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  1. So far no sign of him today...will get up first thing in the a.m. to look some more. The thing that has me really worried right now is our first really cold spell came through today and that's not good for him. I could just kick myself for not being more careful. We have our routine w/ him being outside and this was just one of those times that I wasn't careful enough...now he's gonna pay for my stupidity.
  2. LOL poor Shelby...she looks pretty shameful to me in that pic!
  3. Thanks for the advice but I'm afraid it may be too late. I've gotten close today but he flew before I could get to him. The woods behind the neighbors houses are pretty dense so I could only get so close. I still have his cage out, but no sign of him returning as of yet. I'm not giving up complete hope yet, but right now I'm just sick to my stomach over this.
  4. Every a.m. I put his cage on the back porch so he can get lots of fresh air (he loves being outside). Yesterday, I changed his food and water and put the dishes back in the cage he was there....about 20 minutes later I walked by his cage and noticed he didn't tweet at me, when I looked he was GONE!!! I found him in a tree next door at my aunt's house and tried to spook him out of the tree hoping he would land in the field somewhere, but he decided to go the other way into the woods. I looked for him all day yesterday, and just got back from looking for him this a.m. I could hear him b
  5. I had/have this problem w/ my Pache. My vet started him on the Amitraz dips and he had severe allergic reactions, so yes in cases like that, it very well could cause death. I sent off for the Ivermectin sensitivity test and it came back negative for the gene, so we started him on the Ivermectin treatments. He cleared up in about 2 1/2 mths and so far he's going on about a year w/ no other flareups. Here's the link to send off to get the test. Washington State University can do the test through the mail. http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/depts-VCPL/test.asp If I remember correctly it was some
  6. My Gracie used to be like this when my cat Boomer was still alive. She refused to touch anything that had the words "dog food" on it. I finally gave up on the dog food and just offered her cat food since that was the only thing she would eat. 6 1/2 yrs. later Boomer passed away then soon after we got Navi and Pache...THEN she started eating dog food. Maybe she is just imitating the cat because that's the animal she lives w/?!?!?! I think that was the case w/ Gracie anyway.
  7. That would be great if it's not too much trouble Zook. I appreciate it.
  8. Here's the scenerio: DH wants to get our boys names tattooed in Japanese on his arm, but neither of us know how to write it out. He's always liked the look of Japanese writing, but does not know how to read the language. I know there are a couple of people here that live in Japan right now, but I'm not sure if your fluent with the language or not. Hopefully one of you will know how to write this out. So could you gals help me out w/ this?? Pretty please!! And as an added bonus to run by DH also, any other of the oriental languages would be fine to throw in here also to give him more c
  9. Not that it's an important issue or anything...more out of curiosity. I could just be over thinking it also but here is the scenario: My dogs want to please me (although they do tend to show their stubborness quite often) most of the time. I'm leader of the pack I guess you could say. And here's the order of the rest of the dogs. Gracie (who is 1/4 of Pache and Navi's size) seems to be leader when it comes to JUST the dogs. Basically what she says goes most of the time. I have seen them both grovel in front of her on occasion. Then Pache, who tends to try and be top dog by ta
  10. Oh I'm sooo glad that my two aren't the only ones that are mischievious . I can think of quite a few things but the one that stands out in my mind so clearly is.... Once upon a time, I didn't believe in crating dogs. (I've learned my lesson, trust me). When Navi and Pache were just a few months old, and still in the "sweet" stage mind you, (or so I thought)...we left for a few hours so I put them both in the kitchen w/ a baby gate up and two chairs in front of the baby gate as added measure that they "surely couln't jump over the chairs yet". Boy was I wrong. I came in the door
  11. OMG Tammy...I had forgotten that was you w/ the cat who chased away the meter man. LOL I nearly died laughing the first time I heard that story...and its still as funny the second time around.
  12. I think the thing that irritates me the most isn't so much people who try to pet my dogs when were out walking (mainly because there aren't that many that we run into on our walks) but when they are in the back yard, they do NOT like anyone coming in the gate unless I escort the person in and let them know it's ok for that person to be there, is when someone comes up to the gate and I point blank tell them "My dogs do not like strangers, please don't try and pet them over the gate and they do it anyway. Case in point...all of this construction that we've been going through...a couple of we
  13. Sometimes, it goes away withing a few months and others it never completely goes away but may shrink after a while. My two still have a teeny tiny sac, but after the hair grows back you can hardly tell it unless your looking for it. Hope this helps!!
  14. Funny that you mention this...My ex next door neighbor used to have a horse that did not tolerate dogs in the least. He was a VERY friendly horse w/ people but his size could be intimidating. She would have to take trips back home which would keep her away for a few days at a time and ask my son and I to feed up for her while she was gone. This horse got so lonesome when she was gone, that he would literally stay on the side of the field where our property bordered hers and keep the dogs company when they were outside. Of course they wanted to herd Buck, and had they been in the field w/ h
  15. Ok lets give credit where credit is due....if there weren't idiots like that, we wouldn't get a good laugh every now and then.
  16. I keep one draped over Navi's crate and it works for him. He doesn't bark, but when he has a bone and Pache "sees" him he goes to growling. He hasn't figured out that as long as he's actually in his crate, Pache can't get his bone. Their crates are within seeing distance of each other right now because of the cramped space we're in until we get the addition finished so theres no separating the crates right now. I think he feels cozy in it w/ the blanket over it because when he's in our room, he prefers to sleep in his crate at night.
  17. I'm glad you brought this up...I've been thinking about getting one myself but didn't know if it would be worth the money. We have 4 badly shedding dogs in this house and have to vacuum everyday just to keep up w/ the dog hair. Not so bad after Navi and Pache shed their coats, but the other two are non stop shedders. Made DH get me one today while he was in Petsmart. I have to say I will be using it quite often to keep up w/ the furballs around here. (Side note: He got the small one instead of the medium, so it takes a little longer but is just right for Gracie and Buster). Thanks f
  18. I guess there's really no particular dog that I wouldn't own, being that all the ones that have been mentioned on the list so far, I have owned at one time or another...chihuahuas, poodles, pekingnese, peekapoos, pugs...the list goes on. This is my first time owning bigger dogs though and I'm really enjoying having them around. I guess if I had to pick some breeds that I definitely wouldn't own it would be pit bulls, dobies and rotties...due to bad experiences in my childhood. Although I do think they are beautiful dogs. Well come to think of it I don't particularly like Boston Terri
  19. Hmmm...I'm not a judge or lawyer or anything close to it, but it sounds like w/ him being in Iraq right now that would give you a better chance of keeping the dogs. As to the monetary value, if thats what he prefers, maybe the judge will come up w/ something reasonable so you can keep them. I'm sorry that your going through this whole mess. Believe it or not, lots of marriages end up in divorce when the military is involved. Luckily my DH was only in reserves (he had already came back from Desert Storm just before we met) and never caused too many problems. Now if he had been on active
  20. Did you ask him what price he is thinking about? Just to kind of give you an idea of how much of a butthole he's going to be when it truly comes down to the money for the dogs.
  21. Gosh it doesn't seem like she is 1 year already. Happy B-Day Brighid!!!
  22. See no evil...Hear no evil...Speak no evil... Yep I'd say that just about sums it up. On the serious side though, I admire anyone who can take on the challenge of not just one but two impaired dogs. Especially w/ different impairments.
  23. Hey Aerie, good to hear from ya again. I'm sorry to hear about your pending divorce...they can be rough alot of times. Hope things start looking up for ya real soon. As far as the dogs go, I don't really know what kind of advice I can give, but I do offer my support and hope you get to keep them. I like the idea of "fair market value" and giving him half though. Are you still in MS or did you go back to Oklahoma yet? How is your family coming along w/ the rebuilding and such?
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