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  1. I understand why alot of you were offended by what the post that Foxglove made. It is NEVER right to hate or judge someone because of the color of their skin or the heritage they descend from. We are all human beings created equally. We just have differences. I also think that some of this is blown way out of proportion too. Foxglove came back an apologized for being offensive to anyone that may have taken the statement in that context and even explained further what exactly was meant by the post, yet very few of you are even willing acknowledge much less to accept the apology and continue
  2. He killed the Golden too right??? What was his answer for that one??? Did the dogs do anything to just "annoy" him when they were left alone??? Something just doesn't sound right about this situation and this guy if that is all he can come up w/. I'm sorry to hear that your granddaughter is going through all of this...sometimes its hard for kids to understand....well, in this case its hard for grownups to understand. I hope you win your case to be able to get something done about this guy. He sounds like he's one of the kind of people that you just don't give a firearm too.
  3. Outside: Its just your usual frisbee and ball. I'll throw the frisbee for Pache and kick the Jollyball for Navi. One brings one of the toys back as the other is going to catch so they aren't bombarding me at the same time. Inside: "Gimme nose" which consists of either dog having to give their nose for a scratch or a kiss and then throw some type of fetch toy. Pache likes to play "Sock". All of our "extra" socks go to Pache to play w/. I'll wrap the sock around his nose and make him wait, then release it when he least expects it. He will flip it in the air and toss it so he can go
  4. If he is doing more than just material damage to your home, maybe it is time to consult your vet about putting him on some type of anxiety meds in conjuction w/ working w/ him on reconditioning. There's a probably a very good outcome of not having to keep him on them longterm too. Put yourself in his position. You are terrified out of your mind and the anxiety levels are so high that you can't even accomplish the simplest task like going into the kitchen to get a drink of water and then forgetting why you went in there to begin w/. We have the mentality to understand just what anxiety is (
  5. I have had my Lhasa/Chi on Dasuquin ( a combo of glucosomine, chondroitin and soybean) since November of last year. She has mild arthritis, but at the time we put her on it, I had to take her in for a pinched nerve. She's 10 now and for the last few years I just assumed that she was just slowing down because of her age and maturity. AFter having her on Dasuquin for about 3 weeks I definitely have seen a major improvement in her. She bounces around like she's a puppy again.
  6. You've gotten some really good advice from others so far. The main thing is NOT to stress over this. It sounds like you are already working yourself up w/ worry about this and it will just make things worse for you and Joy if you keep it up. I agree w/ pammyd about having Joy as an outlet from all the other stuff you will be doing throughout the day. It WILL work for you and her both. My two are content to lay around the house all day or just follow me while I'm doing my housework and then get bursts of energy mainly in the a.m. and p.m. to play. It doesn't take long to wear them out
  7. My Gracie (non BC) has had two BB's in her for 8-10 years w/ no effects. The first one I noticed about 1 1/2 years after she came to me. It was just a bump on her little chest, but I don't know for sure if she got shot before I got her or after. If it was after, then I have no idea when it happened because she never showed any hints of being hurt for me to even check for such under all of her fur. Then a couple of months ago I had to have her spine x-rayed for her arthritis and found that she has another in her left shoulder. Chances are you won't really have any serious problems w/ it.
  8. I don't have red dog eyes to speak about but Navi does have the "merle" eyes like Shiner. I also get asked if he can see out of his eye or what happened to his eye or if he's partially blind because of his eye. That last one I get a good chuckle because the image that comes into mind is that just because his eye is half blue then he must only have vision in half of his eye. The other colors are dark brown and amber mixed in w/ his blue.
  9. Erin, If this person is as "off" as she's made herself out to be towards you I wouldn't wait until the next time to get the cops involved. I would go to them now and let them know what threats have been made toward you and what steps you have taken to this point to have on record what's going on. Just one less step to take in case things get even more out of hand. Even if nothing is officially reported the cops will know what your situation is already if you HAVE to make another attempt at contacting them. God willing you won't have to though. Stay safe and alert. Hopefully the evict
  10. I think everyone has given you some good advice so far but I just wanted to let you know your not alone in your concerns/fears/feelings on this matter. I've been in a situation somewhat like yours w/ a dog biting out of fear and its a scary feeling knowing that if you don't control the situation you and especially your dog can pay a huge price. I will assume that after this incident you have learned that you can't count on people to use common sense/knowledge of how to interact w/ dogs and YOU have to be the smart one for your dog to count on. It's going to take patience on your part alo
  11. I think first and foremost the secret to teaching anything is patience, patience, patience and calmness on your part. With that said I taught my two "That's enough" for their off switch or "Go lay down", depending on what it is that they are doing that I want them to stop. For "that's enough" I would walk up to them whenenver they would do what I wanted them to settle down and say that's enough and touch each one on the nose to direct their attention to me. Then praise...first w/ treats, then a simple pat on the head, then just a "good boy". For "go lay down" I taught them the usual way of
  12. I've been keeping up w/ the updates you are giving out on RD and it just breaks my heart into that he (and you) are going through this very hard time. The only advice I can give is just *Take a breath* and know that you are doing everything possible for him to pull through this. I truly hope that he makes a speedy recovery and things can get back to some sense of normalcy for all of you. You know that we are all pulling for the old guy but you also have to try and take care of yourself or you will be no good for him. As far as what you can do for his sore...I was thinking maybe getting
  13. I could NOT imagine life w/o a dog or cat in the bed. I've always had a dog that sleeps w/ me since I was a little girl. Navi sleeps in his crate because he's more of a bed hog (a queen size bed w/ a 210 lb. man and two 55+ lb. dogs and one 15 lb. dog does not make for a restful nite) but as long as I have at least one of them I'm satisfied. Navi is the better cuddler in the sense that he conforms to me, but Pache is the stillest and he doesn't do well in the crate at nite so he's the one that gets the bed privilages along w/ Miss Gracie. When its cold (DH prefers 60 degrees to sleep we
  14. I also think that was beautiful Bustopher...thanks so much for sharing w/ us!
  15. This is just my opinion but I think this lady your talking about is full of B-O-L-O-N-E-Y. I have two dogs from the same litter w/ some of the same issues (the competition between each other and aggression) that you are experiencing. They are now 3 years old and even though I have to work w/ them on a constant basis, they are doing just fine w/ each other and other dogs as long as I control the situation when its time to introduce them to something new. Notice I said I HAVE to be in control of the situation. So no....its not a doomed situation as long as you are willing to put the effort it
  16. A little FYI...having LOTS of water isn't a drawback, but having TOO much is. Not sure if its the same w/ dogs as it is humans, but humans CAN actually have TOO much water. It can mess with the potassium levels. The only reason I mention this is because it baffled me when I found out. I just couldn't understand the concept of having too much of the perfect drink I guess.
  17. My DH had a beagle when he was younger, and from what I've heard about beagles from other people who've had them also agree: They are escape artists so you're right about if he's an outside dog to have him on some sort of tie out. But, (and this is where my own opinion comes in) if you have a dog that you HAVE to keep on a chain/tie out all the time(no matter what the reason) then you don't NEED to have that dog. I do agree w/ getting him a kennel run if you & DH decide to keep him. I do 100% understand where you are coming from because my DH is the same way when it comes to not b
  18. Will do Brenda!! I can get the BIGGEST soccer ball that is made and Navi will find a way to open his mouth wide enough to bite down enough to get a grip and carry it back to me instead of roll it w/ his paws/nose. I've also tried those big balls like Kessie likes too and he still finds a way to pop it. That Push n Play might be what Santa brings Navi for Christmas this year!
  19. My Navi will only play w/ soccer balls and we are having the same problem w/ them being torn up too quick. I did get a pet supply magazine in today and found a Push n Play Ball that looks pretty durable and I may try it. Here's a link to the website if you wanna take a peek. Push n Play Ball I found the other version of it (the one w/ the handle on top) at our local Petsmart the other day but not this one. If it's made of the same material and from the description it is then it should hold up pretty well.
  20. Ahhh...thanks for explaining. I guess I just misunderstood what was being said. I took it as the running itself would harm the sheep, not the running to the point of exhaustion. I've always understood the part about weight loss and such. My grandpa raised cattle for many years. Now I have a little more clearer understanding about sheep.
  21. In the thread about people who move to the country someone mentioned (if I recall correctly anyway) that most people don't realize that it is dangerous for the sheep to be ran. Why is it dangerous? Also, if that's the case then how do you control them w/ dogs to the point of the dog not running them. I don't know a thing about sheep, but it would seem that at some point they would end up running from a dog, even if its one that is working them. Am I wrong about this? Please explain so I can better understand how this works.
  22. The kind of ass that doesn't have the goobers to be a REAL man. He has to make himself feel superior by picking on those smaller than he is. If it were me, I would have been right there w/ ya WM. It's funny because girls/ladies can intimidate me so much more easily than men ever could. I've been known to stand up to quite a few of those big burly types even knowing that one good lick could probably do some serious damage to me. The adrenaline kicks in though and it just furiates me when I see a man taking his frustrations out on a woman. I never really even think about the danger in a
  23. Sometimes we spend all of our extra time w/ our dogs and we get just as used to that as the dogs do. Then comes along an event in our lives that takes us away from that and we don't have quite as much time for our dogs as what we would like. I suppose it would be like a stay at home mom who spends her every waking moment taking care of her small children and then she goes to work. Its basically the same kind of guilt. But the children adapt after some time, and so do the dogs. In all honesty your probably being harder on yourself than Usher is in his little mind. Hang in there, its alot
  24. If you have any spare brick around the house try filling the hole w/ them before covering it back up. At least if they dig in the same spot again they can only go so far. I do think it would be a good idea to keep the dogs inside in crates though if at all possible. I do hope that the neighbor wasn't too upset w/ you and your dogs for going under the fence. I think it probably went a long way that you sent an apology note before they had to come to you w/ it. Or at least it would go a long way w/ me in that case. Hope all of the suggestions you have been given help.
  25. Well ya know....technically...her foot is broke!! Glad to hear that it's nothing serious though!!
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