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  1. Here's my take on this discussion: I have a sensitive dog who is very fear aggressive when it comes to strangers. He has bitten...luckily it was someone who understood the situation. Before this time, I recognized the actions of Pache and was working w/ him using positive reinforcements, but really getting nowhere fast. Then the incident happened and I KNEW I had to do something different before it happened again or got so out of control that I would have no choice but to PTS. And THAT was NOT an option in my opinion. I had been watching CM for quite some time and enjoyed his shows, bu
  2. Demodex is probably only 1 culprit to the hair falling out if you have been using the Mitaban dips also. I know the first time I dipped Pache, his hair just came out in clumps as I was dipping him. That was the first sign that I needed to really watch that stuff. The next sign was that night when his skin around his neck had swollen to the point of oozing fluid. That's when I called the emergency vet and they recommended the benedryl. After talking to my regular vet about it, we agreed to try one more time w/ the dipping but to dose him w/ the benedryl before dipping. After the 2nd time
  3. Are you sure its demodex? Did your vet do a skin scraping to verify? If so, I'm afraid antibiotics aren't going to cut it. Not to get rid of the mites anyway. You have several options though so don't lose hope. You could try Amitraz dip (which I definitely wouldn't recommend unless there's no other alternative...I went that route first and it definitely wasn't a good outcome), you could try Ivermec (that's what was the best option for us) or you could try the holistic approach (others w/ experience will have to chime in for this approach). When I started Pache on the Amitraz, he had s
  4. Can the BC figure out how to get the toy from his collar behind his head?!?!... Watch this episode of "Life's Been Good to Me So Far" to find out....
  5. Wouldn't matter if he wasn't a border collie....that dog is beautiful!!! Here's to enjoying your new member of your family. Congrats on making him your new best friend!!
  6. Does anyone know anything about Pedigree? So far I haven't seen it on the "Not on Recall" list but don't recall seeing it on the "Recall" list either.
  7. First I will say I know absolutely NOTHING about showing dogs. The way that dog was looking up at her though looked like he didn't have much choice. The distance between her hand and the leash around his neck made it look like he had to heel like that or be choked. (Not saying thats the case...it just looks like it) When I take Navi on walks, if he gets too close to my leg it really bothers me because I do tend to trip over him or have to nudge him over just a bit. I really don't see how she can walk w/ him so close to her side either.
  8. I'm so so so sorry for you and poor Jessie. I wish she would have made it, but if she had to go then at least she went peacefully in her sleep. I know its not much comfort right now, but remember the good times you had w/ her and she will always be with you in your heart.
  9. Oh that just breaks my heart for you. I hope and pray that Jessie makes a full recovery. As for yourself, just think about the positive side of the 50% chance. Prayers do work and from the looks of things you've got plenty going out for you and Jessie. I agree that your dad should get checked out ASAP too. Even the smallest of bites can turn bad in no time if not taken care of.
  10. So glad to hear that Jackson is home safe and sound where he belongs. I know you are definitely relieved Linda. Now go let Calgon take both of you away!!
  11. Prayers said...I too truly hope he comes home safely Linda. I can't even begin to imagine how you feel. When he does come home though make sure to give him lots of hugs!!
  12. Just testing to see if my signature works. Sure was fun to make it!!!
  13. Nik

    Luv the pics of you and Zoe and the kitty. Turned out great. I take it that since you mentioned tripod you took the pics yourself?!?!

  14. I must be asexual because it won't let me set my gender. Anyone else having this problem or is it just a glitch that hasn't been worked out yet? Anyway...no biggie just wondering if it was just me. Now that I'm getting the hang of it, I really like the new setup too. Thanks to the admins. for all of your hard work!! Lots more goodies to play around w/ now.
  15. Since you don't mind....I'll test mine too...haven't had much time to tinker today, so might as well give it a go while I have the chance. edited: Hey... I'm not as computer illiterate as I thought...didn't take me too long to figure it out. hehe
  16. I got up the nerve to walk both Pache and Navi together this a.m. w/o DH. Just me and the doggies. Well, I'm very happy to say that things went VERY, VERY well and now I have two tired furballs. This is the first time since they were just pups that I've walked them together. Once the hormones set in and then the teen stage, Pache would always get snarky w/ Navi when he was on a leash. Finally, things started improving and DH and I could walk side by side w/ one dog each. Although somehow DH has been able to walk both of them together for awhile now. I guess knowing that between
  17. I like the idea of an O/T section myself. The reason is mainly because this is the only board on the internet that I go to on a regular basis, and it's nice to get to know all of you great people "outside" of BC's also. We all have a common interest here already, and many have become extremely close friends outside of the boards also. It would just be nice to have a section where we can discuss other things w/o cluttering up the general board for those who don't really want to have to weed through the O/T's. I agree w/ Eileen about NOT segregating the boards. Too many people would miss ou
  18. I live in a small town where that kind of stuff doesn't really go on. As far as I know anyway. But I don't leave my dogs out (unless its a 5 min. trip to the local store) because of the fear that someone who comes near the gate of the fence will not heed the warning signs that my dogs don't care for strangers. I don't want to put my dogs at risk for being taken away or being put down because of something like that. Well one more reason also....my dad seems to be a bit scatterbrained at times and if I'm not here when they are in the yard, there's a good chance a gate may or may not get clos
  19. Well I'm gonna put my two cents in....EVERYONE that attends HAS to (this is a requirement) bring a camera and take tons of pictures and post for those of us who are really too far away. I've enjoyed the details on the get-togethers in the past but I have to say that not nearly enough pics were posted for us. So pretty please give us lots and lots of pictures!!! Oh, and enjoy the party!!!
  20. Oh no, it's not puppy behavior. Gracie is almost 9 yrs. old compared to Pache who is 2 1/2. She's Lhasa/Chihuahua mix is why she's so much smaller than he. For the most part she's queen bee w/ the exception of Pache's toys he pretty much gives her her way.
  21. Gracie has this annoying thing going on w/ Pache. She gets in his face and licks and licks and licks until she literally has foam on the bottom of her chin. It's not a mild licking either. It's very fast swipes w/ her tongue and if Pache turns his head she just follows his movements and continues. I think it tends to annoy me more than Pache so I am trying to stop this behavior. Although since I've started trying to correct her now, I think Pache has taken cue from me and now he will curl his lip sometimes at her for it. He doesn't growl or snap, just curls his lip. If he sees me w
  22. Hi Claire, No advice to give, just wanted to say Congrats on it being a lil girl!! What names are you leaning towards? I'm sure you, baby, and Bailey will do just fine once you get the hang of things. Life will be crazy for the first bit though w/ a new baby and all. Just hang in there and enjoy her all that you can because they do grow up fast!
  23. I was taking a walk w/ Hubby and dogs a few days ago on our usual route and we passed by a new house that now has a family in it. The family is out doing yardwork w/ an Aussie mix on a chain. DH and Pache are ahead of me and pass by w/ only a little barking from the Aussie mix. I get up there to the house and I hear the lady in the yard yell "Anhhh..don't you do it..." then I see this huge yellow thing (imagine Hooch in slow motion on TV) coming straight for me and Navi. First of all, I had NO idea that there was even a second dog, much less off leash. I asked if he bites and was told no b
  24. One thing you forgot to add on that list....Chocolate Covered Cherries!!! Like eggnog, they only come around this time of year and believe me, I eat at least one box a night. Can't get enough of them!! My mom asked me the other nite if I was gaining weight (which I can definitely stand to add a few more pounds) and I told her probably so w/ all the Cordial Cherries I've been eating lately. I'm just glad my mom and I are the only ones in the house that like them More for us!!!!
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