bother her, have her ears checked, although Beck's blood work and ears appeared fine in the exams, she did have
  3. I forgot about the yoghurt...sometimes I'll just put some in Beck's food bowl and let her eat as much as she wants. If she looks for more, I'll give her more. Beck likes Kefir, too.
  4. In Arizona, my Beck was also sick early in December, and required antibiotics. Nothing showed up in the blood work or during the exam, other than her neck glands were swollen. A little over a month later, she started showing different symptoms than in December, and we wondered if the infection (or whatever it was) never really cleared up and went to her inner ears. She's on a different type on antibiotic now. Previous to her first round of illness, she had not been around other dogs in quite some time. I read your post and wonder what is going around in the dog community, or are
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