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  1. So glad to hear that she's home safe and sound again. Now you go get some rest and enjoy having her back. You must be exhausted from worry!!
  2. My DH took the kids to his friends house w/ him earlier today and didn't even get in the door when Peyton (my 5 yr old) got bit by their dog. It took 3 stitches on his upper lip but he will be fine. He was a trooper while having his lip sewn. He gets yummy tasting medicine too. The hard lesson learned is now he KNOWS what I've been trying to teach him is true. You don't reach out to a dog that you just meet. He rushed past my DH when they entered the house to get to the dog and the dog was excited that company was coming in and Peyton startled the dog when he reached out his hand to
  3. I don't know to be honest. The funny thing is, I've always heard "Don't give them socks to play w/ because they won't know the difference between the ones they can have and the ones they can't". When the dryer eats one sock I just tie a knot in it and give it to the dogs. They actually do know the difference because I've never really had trouble w/ them taking socks that don't belong to them. RDM, I like the "its making fun of you" trick the best. Poor Tweed...he just can't catch a break!!
  4. Brenda....I tought Pache something similar. He knows how to shake w/ his left paw and give hi-5 w/ his right. It really wasn't that hard after we got shake down pat and because I only do hi-5 on the opposite paw he caught on pretty fast. Pache also helps me pick up dirty laundry when the human boys feel the need to undress at the front door and drop clothes wherever they land. O what a dog will do to be able to have a little taste of a dirty sock!!
  5. We have recently named one particular toad that has taken up residence in the addition part of our house. I told my boys that if he's still here by the time we finish, we may have to build a room for him too. Anyway, he's been around for months now and even the dogs know that he's family....they will just go smell him but never try to touch him, not even a tiny little lick. It may be that because some toads/frogs can be poisonous (I don't know if our particular one is though) the dogs sense this and KNOW that eating frogs are no-nos.
  6. Forgive me if I sound dumb, but what is the purpose of a dog license? I've never even heard of such until I joined the boards a couple of years ago. I particularly don't care for city, county, etc. regulating how many, what kind, and what I do w/ my pets as long as they are taken care of and not a nuisance to other people. I guess thats one perk of living in the boonies....you don't have all of the standards and regulations that alot of you in the cities have to deal w/.
  7. Melanie from how you describe Solo when you first took him in and now seeing him in this video, that dog has true admiration and respect for you. You've come such a long way w/ him. He doesn't seem like the abnormal dog that you almost couldn't deal w/ in the beginning. In alot of ways Solo reminds me of Pache and even though we aren't on the same level yet...you and Solo give me hope that one day we will have that kind of bond where he trusts me completely, no matter what situation may arise.
  8. You do a very valuable service for all of us on these boards (both as a professional and as an ordinary person) and you should not feel obliged to anyone to answer emails and PMs relating to free medical advice. Don't feel for one minute that it is rude to not answer when someone takes the time to impose on you (no matter how innocent their intentions may be). The fact that you do feel this way just proves how big your heart is though. Sadly enough when someone is a professional they do tend to be bombarded by the public for "free advice". I would hate to see you leave the boards for this
  9. My MIL sent this to me in an email a couple of weeks ago....DH read it before I did and he warned me to get the tissue before I sat down to read it. Even HE had tears rolling down his cheeks and he never cries for anything.
  10. Here's the thing w/ my dogs....I don't have a problem (even though I don't like to) giving them a little swat when needed and they aren't soft when I do it. Probably because when my husband gives them hugs and luvs he gives them "love pats" that tend to be about the same as a swat from either one of us. Nothing that will hurt them, mind you, just get their attention, so its more like a positive for them in the sense that redirects them to us that they are getting our attention instead of the other way around. (I hope I said that right and you get my meaning ) With that said, its not
  11. Yep...Pache does this thing when he just needs to take a break from chasing the ball for a few minutes. He will try to balance the ball on tables, window sills, chairs, basically anything that is head level to him. If it rolls, he will take his paw and hold it in place until he thinks its going to stay. Navi has never been much of a ball player but he LOVES when Pache gets to play ball. He will stalk the ball like Pache until its thrown and then chase after Pache as Pache chases after the ball. Usually Navi has a mouthful of Pache's tail the whole chase. My dogs just aren't normal....
  12. I'm glad to hear that my dogs aren't the only ones that love lotion. They've done it since they were puppies and it really doesn't bother me that they lick....I just don't particularly care for them taking all of my lotion off. Especially since I use lotion just after a bath or washing my hands. Armpits are a different story though....I cannot stand it....its just so disgusting. This may sound strange, but I just don't see my dogs as dirty or germy. They can slather all over me, get their hair all over me, put their dirty paws on me and it does not bother me. I can get around other do
  13. Only my BC's do this...the other two smaller ones have never taken any interest, but for some reason I can rub hand lotion all over my hands and before it soaks in good, there they are licking it off. Doesn't matter what brand. I know it can't taste good either so I figured it has to be the scent that attracts them for the most part. Oh and another thing...Navi thinks he's got to save my underarms from that icky white stuff we call deoderant. He's sneaky about it too. He will get in my lap for hugs and all of a sudden that tongue comes out of nowhere trying to lick my underarms. It r
  14. I know that feeling of pride when your dog does EXACTLY the opposite of what you expect. Maybe now she won't think of those lil "squirrels" as minions anymore. Good for you Ceana!! I also know about the paper fettish....if there's a choice between thrown out scraps or a paper towel in the trash can...you better believe the paper towel is going to win out anyday. Another thing mine do is each the mulch out of the flower gardens. Sometimes I wonder if they are getting enough fiber in their diet.
  15. I mentioned a few days ago in another post about Pache having a stressful vet visit a couple of weeks or so ago when I had to take him in for his shots (when the tech questioned me after I told her we needed a muzzle). Well here's a happy vet visit story. I ran out of their heartguard and Navi was already on the higher dose than Pache. Just to make sure if I needed to up the dosage for Pache I put him on the scale w/ me at home and measured the difference. I realize that's not really an accurate way to weigh in, but it gives me a general idea. Being his weight was so close to the next l
  16. thats the part that surprised me so...i would expect something like that kind of question from your average joe, but a vet tech....now that i think about it she must have been fairly new because i havent seen her around before, unless she happened to come in w/ one of the other dr.s for that particular day. btw...i guess my shift button is messed up...sorry for no capitalization or correct punctuation.
  17. I've got PLENTY of stories that can relate, but I think the one that really took me by surprise the most was just a couple of weeks ago. I had to take all dogs in for their shots and I can't take all four at one time so I split it up in turns. I took Navi and Gracie first, got to the vets, brought both back and being cautious enough to keep anyone from getting hurt, I request the tech get the muzzle out for Navi. Both of my bigger dogs are fine w/ the vet people until the poking and prodding begin. I put it on him and things were hunky dory. Drove 5 minutes home and dropped those two off a
  18. Navi eats houseflies but not for the fun of it...one buzzes by and it irritates him to no end, so *snap* goes the trap. It really is funny to watch though because he is so annoyed but so entranced at the same time. Its like no matter what, that fly has got to go.
  19. I agree w/ Brenda...I too also grew up w/ a Chihuahua and he was really the best little dog a person could own. I've often heard that if a Chi was as big as a Dobie then it would be the most ferocious dog on earth because of the "heart" they have. Peppy would chase the neighbors Dobies down the road when they would come over and get into our trash, but otherwise he was fine w/ other dogs. He would bark and bark and bark to alarm us if a visitor drove up and if it was a stranger he had a different bark but wasn't aggressive towards them. As a matter of fact, I can only remember one per
  20. My inlaws invited us to bring Navi and Pache over to play w/ their 9 mth old aussie, Jack. Except the invitation was for the 4th when we're having a big family get together. I told DH that I really thought w/ all the people it would be too much too soon for them and he agreed. So we took them for the visit on Sunday. We get there and let the dogs greet each other and things went smoothly. Now, one of our nephews lives w/ the inlaws, but when we got there one of the other nephews was there too. Not really a big deal, but as some of you know, I've been working w/ both dogs because they
  21. I guess my dogs must be weird then...because if they come into the bathroom when I'm in the tub, they will drink until they are about to explode. And I like my water HOT!! They've always been that way and would prefer to drink hot/warm water than cool anytime. I'm glad that Jackson didn't get his tongue scalded too bad. Too bad you weren't able to get a picture of it when it happened.
  22. There you go...you HAD to go do it....you really did prove yourself to be an "OGRE"!!! So sorry dearest Woo for the loss of your dear Fifa, but I'm happy to see that you've made a new friend really fast. RDM that has got to be the best read so far in your blog...keep the great stories coming!!
  23. Can't forget the most handsome (even if it is a "he" name) .... Legolas. That Orlando Bloom sure does make for one pretty elf. ETA: O I almost forgot to add that "temporary" Bree makes for one pretty puppy too!! Love the different color eyes!!
  24. I know all about those little steps and believe me...they aren't as little as you would think. It's a great feeling to see all the effort you put into training your dog payoff. Bask in the success that you both have made (even if it is a small thing). You deserve it!!
  25. I saw that episode last nite...funny thing is I looked at my DH and said "Did you see how many Border Collies were in that shelter?" It was heartwrenching the looks on their faces. As sad as it was to see so many dogs in that shelter, one good thing came of it...that lady realized just how important it is to get control over her dogs behavior. Hopefully she will stick to it for the long run.
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