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  1. How about a fly swatter Miz?!?! I've never had to use it on mine as far as hitting them...just pretty much stuck it up to their noses when they would try and sneak into the trash can or something along that line. Now all I have to do is just put my hand on it or point it towards them no matter how far away I am and they know I mean business. May not work for you or Boy but its a suggestion. Funny how you can bluff them with certain things.
  2. Tammy first off I want to thank you for having the courage to stand up for what we Christians believe in, but also still having respect for other people at the same time. It's a hard thing to keep peace when it comes to "religions". I never realized that this board family had so many different beliefs. On the flip side (like so many of you were scared to be open about your beliefs for fear of persecution) there are many Christians out there that aren't pushy about trying to convert someone because of the same reasons. Our Holy Bible teaches us to go out and spread the word about Je
  3. Donna, Please don't let a thing like the guilt you are feeling over "a lil white lie" get you down. You are comfortable from where Brighid came from and couldn't ask for a better match. Enough said about that. No need for an apology in my book. As far as the depression goes, I truly hope things look up for you soon. I too have suffered for a long time w/ depression/anxiety but have always been too ashamed to get help. I tried once through a counselor but that turned out to be a disaster. My faith in God also is what has helped me the most, but I've also found that now that I
  4. <> LOL! I bet it worked like a charm!?!?!
  5. Oh I can gripe about "Clueless" owners until I'm blue in the face. As some of you may have read in one of my previous posts about my next door relative's "inbred to the the point of being retarded" dog just being a royal pain in my dogs behind, the problems are getting worse. Now their dog has gotten to the point of coming over EVERYDAY at least 4-5 times a day antagonizing my dogs while they are kenneled. We've chased her off, screamed at her while her owners are outside while all of this is going on, and have even gotten to the point that I will not allow Navi or Pache in the yard w/o
  6. Well I have to say that I really enjoyed the update on Repo. Gave me a good laugh. I can just imagine what he's thinking as hes getting into all this trouble while your gone. Sounds to me, besides all of the boredom that Repo is going through, that you have a doggy paradise at your home. What I would give to be a dog right now!!
  7. Maybe it will fit a bit better if you turned it around backwards before putting it on. Just for kicks the other day I was surfing the net looking for some sporty doggy t-shirts and decided to try and put one of my sons shirts on Navi to see how he would react. It didn't fit quite right putting it on like my son would but when I turned it around it fit better (still not perfect though). He actually enjoyed letting me put it on him and wearing it around the house for a little while.
  8. Either say it and defend yourself or don't and let it go.
  9. Oh Aerie...I truly am sorry that Kip lost her precious life. It's not any consolation, I know, but look at the gifts she entrusted you with. At least she left you a part of her behind. She was loved by you and knew it. I'm so very truly sorry!
  10. Congrats on the newcomers!!! Can't wait for pics
  11. Thanks Jennifer for the update on how things are coming along!
  12. Thanks Ironhorse for explaining how things are going and what can be expected. I'm so glad to hear that they won't euthanize.
  13. No you're right it hasn't been mentioned but just what do you think they do w/ most animals that they can't find a home for. And as Ironhorse said ranging from anywhere between 35-40 dogs here. To me thats ALOT of dogs especially when you consider that there's lots more within any state you live in to find homes for too to add on top of that number. It has been mentioned that MO will not give them up to anyone out of state. You can pretty much bank on that no state is going to feed and shelter these animals for the next 14-16 years so you can pretty much come to the conclusion that some of
  14. This really breaks my heart. I CANNOT fathom having an animal being euthanized for not being able to find a home just because of POLITICS and STATE REGULATIONS. Not when there are so many on this board alone that are willing to take these dogs in and either foster or potentially adopt. But the state won't let them...they would rather put them to sleep if need be. I know there's probably alot of behind the scene stuff that I couldn't even begin to understand. Oh well...I guess sometimes your damned if you do and your damned if you don't. Sorry about my rant but this particular issue ju
  15. LMAO! Oh yeh Miz...you probably already have one handy but just in case, a first aid kit is a good idea.
  16. Miz I know you haven't lived in TX all of your life so the question comes to mind..have you ever been through a hurricane before? TS Cindy hit us directly a couple of weeks ago and we barely missed Dennis by the skin of our teeth but got some of the TS force winds off of it too (although not the strong ones). Best thing to do if you can afford it is get yourself a generator for power loss. Board the windows up and hang on to your socks as far as the wind goes. If it looks like Emily will hit you directly and you don't feel safe enough to ride it out...get out in plenty of time. Don'
  17. Can someone please help me understand this? First off MO is taking them in and pretty much told Jennifer and Ironhorse to get lost. Why is that? I can understand the state not wanting them to get in the way but all they are doing is trying to help save these dogs. This is the problem I'm having trouble understanding...will they kill these dogs if they don't find homes soon? If so how long do they have? I KNOW that leaving the dogs at this place wasn't an option for much longer...just kind of seems like a death sentence either way you go really...except some may be luckier to find h
  18. How many animals total are we talking about? As people, we WANT to believe that EVERY human being is a good person and has good intentions. I'm sorry that you had to witness something so tragic. But do not lose faith...these animals are depending on you to help them now by whatever means you can. Try not to think the worst is going to happen to them. I followed your introduction post and the statements that were made to you. It took a lot of willingness to learn more on your part. It took a LOT more courage to step in and do something about it. Ironhorse, keep your chin up and hopeful
  19. BTW....I've seen a few posts mention something about Iams but never explained why they don't feed it anymore. Please let me in on the secret.
  20. LOLOL! Thank goodness I'm not the only one. But if your like me it can be a bad thing too. I NEED to gain a few extra lbs. and keep them on but I have such a high metabolism that nothing I do puts on weight. Ok...back to your regularly scheduled program!
  21. Ok first off I know this website stirs up quite a few raw emotions. It does for myself as well. But, give the guy a chance to be able to do a bit of research for himself. Afterall, he came here to learn more and share his own experiences and barely gets to introduce himself before he gets questioned about his ethics for putting together a website for someone else. While I don't agree w/ the website, look at it from this point of view also. He has had one-on-one contact from this person. He knows none of you personally except through this board. And you are expecting him to take you
  22. Thanks to all for your input. Still debating on whether it would be worth it or not...still leaning toward not getting it for just the sake of peace of mind. To Bill: Thank you for that breakdown. It helped me understand my options a bit more. I'm probably one of the dumbest people on earth when it comes to understanding insurance mumbo jumbo. ms3t97: I'm in a little town called Picayune. It's about 45 min. NW of Gulfport about 5 min. from MS/LA border. Nice to meet a fellow Mississipian here!!
  23. I've been looking online at pet insurance. Do any of you guys & gals have it? Is it worth the extra monthly expense to pay for it?
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