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  1. Don't discount those "little" dogs as good protectors. They can be ferocious when need be. I've got one that has people shaking in their boots by the time I get to the front door. I used to have a PB chihuahua that would send 2 dobies up the road w/o ever knowing what was after them. Little dogs have lots of heart when it comes to being the protector. As far as grieving...yes they grieve. When my cat Boomer died, Gracie grieved forever it seemed like. AFter about 6 mths we got Navi & Pache and she didn't really care for them all that much. It took another good 6 mths for her
  2. A good old fashioned stick. Doesn't cost you a penny. No chance of hurting anything or anyone unless you intend it to. In my experience, most dogs won't come near you because they are afraid, but if you do have the occasional one that tries to be bold...hold it out and just touch the end of their nose w/ it. Lets them know you aren't going to take any nonsense. If you get one that just refuses to play nice you have it for yours and your dogs protection. Just my 2 cents worth. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy your walks w/o any confrontation.
  3. My guess would be that its like humans in alot of ways. Even though we are all different shapes, sizes and colors we still know when we run across another human.
  4. Glad to hear that you've made peace about your decision to keep Recon. Here's well wishes on getting your acceptance letter and getting started soon. Keep in touch and let us know how things are going.
  5. Hi Aerie...its great hearing from you!! Here's a few suggestions off the top of my head, hopefully it will give you something to think about: Not sure how familiar you are w/ the Hattiesburg and surrounding areas. What school will you be attending? If its PRCC-Hattiesburg campus, is it possible to attend the Poplarville campus?!?! (If you just want to be "right there" near the school) If its William Carey or USM try finding a house in Poplarville, Lumberton, Purvis or one of the other smaller towns around there. Lots of space because they aren't too densely poplulated but still within
  6. Well for the first time that I can remember we didn't get any trick or treaters last nite. We really only got a few neighborhood kids to begin w/ in previous years. But last year I had to put the dogs in another room just to make sure they wouldn't freak out at costumes. (They did this one time w/ my son when he made an Indian costume at school around Thanksgiving...he tried it on to show me and Pache went berserk until he realized it was Nolan.) They bolted out the front door when the first T or Ter came by and when the mom backed out of the driveway, they herded the car and wouldn't let
  7. My mom's pug is bad about catching a finger or two when you give him treats too...especially if the other dogs are around at the same time. I hold the treat tightly on one end and approach him from under his chin. If he tries to snatch the treat I hang onto it pretty tight until he eases off then let him have it. I've noticed w/ him though that if you try to give the treat w/ hand above nose is when he does the snapping. It's another one of many ideas anyway.
  8. Poor Happy...I hope she wasn't too disappointed that she didn't get to go get her own candy. Sounds like she really took a liking to this kid.
  9. Well...my two are neutered and it happens when they get overly excited. It scared me to death at first. I thought Navi had strained too hard or something when he peed and it just got stuck (boy did it ever look uncomfortable). I know that sounds silly but...then I remembered that it does happen due to over excited in neutered dogs. Oh another thing...and I asked the question on here and got several responses about the "phantom testicles" or what I would call them now...apparently thats normal too. Here's the link to that discussion if your interested. http://www.bordercollie.org/c
  10. Hey now...I resemble that statement!!! Try having a Chihuahua x Llasa...now thats probably worse, oops I mean better, than a PB. She's ten feet tall and bullet proof and full of heart. She's also uglier than a fart in church. She definitely runs the show at my house. I wouldn't trade her for the world though, she's a very good dog.
  11. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but IMO I would consider myself lucky to even have half of the payment offered to me if I were in your shoes and even then I don't know if I would accept it. Maybe I'm just old school, but I don't think it was any of her responsibility (not saying that legally she isn't) to have to pay your vet bills. Like Linda said, you had Gussy there as a courtesy and to me that's different than if it would have happened to one of the other dogs that are there for doggy daycare. Maybe she didn't have any idea about this dog's aggression towards lil dogs, just like you did
  12. Some of you may remember Hannah, the dog I have had so much trouble w/ coming over fence fighting...well I'm sorry to say that I no longer have to worry about it any longer. She had to be put down yesterday. I thought I hated her, but I'm finding out my feelings were more agitation than hatred because it breaks my heart how she went. My uncle informed my dad that she had heartworms. I know she suffered because just last week she came over and when she turned to go back home she just fell over in the field. Her poor body couldn't even trot very far w/o giving out. I thought that her ar
  13. When I read the first post my heart broke into for you and Maggie. I'm so glad to hear a positive update on your girl and I hope and pray she continues to do well and recover w/ no problems at all. We know when she comes home how spoiled she is going to be, but she deserves every minute of it too.
  14. I've tried just the hosing off and so far it hasn't worked. Its hard to describe how he smells but its not really a "fishy" odor. He needs a full fledged bath...besides he's in and out several times a day. Besides overdrying his skin, it just isn't feasable to give that many baths in one day. I've cut the baths back to once or twice a month now (and just dealing w/ the stench) because most of the grass has grown back in the yard and he isn't getting as muddy as he did when we first started construction on the house.
  15. There ya go!!! Leave her w/ Linda...you know she will be well taken care of.
  16. Here's the deal... I don't want to have to bathe Pache anymore than necessary but he gets in the fish pond and he reeks!! It don't mind him getting in the pond because thats his place to cool off when hes hot, so keeping him out of it isn't really an option. Would it hurt to spray some of the pet odor eliminator directly onto his fur instead of drying his skin out from so many baths to freshen him up? Or is there something made for just such a purpose that isn't just a "perfumie, cover-up and still stink" spray?
  17. Here's another option if it would work...how about taking the money that you would spend on you, DH and Zoe, giving it to your parents to buy a plane ticket to come spend Christmas w/ YOU! Or buying the ticket yourself and sending it to them. They could even bring Oreo along maybe. One Christmas away from their home wouldn't hurt would it?!?! It would even be like a Christmas present from you & DH to them. Just a thought anyway!!
  18. Zookie...I tend to have the same feelings that you when I leave but for different reasons. I do not want to leave my dogs in the care of my parents while I'm gone because well...it just isn't their place to take care of my animals. And the fact that my two will bite if company comes around and I don't want to inconvenience my parents w/ putting them away if they are out. I do not like to crate them for extended long periods of time, but I do realize that there are times that I have to leave them even if I don't want to. When I come home they are just fine so its getting better on my part o
  19. I just gave up on getting the kids names right a long time ago...and I'm only 31. Now they know when they hear #1, #2 or #3 that all 3 should come running to see which one I really need at the moment.
  20. I like the way you said that. The funny thing is she isn't even old (or what I would consider old anyway).
  21. My two LOVE trains...they hear them in the distance and you hear one long woooooooooooo and the other much shorter wooowooowooo howls at the same time. We've taught Navi to yodel on command now and even after knowing what he's doing he seems to surprise himself every now and then.
  22. I'm so sorry that you're not able to go be w/ her right now. Prayers said for a wonderful recovery and longer, happier life for your grand!!
  23. No lie...she's walking from kitchen to living room just a lil while ago and tripped over a 45 lb. black and white "Ox" laying in the middle of the floor. She looked up and said "OMG I don't know how I didn't see him laying there"....gee me either. I asked her how in this world could she not see something that big. Good thing she didn't take a fall...she may have hurt Pache.
  24. Its really bad when you sweep and/or vacuum EVERYDAY at least twice a day and can't tell which is the real dog and which is just furballs. Oh well...sometimes it gives good excuse w/o hurt feelings for people you don't really feel like visiting w/ anyway.
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